Anyone else lose Launch Mode with v9 update? Used Model S

Anyone else lose Launch Mode with v9 update? Used Model S

Just returned to the Tesla owner community! Previous Model X owner, took delivery of a 2015 Model S P90DL on Friday. It updated to v9 Saturday night and it won't activate launch mode. Here's what happened:

Before update I had Chill, Sport, and Ludicrous acceleration modes with the "Max Battery power" option in blue text. After the update I have Chill, Sport, Ludicrous, and Ludicrous + options but no "Max Battery Power" option. When I push Ludicrous + it goes back to Ludicrous. If I push a second time it stays but there is not a countdown for optimal battery power. I follow the launch mode sequence to a T, it preloads when I blip the throttle but launch mode doesn't come up. If I push petal 2nd time I get the "both pedals pressed" warning. I really want to experience a launch on my new car. I've done it on older P85's before. It only has 20k miles... and drives like it's brand new so I can't imagine it's an issue with the battery.

Anyone else having this issue on older Model S post-update?

The online customer support Rep at Tesla just argued with me that I "Shouldn't have ludicrous + and launch mode". I scheduled a service visit but it's 2 weeks out. I just got the car and this was a key reason I bought it.

Any help is much appreciated.


Razorx1337x | 8 april 2019

no love from the community?

GHammer | 8 april 2019

Yes, there is a bug they'll fix it, don't sweat it.

P.S. As far as Tesla software is concerned, V9 is meaningless. Post the subversion when talking about software.

ryanautry | 8 april 2019

JT, I lost "Max Battery Power" & "Launch Control" with the newest 109.8.3 update in my MS P90DL

Razorx1337x | 9 april 2019

Thank you Hammer and Ryan! So glad to know it’s not a problem with the car I just purchased. Now I just wish they’d fix it

kerryglittle | 9 april 2019

Houston we have a problem? Can't launch? :-/

Razorx1337x | 9 april 2019

I know right! I just took delivery of my P90DL and couldn't wait to launch it. Little did I know that the update I installed right after taking delivery would crush my dreams of reaching light speed

Razorx1337x | 9 april 2019

Has anyone heard any updates? I've tried tweeting about it with no luck. Service doesn't seem to know what to do. Any thoughts on what (if anything) we can do? I see on the other thread at Tesla motor club there are several folks who have this bug.

larrydavidow | 10 april 2019

I met with the manager of my local SC and expressed my concerns and disappointment. My concern was that we are such a small group in the larger scale of things that our issue will get swept under the rug. She will be reaching out to engineering tomorrow leveraging some internal contacts to see if she can get an idea of what the level of effort is for the fix. She promised me a call no later than Friday. I have her personal cell phone number and will call her late Friday if I don't hear anything.

I have a good idea what might be going on here and I think it should be pretty straightforward to fix.

To confirm, let me know if you ever got the "no I want my mommy/yes, bring it on" prompt when activating the Easter egg. All I ever got was the spaceballs star field - never the prompt. My guess is they leveraged code expecting that snippet to be in there and seeing it's not there for us, we never get the prompt and hence can't enable max battery/launch mode.

Razorx1337x | 10 april 2019

I just heard back from my SC. Their head tech doesn't know what's wrong but definitely sees the issue. To confirm, I do not get the dialogue after pushing Ludicrous +, but I also don't get a starfield. My tech has reached out to engineering as well and will keep me updated. In the meantime, he said he would push the old firmware to my car to revert back... didn't know that could be done.

Maybe if enough of us escalate the issue, it will get attention. I told them I fully expect to be able to return the car if it lost core functionality that I purchased last Friday. They assured me they would get it resolved.

larrydavidow | 10 april 2019

Razor, that's very interesting. I requested the firmware be rolled back and they said absolutely not. If they do this for you, please let me know and I'll have a leg to stand on. That's really all I asked them to do. Get me back to a working state and then you can figure the issue out in the meantime.

Razorx1337x | 10 april 2019

Well not so good news: my service appointment got cancelled. I called and was told my car's VIN has been added to a list of vehicles impacted, and my local tech is waiting for Tesla engineering to fix it. I was told the tech will stay in contact with engineering (and he's a great guy, have no doubts) but was basically told I'm SOL until "Tesla" decides to fix it. Oh and they went back on what they said earlier and told me they can't roll back my firmware. What the heck Tesla.....

larrydavidow | 10 april 2019

I'm in the same boat sir...

larrydavidow | 10 april 2019

Razor, is your P90DL an AP1 car? I picked up my P90DL about 3 weeks ago, so your story is almost identical to mine. It's an 8/2016 car (face lift) but has AP1 hardware. I believe AP2 started 10/2016. None of the reported cars with this issue have been AP2 cars. There are very few AP2 P90D's. I think the P100D came out a couple of months after AP2 came out.

Razorx1337x | 11 april 2019

Yes, I have a 2015 with AP1. The local service center told me their "service" P85's also just encountered this issue when they updated. So frustrating. I have a new (to me) tesla that I can't show my friends the launch/acceleration capabilities.

Razorx1337x | 11 april 2019

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue?

GHammer | 11 april 2019

Geez dude, give it a break. As a previous owner you should know about "Tesla time". They know about it, give them a chance to fix it.

P.S. P85s dont have any ludicrous or launch.

larrydavidow | 11 april 2019

P85D with ludicrous most certainly does

GHammer | 11 april 2019

P85DL is a distinctly different car from a P85

larrydavidow | 11 april 2019

Agreed. I'm assuming they were referring to the P85D's

Razorx1337x | 11 april 2019

Yes, of course referring to P85DL and P90DL, but was abbreviated. Go find someone else you cal yell at and tell them how they are wrong on the internet hammer. Mmmkay?

larrydavidow | 12 april 2019

SC manager called me back this morning. Official bug issue created with engineering to address globally. No ETA on a firmware fix though

GHammer | 12 april 2019

"Go find someone else you cal yell at and tell them how they are wrong on the internet hammer"

1. I didn't yell and I didn't say you we're wrong. I merely clarified your post for others reading in case some other CPO buyer thought something was wrong with their P85 because it didn't have ludicrous or launch.

2. I was the one who pointed you in the right direction that gave you the answer that it wasn't just your car. You're welcome, MMMkay?

NKYTA | 12 april 2019


kurfer | 1 mei 2019

Sad that this isn’t fixed and I have my doubts that it will be . Cincy service manager doesn’t know about the problem and basically told me he doubts it will ever be fixed. National phone support is even more clueless to the issue. Don’t even recognize it as a bug.

I told my wife the bad news that we are holding off on her m3 sport as I have no trust in a company that takes features away. ESP when the car cost more than $100k

What a clown show.

I didn’t pay $120k+ to beta test a fking car.

Precisionautotinting | 1 mei 2019

I'm seeing 10% less total output. lost "Max Battery Power" & "Launch Control" "no way to see battery temperature/ready" after updating last night.

I just bought this P90DL and after reading these posts I'm worried its not going to ever again have the features or performance I paid for. Looks like its been going on for awhile and never corrected/addressed?

kerryglittle | 1 mei 2019

I just got an update today. No launch fix yet but a bunch if new video games I will never use.

Kka | 2 mei 2019

This is pretty sad if we dont get this back asap. I would never apply and update if i loose function, and when i select lud + , then i cant hear it warm battery , like i used to

Sonofman | 2 mei 2019

Yes it's a bug, wait for the patch. Insane and Ludicrous still work, just no max battery/launch at the moment.

kerryglittle | 3 mei 2019

One would think that Tesla would send an update to one of their own cars first and then have an employee drive the car for a week or so to see if there is any bugs or missing functions. Whats the hurry of sending out firmware updates before being fully tested? I just cant see the rush of getting updates when lately its been frustrating so many people that a lot of us are afraid to even download the updates. All my opinions are my own. LOL.

Kka | 3 mei 2019

I agree, i could understand if i have apply to be a beta tester or something, but i would exspect basic features was tested before we get it. Feels like it almost was by design

Bill_75D | 3 mei 2019

Perhaps none of the Tesla programmers are old enough to have a drivers license. Atari games and fart mode points to this.

kerryglittle | 3 mei 2019

LOL @ Bill

Boonedocks | 3 mei 2019

:) :) :) @Bill_75D

Kka | 4 mei 2019

I dont think it is a bug, why should it then still work on a P100, ? it is by design

heartbeat | 5 mei 2019

I am going to the 1/8 mile dragstrip Thursday to see if there is any change in power with ludicrous+ and no battery warmup with my 2014 P85DL.

kerryglittle | 5 mei 2019

Would be interested in you comparing the difference. I still think my P85D is slower now from a dead stop and zero to 60 than it was before.

heartbeat | 5 mei 2019

Reading the release notes and this forum it appears the ludicrous+ takes the place of maximum battery except there is no mention of how long it will take for maximum battery. Therefore I don't expect any improvement in my times but I will race anyway just to make sure.

jbd747 | 6 mei 2019

Purchased my P90DL on April 13, 2019. I have the same issue... Ludricous, and Ludricous + displayed after the latest update with no battery info and launch mode inop. It would be nice if Tesla would acknowledge the problem... And tell us that a fix is in the works. Instead.... Nothing.. Chirps.

franc01 | 11 mei 2019

The same thing has happened with my 2016 MXP90DL- I've lost Max Battery Power and Launch Mode and gained a useless Ludicrous + mode. The acceleration doesn't seem as aggressive as before the update.

Waiting on the fix...

heartbeat | 11 mei 2019

I went to the1/8 mile dragstrip and I lost about 0.2 second and over 1 mph in my P85DL. I did not want to go tomorrow to the 1/4 mile dragstrip (90 miles away) but to validate my poor results I need to go. Besides I was going to wait until my new P100DL arrives hopefully by the end of May.

heartbeat | 12 mei 2019

Happy to report that in the 1/4 mile I still have the same power as I made 8 smooth fast runs.

Razorx1337x | 12 mei 2019

@heartbeat - are you saying you didn't lose any time off the 0-60 cold start?

PBEndo | 13 mei 2019

Like the others, I no longer have "Max Battery" but cold start acceleration feels unchanged to me in my P85DL.

heartbeat | 13 mei 2019

I don't have V-box. The time slips at the dragstrip only show reaction time, 60' elapsed time, 1/8 et and mph and 1/4 et and mph. Judging from 1.592 seconds to 60 feet the start is almost as good as ever.

Lockdown042000 | 27 juni 2019

What were your times at 1/4?