I've done 7,800 miles and spent $130

I've done 7,800 miles and spent $130

Hi, I bought a second-hand model S P85 in January.
It has unlimited free SuC so I have charged a lot on SuCs.
I have also charged in some free public chargers.
The only charger I pay for is at home, where I have spent $130.

I use to automatically calculate the costs of my charging considering the kWh used by the charger (not only the ones added to the battery).

So that's $1.67 for 100 miles
Anybody has spent less?

Tesla2018 | 15 april 2019

I used 1732 Kw for 7200 miles charging 99% at home. Since I pay about 9 cents per KW my cost has been about $160 but that doesnt take into consideration the kwh used by the charger. I charged about $3 at superchargers to try them out and charged at a mall for a few hours when shopping.

I kept track of my electric bill and my gasoline expenses for the last 5 years. Cant wait to see how much I saved when I do the calculation at the end of this year.