Enhanced Summon came and went

Enhanced Summon came and went

I had enhanced summons show up on my Tesla app with the software update. Now mysteriously, it’s no longer there. Any thoughts?
2017 Model S70D 2019.12.1.2 software

EVRider | 6 mei 2019

You never had Enhanced Summon unless you were a beta tester.

Bill_75D | 6 mei 2019

Aren't we all beta testers? ;-)

TranzNDance | 6 mei 2019

Some are more beta than others.

jflanders | 6 mei 2019

I am a beta tester. Still not sure why it’s not there now.

EVRider | 6 mei 2019

If I recall correctly, beta testers got Enhanced Summon in a special 2019.9 update that only went to them. All the updates since then are regular updates that go to anyone, so they wouldn't include Enhanced Summon or any other beta features until Tesla is ready to release them to everyone.

There are other features that are called "beta" but go to everyone, for example, Autosteer, but I'm talking about the ones that only go to early access program beta testers.

So, if you're a beta tester and you're enjoying whatever beta feature you're testing, don't install any new updates unless you know that beta feature will be included.

M3phan | 6 juni 2019

@jflanders, careful with breaking the NDA