Dryer Splitter to EV 240v 24 amp charging 85$

Dryer Splitter to EV 240v 24 amp charging 85$

Took me a while to find the cheapest way to do this so im posting it
from a modern dryer plug see links i think this is the most common dryer cord to tesla charger that comes with the car and extension cord
dont use both at same time or you will blow a circuit breaker or worse

split dryer outlet 69$ (google 10-30 splitter to TT-30 if you want to compare):
adapter to change it to tesla receptacle 16$ (google 30 AMP Male (TT-30R) to 50 AMP Female (14-50R)):

may or may not be needed- extension cord to car if needed 89$ you cannot beat i looked everywhere (14-50 extension cord if you want to compare):

then attach to car using the cord the car came with
MOST IMPORTANT set car to 24 amp max so car doesnt think you have 50 amp available
double check make sure everything correct and watch car, do at your own risk btw | 30 april 2019

I understand the desired to be cheap, but this seem like false cheapness. Risks for the car pulling too much current and melting the cord, risk if the breaker fails under overload and house burns down. Sorry, but I really hate the whole approach.

Install a seperate circuit for charging and eliminate all these risks. Doesn't have to be a 50 amp circuit - you could install an NEMA 14-30 (24 amp charging, 30 amp breaker) and get the proper adapter from Tesla.

coreyyilmaz | 2 mei 2019

the car remembers to pull 24 amp once in the same spot, it can only overload if you turn on the dryer at teh same time so for vast majority of people that cant remember those 2 things then your right, but i charge once a week

neilhamrin | 2 mei 2019

well done. no need to spend for what is unnecessary. so few of us learn what we can do for ourselves. too easy to just "call a guy".

andy.connor.e | 3 mei 2019

Nice. I'll have it easy since my panel is inside my garage. I could rough everything in, and just have an electrician make the wire connection at the breaker.