Tesla Terminology

Tesla Terminology

Hello folks, this post is mainly for new people or new Tesla owners that are seeing all these new terms like "FSD" or "EAP" and are confused as to what they mean. Here is a list of terms and their definitions (feel free to add any that I missed)

AP- AutoPilot
AP1- AutoPilot Version 1
AP2- Autopilot Verson 2
AWD- All Wheel Drive
D or DM- Dual motor
EAP- Enhanced AutoPilot
FSD- Full Self Driving
HW2- Hardware Version 2 or 2.5 (For Self-Driving Components)
HW3- Hardware Version 3 (For more Advance Self- Driving Components)
LR- Long Range
MR- Mid Range
M3- Model 3
MS- Model S
MX- Model X
NoAP- Navigate on autopilot
P- Performance Model
PPU/PPUS- Pay Per Use (applies to supercharging)
RWD- Rear Wheel Drive
SC- Supercharging/Supercharger
SR- Standard Range

lilbean | 22 maart 2019
jordanrichard | 22 maart 2019

SC is also used for “service center”. The context will tell you which it means.

AWD and D are the same thing in Telsa parlance.

“Soon” is Elon speak for not a “NY minute” but an Alabama hour........... :-)

There is also FWD - Falcon wing doors
UMC - universal mobile connector (cable)

jimglas | 23 maart 2019


teslamodelx | 23 maart 2019

I tell you, nothing gets passed @lilbean! She has got it all covered. Great job! :-)

Ross1 | 24 maart 2019

Elon edicted that no Tesla employee is to use an acronym unless previously approved by him.
Oh, 5 years ago?

EM = Elon Musk
TSLA is the Dasdaq code for the stock Tesla
MY = Model Y

Maxxer | 24 maart 2019

SOC? | 24 maart 2019

@lilbean - Thanks. Made some additions yesterday.

@jordan - All in our list.

@jimglas - Avoided that one :)

@Ross1 - Had the others, added EM today.

@EVolution - In the list (State of Charge)

T35LAX | 24 maart 2019

SOC = state of charge

Ross1 | 24 maart 2019

I see PU being used today in another thread.
Pickup truck

lilbean | 24 maart 2019

:o) @teslamodelx and tt

Ohmster | 24 maart 2019

What? No 'FUD'. My, my......

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 50.6)*2. Grin on! | 25 maart 2019

@Ross1 - I added PT (Pickup Truck). Not sure PU is a good acronym (other than for bad smells). Let's hope PU doesn't catch on.

@Ohmster - FUD added!

COrich | 25 maart 2019

SR officially means "Standard Range" which we all have interpreted as "Short Range". | 25 maart 2019

@COrich - Short range is any compliance EV that gets under 120 miles of range (i.e. most non-Tesla EVs). 200+ range is not short.

rxlawdude | 25 maart 2019

EAP today means "Early Access Program."

Confused yet? :-)

COrich | 25 maart 2019

@TT, Yes, I know. I was just correcting the first post which stated that SR meant short range. A lot of the posters in this forum make the same mistake and refer to SR as short range. I think many of us know that SR means standard range as I stated. | 25 maart 2019

@COrich - Thanks, I totally missed that in the OP's post! Send me back to remedial reading class...

josia75 | 28 maart 2019

@COrich- Thanks for the clarification on that, if only I could edit my post

lilbean | 28 maart 2019

You can edit it at the top left.

josia75 | 28 maart 2019

@lilbean- haha I was on my tablet when looking at my post, the edit button is super small but thanks, I made the correction.

lilbean | 28 maart 2019


katherinetanner715 | 29 maart 2019

For technology lovers

MilesMD88 | 29 maart 2019

Try going from a Boeing to an Airbus. Now have to learn 100+ “new terminology xxxx” | 30 maart 2019

@Miles - You'd think having common terminology would be regulated for aircraft. Seems silly and perhaps dangerous to invent new words for the same items on aircraft. This is one area where you don't need confusion.

Then again the car makers have been at it for years. AutoPilot (which I think is the best term), is going by all sorts of crazy names, just be to different. Worst name is Audi's "Jam assist". I guess they are targeting the 80-to-dead group who can't open a jar of jam anymore? (yes, I know Jam assit is Audi's attempt at AutoPilot).

MilesMD88 | 1 april 2019’re right about the confusion. Each manufacturer likes their own Acronyms for similar systems, controls & items. No choice though, expected to have 100% system knowledge when showing up for training.
How’s MilesA321 sound...haha.

TE51A | 2 april 2019

Can we add PUP ?

jordanrichard | 2 april 2019

TE51A, no one using PUP anymore. The purpose of listing Tesla terminology is meant to list things acronyms that are currently being used, not a history of all acronyms.

josia75 | 4 april 2019

@Jordanrichard, right on, couldn't have said it better myself

Update on post: Added NoAP due to recent updates on it.

Teslafarmer | 5 april 2019

Look at RWD. IT should be REAR WHEEL DRIVE, Not REAL wheel drive

josia75 | 6 april 2019

@Teslafarmer, thanks I fixed the typo!