Please take my resume.

Please take my resume.

Hello, fellow Tesla owners,

I know this is probably not the place where I should post my resume. But I have heard about the stories of warm-hearted Tesla owners. And I can still remember a fellow model s owner approached me trying to offer me a programmer interview two years ago at the LAX airport supercharge station.

Here is a little bit of information about myself. I studied optical engineering at the University of Rochester. I graduated in 2014 and became an optical engineer at a company that develops a glass-free 3D display. It is also the place where I started working as an internship in my junior year. At the end of 2014, we built a working prototype. We brought it CES, and the company got bought out in the following month.

I went back to China because of some family issue. And I worked as a business development for a construction material company in Shanghai for three months till I got my green card. Then I came back to the states and picked LA to stay.

I found a job as a network engineer in downtown and worked there for three years. During the second year there I got bored, so I started self-teaching UX Design. In the meantime, I designed and launched a writing platform which allows writers to post unfinished stories and earn money through pay to read chapters. (The platform is called Avalon Novel:

At the end of 2018, I felt UX Design is the career I want. I quit the network engineer job and enrolled in the General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive program. As of today, I graduated from the General Assembly, and I’m currently looking for freelance, contract or full-time position while continuously working on my writing platform.

My UX design work:
My writing platform Avalon Novel:
My resume:

If anyone can kindly offer me an interview or referral, I would really appreciate it.

Tianyu, a 2015 Model S owner

tli18 | 27 maart 2019

You can reach me at | 27 maart 2019

I think you'll have to submit at: There is lot of competition for Tesla jobs, so it may be hard to get in.

Supernaut | 27 maart 2019


brainstorm.21 | 17 mei 2019

Hi, buddy. Do you know that these employers will ask you such questions as " What are your future plans?", " Tell me about your negotiation skills?" or something like this. Once I was sure I know everything and my skills and experience will be enough to get a job... I was wrong and when I was asked "Where do you see yourself 3 years down the line?" I could answer nothing... Due to this I didn't get that job :( But now I'm sure I will pass job interview, because I read this article Dude, don't repeat my mistakes, it will be better if you learn each question and you will be prepared for this "examination".