Firmware 2019.12

Firmware 2019.12

I got the firmware 2019.12 a few days ago. After dinner this evening, when I got back into the car the dash indicated that there were 2 Sentry Events. This was the first that I've seen the alerts in the car after receiving Sentry Mode a few updates ago. No alert was sent to my phone though, and the files are convoluted in the USB but I was able to see people walking to their cars parked next to me and get into their cars -- everyone was careful to not hit my car with their doors. It would be nice if the alerts are pushed to our phones in the future and a way to view the videos in the vehicle at some point -- I've heard that this may be coming at some point.
NOA seems to be behaving better and requires only a slight tug on the steering wheel. I rest my hand on the bottom of the wheel and this is enough for Autopilot but the NOA auto lane change requires a little tug. The only issue I've had with that is that I tugged on the wheel a bit too hard a few times and kicked out of Autopilot. Other than that, the behavior is much better than it has been in the past.
Someone complained in this forum about Model S owners not getting the updates before Model 3 owners, but with me getting the 2019.12 update (2018 Model S 100D) before my wife's Model 3 (she still doesn't have that update) is a sign that the roll out is more random across the models at this stage than not.
Does anyone have any other observations regarding 2019.12 that I may have missed? I didn't realize that you can do a lane change like the Model 3 on Autopilot with just a slight push/pull on the turn signal stalk until recently.

Bighorn | 10 april 2019 | 10 april 2019

Oddly, I got 8.5 yesterday for my S. They are not even distributing the same versions at the same time to the same type cars! Perhaps mizunosan is in the early access club?

Jcastillo18 | 10 april 2019

Teslatap what year is your car ?

baldwin | 10 april 2019

Received 8,5 last night for my 2018 P100D MCU1

Jcastillo18 | 10 april 2019

Mine is early 2016 model s waiting for update but it seems it’s random pattern .

Catmuffy | 10 april 2019

Received 2019.8.6 last night...2017 MS

garyjtate | 10 april 2019

19.8.6 last night. 19.8.5 day before.
Dash cam not working

Sentry seems to be working but not connecting with dash cam.
NOA works as advertised.

garyjtate | 10 april 2019

Forgot to mention...MS 2017, EAP AP2.5 | 10 april 2019

Dec-2016 with MCU1. From other reports here, doesn't seem to make a difference as to year.

Jcastillo18 | 10 april 2019

According to stats only 50 percent of Model S have the upgrade firmware.

EVRider | 10 april 2019

I got 2019.8.5 on our Model 3 about a week ago and was expecting to get it on our Model S around the same time (which usually happens), but no update for the S yet (current version is 2019.8.3). I assume the next one I get will be 2019.12 (or later).

Blackbetty | 10 april 2019

I got the latest update on my s, and I have read some people saying the no confirmation lane change not working, but mine has been working great- very pleased. on the other hand the stop light recognition not so much. only had it work about twice out of 20 times, and when it did, you are so close you almost need emergency braking. hopefully future updates will improve on it

RedJ | 10 april 2019

@mizunosan my underatanding is that sentry mode will only send a notification to your phone if an alarm state is triggered. You will only be notified within your car if an alert state is triggered (eg someone near your car) | 10 april 2019

Also be aware, glass breakage in Sentry mode will not set off the alarm unless you have the optional intrusion module (North America). The module is standard in Europe, as I think it's mandated by regulations there.

tbates | 10 april 2019

Received 2019.8.6 last night too. 2018 MS.

EVRider | 12 april 2019

Got 2019.12 in the Model S last night. Rebooted after installing this morning (as I always do). USB playback didn’t work — loading errors (this has happened after other updates). Removed the USB, rebooted again, inserted USB, and no more loading errors after the USB reloaded. Haven’t driven the car yet.

Charsiubao | 12 april 2019

Received 19.8.3, 19.8.5, 19.8.6 all within 10 days, still no chime on lane change warning, though the red color on the next lane on coming vehicle works great, still no music or sound from Sentry Mode, and no mobile warning either.I am convinced that the update software is still far from perfect.

jfrye77 | 12 april 2019

Updated to 19.8.5 from an 18.x.x version and it now says "Blindspot detection limited - Camera visibility reduced". Presumably 19.8.5 uses more cameras than 18.x.x and one of mine that wasn't used on the old version isn't working.

DermMD | 12 april 2019

@jfrye77 this is one of the many errors I have received over the months I have owned the car. Some owners have had errors corrected by having camera hardware swapped out. The many errors I have endured have all cleared up without hardware change with software updates. Finally free of errors with 2019.12

MhoPower | 12 april 2019

Dec, 2016 Model X, HW 2.0 19.8.3. I got a new update message about a week ago and was waiting to hear from others in here before upgrading. I read enough this morning to decide to go ahead and update but my option to do so has apparently disappeared from the app and the car. I've delayed updating right away several times in the past but have never run into this before. Another anomaly of the current update process? Act fast or you will lose your chance!

mizunosan | 12 april 2019

I made a 190 mile trip to Portland from Seattle after the 2019.12 update. Here's my observations... it was raining VERY hard on Wed. Typically NOA used to kick out and not work with moderate rain. During the entire ~3 hour trip down, it only got out of NOA 5 times while staying in Autopilot. The times that NOA switched off were when I couldn't see very far with my naked eyes and when big Semi trucks were kicking up a ton of water next to me. The auto lane changes were very smooth and overall a very relaxing drive both going and returning.
I am not on an early access program, but I do report bugs quite often when I see them and test out Autopilot on side roads and various highways as well in the area.

mizunosan | 12 april 2019

hbwlau , the chime on lane change ONLY happens when you do something stupid like I did one time. Manually driving, I signaled for a lane change. I didn't look at the dash and just glanced at the side mirror. I proceeded to turn the wheel to make the lane change and the car made the loud chiming noise and that's when I glanced at the dash and it was red and showing the blind spot car. It does indeed, work! I now glance at my dash every time I turn the turn signal on after that incident.

EVRider | 12 april 2019

@hbwlau: In addition to what @mizunosan said above, you won't hear the blind spot warning chime if the navigation volume is too low or muted.

You say Sentry Mode isn't working for you -- how exactly did you test it? Does your car have dashcam support (HW2.5)?

@MhoPower: Updates are sometimes recalled by Tesla if they discover bugs, so you might see an update available notification and then have it disappear (as you experienced). Chances are the pending update was one of the 2019.8.x versions, not 2019.12.

Jcastillo18 | 12 april 2019

Still in 2018 firmware hopefully the kinks are out before I get it

Charsiubao | 13 april 2019

All advice/suggestions noted, dashcam working. Everything needed to invoke the lane change chime/audible warning done, no dice... did so to try lane change on purpose with cars next to me (I must have been cursed by the other drivers many times), no audible warning except color change. On testing Sentry mode... parked car on street, have my son went to the car, ban on windows, pushed on handles, walked around it (as tested previously version of update...19.8.3 etc), no sound comes from car, no mobile alert from my phone, did see any difference from 8.3 to 8.6

Charsiubao | 13 april 2019

I meant did not see any difference from the different updates.

mizunosan | 13 april 2019

@hbwlau wow... you're more dedicated to testing than I am! Please note that I have 2019.12 and that's when the blind spot warning kicked in for me when I started that lane change. I guess you may need to wait for the 2019.12 update and see if that works for you. In the meantime,keep sending in those bug reports to Tesla as it helps everybody!

EVRider | 13 april 2019

@hbwlau: For the blind spot chime, can you confirm that your navigation volume was not muted or very low?

Did you know that Sentry Mode has to be enabled every time you park, and did you enable it before testing?

I know both blind spot warning chimes and Sentry Mode are working for other owners using 2019.8.x, so you don't need 2019.12 for those.

Charsiubao | 14 april 2019

All comments noted...please read my post, I did everything needed to invoke the results...I am very keen in testing the my wife said, I have nothing better to do but to play with my computers and the Tesla. (I am an IT guy, keen on software accuracies and results), so I guess I will have to wait and see what comes up next.

packpike | 18 april 2019

I received 2019.12 (from 2019.8.5) on the MS last night (funny enough I received 2019.8.5 on the MX last night too - from 2019.8.3). For 2019.12, the new feature of being able to see when a new firmware update is available; does that require an app update that’s not out yet? I’m on 3.8.3 and there is no software section under controls.

EVRider | 18 april 2019

@packpike: The new software update feature is on the car’s touchscreen, not the mobile app.

spineeric | 18 april 2019

A software update being available is on the app. I don't recall what version of the app you have to update to, but I'm on 3.8.3 and I can start the update from the app. I think I've done the last 3 software updates from the app.
When an update is available you will see that on the main screen. Once you update the software it is no longer visible on the app.

packpike | 19 april 2019

@EVRider - Thanks, I completely missed that. It would be much more useful on the app since you can launch the update from there now, but having it in the car is a great first step.

@spineeric - that part I knew. The new functionality tells you when there is a new update to download to your car. Once it's downloaded then the app will tell you that you can install it per what you described.

Yodrak. | 19 april 2019

I'd been on 2019.8.6 for maybe a month now, and like others was disappointed with TACC having gotten somewhat erratic, not smooth. I got 2019.12 last night and TACC seemed much better today, I can be comfortable using it again.

The surrounding traffic icons on the dash display are quite stable, must be off their caffeine diet.

I haven't tried NoA yet, don't have much opportunity to use it and hadn't used it while on 2019.8.6.

May 2018 build.

kavsher | 9 juni 2019

Blindspot detection limited, camera visibility reduced .
I'm on 2019.16.3.2 a19d0e4 any one else experience this ?
Model X Thanks