Flash Drive for sentry Mode

Flash Drive for sentry Mode

Hi everyone new here can anyone have a suggestion on whats is the right one or best flash drive to use for sentry mode my m3 won't recognize the 3 flash drive I already have. If I have to buy another one just for it how many gig and format? Any help thank you.

johnw | 25 april 2019

You need to format your current USB as Fat32- google how to do this depending on the type of computer you have.

I suggest at least a 32 gig drive, bigger is better. Here is the one I bought ($20)

ODWms | 25 april 2019

I use this 128 GBcard:

with this adapter for use on the phone/iPad, suggested by a member here:

So far so great.

EVRider | 25 april 2019