Exit mode option to raise steering wheel and move seat to full rear position

Exit mode option to raise steering wheel and move seat to full rear position

I love the custom seat, steering wheel, and mirror position memory but find that due to my preferred position of a very low steering wheel position and seat midway that every time I exit I’m adjusting the seat all the way back and steering all the way up. And if course restoring when I’m back in the driver seat. It would be great if there was a new option added to controls that would automatically raise the wheel and move the seat back out of the way to ease exit and entry when car is shifted to park !

JAD | 16 april 2019

It is there, called easy exit or something like that. Just click the box on your profile and setup whatever exit position you want.

walnotr | 16 april 2019

Yup, easy entry.

gballant4570 | 16 april 2019

Isn't that the easy entry profile? You can take the existing easy entry profile, or adjust it, and enable it to do what you're looking fort, I believe. I remember reading about it in the manual, but haven't done it. My driving profile is the easy entry profile.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 16 april 2019

I don’t like it that much. Gotta wait for it to roll back and then I feel like I’m climbing out of the back seat. I just pivot sideways and place both feet flat on the ground and stand up. Back is too torn up for doing the old one-leg-stand-up routine.

walnotr | 16 april 2019

The greatest convenience comes when your partner is much shorter than you. When they exit the vehicle, easy entry will not only give them room to exit, you do not have to try squeezing into the space they left behind. Always try to remember to select your profile before putting your foot on the brake though or you will be scrambling for the stop button to avoid being crushed!

lunde | 16 april 2019

Adding an Easy Entry profile to our M3s was one of the first things that I did.

RES IPSA | 16 april 2019

Easy entry may not be available on the SR or SR+

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 16 april 2019

@RES IPSA, according to some other threads that is the only difference. ;-)

jwsholtis | 16 april 2019

Guess I need to spend more time reading the manual. Easy entry indeed already exists. Thanks to all for pointing me in the right direction!

LoveMyM3 | 16 april 2019

I use it all the time. It is there.

andrew | 17 april 2019

I use easy entry to raise the steering wheel only...don't like the seat pushed back more because it makes it harder to get out IMO.