Red Traffic

Red Traffic

Had a car show up in red on my display this morning, what's that about?

Firaz | 3 april 2019

Forward Collision Warning? Did you hear a chime? Was there a car in front of you that slowed down suddenly?

It is mentioned in the owner's manual (example link below):

SoCal Buzz | 3 april 2019

Side Collision Warning. If you activate turn signal and a car is detected in parallel lanes, it shows up Red. | 3 april 2019

Also you can get a car to change to red on the side if it is about to run into you (Side collision warning). You didn't say what position the red car was in. Clearly a warning of something about to happen if action isn't taken!

Tldickerson | 3 april 2019

That side stuff only happens if you have those new side camera's. Not all of us have those new contraptions. Some only have one in the rear, I'm lucky enough to have another in the front.

murphyS90D | 3 april 2019

I have seen the red car and heard the alarm several times in my AP1 car. Every time it was a false alarm. There were no other cars around at all.

bishoppeak | 3 april 2019

I was waiting in a double left turn lane with my signal on and the car was to my left. Thanks guys

reed_lewis | 4 april 2019

Any Model S/X made after November 2016 has all eight cameras. And the new EAP uses all eight cameras quite well.

I have seen the red car in a few cases...

1. When it is in front of me, and it thinks I am going to crash into it. This typically happens when the car is turning, and has already almost moved out of the lane, but not completely.

2. When using Navigate on Autopilot and it wants to change lanes, but there is a car in the adjacent lane which would prevent the car from changing lanes. This is always accompanied with a red lane line which signifies that the lane is not safe to change to. The most interesting thing now is that with 2018.8.3 even if the adjacent lane does not have a car shown in it, it will still see a car further back in the lane now. So it seems to be better at seeing cars.

The only thing I wish could be done is to change the display to a totally 'top down' type display where your car is in the middle and it shows almost as much behind you as in front of you. Seeing the cars get smaller as they move from behind you to ahead of you makes it more difficult to gauge your surroundings. But this is a 'nice to have' but certainly not required.

reed_lewis | 4 april 2019

Sorry 2019.8.3 of course is the version that I have. Wow, I am still in 2018! :)