Model 3 almost eligible to Canada 5k$ incentive. Tesla needs to fix this

Model 3 almost eligible to Canada 5k$ incentive. Tesla needs to fix this

Dear TESLA SALES executives !!!

As a canadian Model S Owner, I am looking for Model 3 and good news because Canada Federal just unveiled 5000$ incentive for EV but TESLA MODEL 3 is currently DISQUALIFIED because MSRP of Standard Range is over 45k$CAD. Actually, it's currently 47 600$ for Standard Range. Even if Tesla is not promoting Standard Range, the new program would allow Canadians to buy Standard Plus version of Model 3 currently at 53 700$CAN because it's under 55k$ AND the base version of Model 3 would be under 45k$CAN.

All other manufacturer ajusted their prices to 44 999$CAN for base trim version of BOLT, NISSAN LEAF, even Hyunday KONA, etc... If Tesla want to sell cars in Canada and consolidate his position, they should consider revising the LISTED MSRP for STandard Range and consider that almost everybody will take the PLUS version of it, but they will at least have access to Canada Federal Incentive of 5000$CAN. They are currently losing some sales because of this. I know TEsla are the best car out there, but if you never tried it and you can't have 5k$ of incentive if you choose Tesla, chances you won't have the chance to try it because they will make the mistake to buy EGolf or other low range not as good cars...

Thanks to revise your situation and make sure MSRP in canadian dollars $ is ajusted under 45k$CAD...


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greg | 28 april 2019

I think they can do it with some minor adjustment of the "bill of sale" breaking out the costs differently.

As I note the site you link has this in the Q&A area:

"You will still be eligible for the incentive even if delivery, freight and other fees, such as vehicle colour and **add-on accessories**, push the actual purchase price over these set limits."

And I note that only the "base" model has to be under that price, other trims are allowed up to $10K CAD more and still get the rebate. So as you say SR+ will qualify if the base model is 45KCAD or less.

The useful part here is "add-on accessories" - what do they mean for that? Radio? AIr Con?

And yes this idea has been talked about previously.

The suggestion I had was for Tesla to introduce a Canadian only "SR-" which is a SR less some [software enableable] features like shorter range using a range locked (SR+) battery, or similar maybe, the HVAC doesn't heat or cool, only "move air around" on the SR- or the Radio/Sound system doesn't work. Or maybe the mandatory "Delivery fee" for every Tesla simply becomes $4K with a commensurate price drop on the "MRSP".

All to come under the $45K base MSRP price.

Bit like what Tesla do now for the "SR" - only even more range locked than that.

Customers who buy that model can then pay to have those features enabled via OTA after purchase.

As the scheme doesn't start to May 1, nor all the details published on the CAD government website Tesla has time to come up with something.

Interestingly enough I suspect the "SR-" if they do this will only be orderable via in-store, not online. But the rules don't specify the number that have to be available. So Tesla may make this truly a unicorn. As I doubt they actually want to make these models, but as long as they have in the pricelist and its under 45K CAD I am sure the scheme will work.

So this could be Tesla's first (Canadian) "compliance car". I hope its the only one too.

carlk | 28 april 2019

Yes make it $45K with no wheels which can only be purchased from Tesla. OK seriously those that make compliace cars are willing to, if not already did, lose money but Tesla needs to be profitable. Selling EV is its only business.

greg | 1 mei 2019

And they have $49,999 for a range locked 150km.

So problem solved. You can order a SR+ and get the full rebate.

SPJARRY | 1 mei 2019

Great News !!! I TESLA prooved again that they are listening to their client ! Let's order this SR+ baby right away !

Rhaknem | 1 mei 2019

I ordered my SR+ on Monday... hoping I can get the new price and incentive structure added to my order.

greg | 1 mei 2019

I don't believe your post make a single iota of difference.

Tesla were clearly planning for this since the rules were announced some time back.

But it is good to know that they are trying to ensure a level playing field for all EVs even if parts of the Candian Government do not think so.

As they previously did when a similar "cap" was introduced in Germany - if Governments want to implement stupid rules, then a "software defined" vehicle like a Telsa can easily skirt such rules.

Both examples show the "old school" thinking that goes on here in some Governments. No doubt the constant whining they hear of unfairness and special pleading they get from the likes of Big Oil and Big Auto cloud their thinking processes no end.

mrburke | 1 mei 2019

The real question is... How long until Canada changes the rules?

Roger1 | 4 mei 2019

You can buy a Tesla model 3 SR+ and get the $5,000 incentive from the Canadian government. Go to the Canadian government website and search for the list of vehicles eligible for the incentive. Battery electrics get $5,000 and hybrids get $2,500.