Tesla emergency brake

Tesla emergency brake

Just curious what do we use for an emergency brake on a Tesla? I'm thinking the park button on the end of the stalk Maybe? I'm talking in the event of a brake line failing etc. not for parking.

M3D | 29 maart 2019

I believe you have to hold the park button in. when you let go it releases. ….but I don't want to test it!

Xerogas | 29 maart 2019

@wiboater4: yup, try driving 5mph and pressing once on the stalk

jordanrichard | 29 maart 2019

wiboater4, ALL cars have dual circuit brakes. Your brake fluid reservoir has 2 compartments. One serves the front right and rear left brake calipers. The other compartment serves the left front and rear right. The probability of getting holes in both circuits and extremely remote.

Also, NO car has an emergency brake. It is called a Parking brake. GM actually got into a little of trouble for calling it an "emergency brake" because that is not what it was designed for.

wiboater4 | 29 maart 2019

jordanrichard My 1936 dodge doesn't have the split system. : -) I already knew about that split system but nothing is ever fool proof . I just got rid of a 1999 300 M and when the brake line rusted through I slowly had no brakes as the fluid drained out one day. Luckily happened as I was leaving my driveway.

jordanrichard | 30 maart 2019

Wiboater4, there is no single point in a car’s brake system that will drain the entire brake system of fluid, other than the brake fluid reservoir cap. That is why they designed the dual circuit system. It may have felt like you didn’t have any brakes, because your braking capability was literally 50% of what it should be.

Yodrak. | 30 maart 2019

"ALL cars have dual circuit brakes. "

All cars since 1967, when the federal government began requiring it. Prior to 1960 no cars had dual-circuit or dual master cylinder hydraulic systems.