Charge Everyday Or Every Five Days?

Charge Everyday Or Every Five Days?

I can easily go five days back and forth to work without charging and usually do. The question that I have is should I charge to 90% everyday or is it better to chsrge to 90% every five days? Assuming we all agree 90% is a good spot to charge to in the first place. I wonder if there is even a right or wrong answer?

Mediumed | 17 april 2019

Also I posted this in regard to battery health and not for any other reason such as convenience.

wiscy67 | 17 april 2019

I charge every day back to 80%. I don't know what's right or wrong either.

Kary993 | 17 april 2019

keep between 20-80%, charge everyday if you want no issue, charge to 100% when going on long trips. in general this will keep your battery health fine. lots of articles and other forums that are more easily searchable will say roughly the same thing.

mrburke | 17 april 2019

A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla.]
I would suggest charging to 80% every night unless you are planning on a long trip.

Efontana | 17 april 2019

Charge every day to 60% (or whatever it takes to end each day above 30%.

apodbdrs | 17 april 2019

Elon Musk explains why you shouldn't charge your Tesla battery to 100%

jhn | 17 april 2019

I used to charge to 85% every day and got into the habit of plugging in every time parked at home.
I’m in the cold north, so while that was fine in the fall, in the winter it used way more electrify to condition the battery for charge than charge it put on the battery.
I know you were asking with respect to battery health, but in terms of conservation of electricity it might use overall less electricity to do a full to your % charge every five days instead of topping off every day.
I’m still playing around a bit but don’t think I will plug in every day again until temps stay around 70F.

Frank99 | 17 april 2019

In your situation, it really doesn't matter much from a battery health standpoint. Either way, you can expect that the batteries will still have over 90% of their original range left at 200,000 miles. Charging them nightly to 90% might be a bit harder on the batteries (and by a "bit" I would guess 1-2% of range at 200,000 miles). The easiest on the batteries is probably to charge it to 70%, then don't charge again til down to 30% (and by "easiest" I would guess 1% of range at 200,000 miles), or (in your situation) possibly charge to 60% and plug in every night - but these are IMHO likely to have a theoretical but not necessarily measureable improvement in battery life.

When I got my Model 3, I plugged in religiously every night with the charger set at 80%. As I've gotten more comfortable, I don't plug in unless I notice I'm below 100 miles of range or I'm planning a lot of driving the next day, although my charge limit is still set to 80%.

johnw | 17 april 2019

I charge whenever I'm below about 70% or when I have a longer trip coming up

Daryl | 18 april 2019

From the owners manual:

"The most important way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it."

gballant4570 | 18 april 2019

A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla. Set your limit to wherever your delusion takes you - there are plenty to choose from. I've chosen the Tesla delusion - I set to the daily limit line.

jordanrichard | 18 april 2019

Plug in every day to anything between 70-90%. The problem with letting the battery run low is that you may run into a situation that we all have run into in our previous ICE cars and that is just when you are in a rush or an enexpected trip comes up, you need to stop and fuel up.

elecfan2 | 18 april 2019

@apodbdrs, exactly. We all have self charging cars like Toyota is selling, if we have our battery at 100% they can't self charge.

Carl Thompson | 18 april 2019

Despite what some here may believe you do not need to worry about letting your charge go below 20%. It can go as low as you need (but keep it above 0 of course).

Tesla recommends charging your car everyday and charging to 80-90%. I personally charge to 90%.

You don't need worry and stress about this. Just drive and plug the car in when you're not using it.

gmr6415 | 18 april 2019

A while back someone asked Musk why he had strayed from Dahn's charging recommendations of 70% down to 30%. Musk replied:

Prof Dahn is correct (he's great), but the relative benefit is small. I'd recommend 10% more SoC for convenience.

elecfan2 | 18 april 2019

Listen, it's simple. Plug your car in every time you get. Set your upper charge limit to 70, 80, 90% whatever you need. Stop worrying about it. Follow what the manual says, it's not the difficult. Tesla makes the best battery systems in the world, they know what they are doing.

rbnjmnz73 | 18 april 2019

I charge to 90% every 5 days or so. No problems whatsoever.

ST70 | 19 april 2019


eandmjep | 19 april 2019

I have a 45 mile commute to work. Mostly highway driving (That's non freeway speeds) summer usage 36 miles winter 60. In summer starting at 90% I'll wait to charge at work until the 3rd day of my shift. 2 on/off 3 on it's a weird shift. In winter i plugged in more often. Mix it up but as many have said just dont worry about it. Tesla did not design the cars for battery experts only. Anyone can drive one without worry.

MyRedM3 | 19 april 2019

I’ve a 49 mile commute round trip. I charge it every 3-4 days to 90%. Now I changed to 80% based on all the feedback on the forum. It’s been good. Once I tried to 100%. It took forever.

PT733 | 19 april 2019

I've been reading about batteries while waiting for a Model 3...

For short range trips I'm hoping to daily top-up to a constant 3.8V per cell "hibernation" cell voltage (approx 60%) when software allows, to prolong the calendar life
(A fixed mid-voltage hibernate mode might mean any error build-up in the estimated state of charge percentage from repeated shallow cycles shouldn't happen -- but might take time to recalibrate for long-range soc accuracy?)

Somewhere I saw that there may be a step increase in parasitic reactions above 60%, so why charge higher if you don't need to, even if 60% is only a bit better than 80%? (staying charged above 80% gradually accelerates unrecoverable loss and sudden failure after a lower number of cycles, even if degradation has so far been minimal)

Jeff Dahn emphasised how important keeping the battery cool is:

I plan to buy the largest Model 3 battery for when doing longer drives, and usually stay within 3.95 - 3.65V unloaded (approx 75 - 45%, 30% dod) on long trips, e.g. topup every 100 miles when possible in the hope of the battery lasting 20 years in the car.

Hopefully the Maxwell electrode tech will happen soon (2000 full to empty cycles is 500000 miles, and maybe 20% more capacity for 20% less cost?) -- I'd still always avoid low and high charge voltage levels anyway.

Would be good [ safer than using a DMM at near 400 volts DC :) ] for the screen to show the battery and/or cell voltages, even if hidden in an advanced stats page (voltage will dip when loaded, maybe by a bit more long term as the internal resistance increases)

kallian | 19 april 2019

I would recommend 80% summer, 90% winter for obvious reasons.
More energy in summer due to expansion, higher voltage/amperage so dont fill it higher. (80%)
In winter lower voltage and amperage, hence 90%
Try not to let it get below 30% unless long distance.

ebmcs03 | 19 april 2019

I charge it every three days when it gets below 100 miles and charge it back up to 90% (285 ish miles)

No point in charging everyday. If an emergency comes up where I need to use more miles then just stop by a Supercharger to get a quick boost.

ALDONY | 20 april 2019


Agreed, 100% with you.

The manual SAYS!!!

"The most important way to preserve the Battery is to LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PLUGGED IN when you are not using it."

The battery app EVEN suggest the percentage with a pre-selected line on the battery picture.

That's what I do.. 90%, I charge every night when I get home. Leave it plugged in when I travel to Europe.

artur_ramos88 | 17 november 2019

I can't install a power point at my parking place, its in a condo and i rent the car park, i don't need to drive to work, my wife probably drives 3 times a week, we live in a small city, drive a lot more on weekends. With my ICE car, i usually fuel up once or twice a month (Mazda 3), i don't have my model 3 yet, will take 3 months to get it here.
So my question is, is it ok to charge it only once a week, or once every 2 weeks? I have a public car park near my work place with public chargers, i don't mind to drive to work every few days to top up.
Whats the opinion from current owners?
Another question, usually once a year i go away for 1 month, and i can't leave the car plugged in, i guess the solution is charge it to close to 100% and should still have charge left after 1 month right?

rehutton777 | 17 november 2019

No problems only charging once a week or even once every 2 weeks. I typically charge once every 3-4 days. Just make sure you don't suffer from phantom or "vampire" drain - - keep your battery above 20%. Don't let the charge get too low just in the event you need to use the car for an emergency or urgent trip.

bjrosen | 18 november 2019

artur_ramos88@ How convenient is that public charging station? How available is it? If you can't charge conveniently then I'd recommend against getting an EV. If it's close to where you work then I'd just park there once every few days, it won't hurt the battery to go a week or two between charging unless you let the charge level drop too far, but for convenience sake I'd keep it topped up to 90%. Because it's public charging I wouldn't charge everyday because you don't want to monopolize the EVSE.

stingray.don | 18 november 2019

Just keep in mind that depth of discharge will affect battery degradation. More frequent short charging cycles are better for battery health.

M3D | 18 november 2019

Regardless of the small differences in the battery, I would charge everyday so you don't have that day when you need more charge than you have. i.e. zombie apocalypse and you need to book out of town on short notice...

gadget63 | 18 november 2019

I have been plugging in nightly and charging to 85% for over a year now. The instruction manual says a happy tesla is a charged tesla. I only charge to 60% in those rare incidences that I will not be using it for a couple of weeks

haywood.ed | 18 november 2019


When the Zombie Apocalypse happens, best to leave the EV at home and take your beater ICE jeep or truck. Same for when the Cartel is after you, or the Terminator, or other likely bug out scenarios.

wiscy67 | 18 november 2019

It's still fire season in San Diego and I have been charging to 90% nightly just in case. Will switch back to 80% and charging every day or two in a week or so.

Fredvanngo | 18 november 2019

Charging twice a week up to 90% to 99% for long trip...:-)

M3D | 18 november 2019

@haywood.ed I keep going back and forth. The Cartel might stake out gas stations then and then they wouldn't see me charging. The Zombies, well I can't tell if they would be more attracted to the other people trying to get gas or if they would like the sweet hum of electric juice...

wayne | 18 november 2019

The question is, should we continue to allow zombies to post on the forum, or ...

terminator9 | 18 november 2019

I do what the screen says - 90% for daily driving and 100% for long trips. I charge when it's running low. Do as you please. If the battery is going to fail/degrade, you want it to happen in the first 7 years so Tesla can give you a new one.