Web App for Viewing TeslaCam Videos

Web App for Viewing TeslaCam Videos

I created a web app for viewing TeslaCam dashcam and sentry video clips that I would like to share and get feedback. Works on Mac or Windows using Chrome or IE browsers.

The app uses your local file system and browser - so nothing to install or upload. Click the Choose Files button and select all the mp4 video files within a directory and the app will play the videos from the left, front, and right cameras simultaneously on the screen. Click the speed button to cycle through 1x, 3x or 10x speeds. Will play all the one-minute videos in order by timestamp in the filename.

Let me know any thoughts if this is useful or ideas to make it better. It would be nice if this would just work from the Tesla browser in the car and have access to the files directly mounted from the USB TeslaCam directory.

Demo video on YouTube:

josia75 | 7 mei 2019

Thank you for this. I tried it out and its pretty solid. I do like the autoplay feature, it makes going through all the videos less of a chore.
A couple of things I can suggest is to be able to click on a specific timestamp (I know you mentioned this in your future updates). Also it would be nice to be able to pause and rewind to a specific time in the videos. If possible it would be nice if there was a brightness options for videos at night or in poorly lit areas.
Overall I love it!

Yodrak. | 7 mei 2019

"Works on Mac or Windows using Chrome or IE browsers."

Let us know when you have a Safari version. Thanks

jdeskins | 7 mei 2019

Safari browser is now supported.

jimglas | 7 mei 2019

really nice start

michaelebowers | 7 mei 2019

Very cool! Thank you for making the community better J! | 8 mei 2019

Cool app! One suggestion is to have a few skip ahead buttons, like skip forwards/backwards 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 30 minutes. | 8 mei 2019

P.S. Added to our free app links section!

jdeskins | 8 mei 2019 - Thanks for the link!

One of the top feature requests (myself included) is ability to skip forward and/or click on the timestamps to go directly to that timeframe. Hope to have time soon to get these added.

2011ken | 9 mei 2019

Very impressive. I was involved in a recent accident and this will be very helpful to my insurance company

samjonas | 9 mei 2019


@jdeskins ,really great work....great features with browser compatibility.Just amazing stuff.Keep it up.

Best Regards!!!

samjonas | 9 mei 2019


@jdeskins ,really great work....great features with browser compatibility.Just amazing stuff.Keep it up.

Best Regards!!!

loraflipo | 9 mei 2019

I do not able to now watching the YouTube video, sorry for that. But I'm downloading now this video by using a video downloader. Anyway, if anyone face the problem like me then you should download this video for watching later. For this work, you can use vidmate. Here is the app link:

magdere | 9 mei 2019

Very cool. Thank you. I would like to see the videos as large as possible. Also a slider bar would be great to be able to go a few seconds back and forth to double check stuff.

juvantaluiz | 10 mei 2019

Wow!! That is really good. I really appreciate your work. I think your app is really useful for Tesla users. They have also shared the instruction on how to use the app. Really thanks for the article.

kcheng | 12 mei 2019

Thank you, it's a big help when looking thru a whole pile of vids.

robert4 | 13 mei 2019

In Linux it works both with Chrome and Firefox. You might mention to get three video files at once, you have to hold down the ctrl key while selecting.
Watching all three videos at once at 3x can induce nausea. :-)

dpage001 | 13 mei 2019

I just watched a bunch of my videos. A few things:
- I was using my Chrome browser, I presume it is updated
- Sometimes while playing the folder of videos, it would come to the end of a video and then stop, even though it was still in the middle of the list. No detectable pattern.
- Usually (always?) after I would finish viewing a folder, I would select the next folder for viewing and even though the speed button still said "10x", it would default to playing at 1x speed
- The default should be 10x, not 1x
-It would sure be nice if I could select the set of folders for viewing, and let it run through them all sequentially
-Not sure if the browser would allow it, but a button to delete the videos that were just viewed would be awesome

Nice work! A real time saver compared to viewing them all manually!

Yodrak. | 13 mei 2019

"Safari browser is now supported."

Thank you!

jimglas | 16 mei 2019


jdeskins | 16 mei 2019

Here's some of the updates to the web app since initial release.

* Enlarge any camera video by clicking on it. Return to side-by-side layout by clicking the enlarged video.
* Go directly to a point in time by clicking on the timestamp from the list.
* Resize the videos automatically when resizing the browser window.

jimglas | 17 mei 2019


bwalaschek | 17 mei 2019

I can't get the video to play through the TeslaCam Video WebApp Player. I've tried multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge), and none of them will play the video -- probably because I don't have the right codec.

LVC says that the video files are encoded with H.265 (MPEG-H Part2/HVEC (H.265) (hvc1).

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

bwalaschek | 18 mei 2019

I’ve learned that owners with HW3, have video that’s encoded with H.265. Maybe this app doesn’t work for HW3 owners yet?

jdeskins | 18 mei 2019

Looks like video from the newer HW3 cars are encoded with H.265. Currently that is supported only on Edge browser in Windows 10 and Safari for Mac. Try viewing in one of the supported browsers.

It was mentioned in other forums that Microsoft has provided an extension to install if your Windows doesn't have that codec.

I've received some sample dashcam files with this codec and will be testing further.

jdeskins | 19 mei 2019

Here's the direct link to Microsoft HEVC Video Extensions for those that may need it.

caraballo_i | 19 mei 2019

Hello Tesla family, i know this is a specific forum so hopefully someone can answer a question for me. I have a Blackvue dashcam and i need it installed. Years ago i had Calibred from California come over to NJ and they installed 2 sets for me. I cannot get them to respond to my emails and phone calls. Does anyone know a company that installs dashcams? Thanks,
my email is

bwalaschek | 20 mei 2019

@jdeskins. Thanks, you fixed it! The videos play smoothly in the Edge viewer with the Microsoft HVEC Video Extensions installed. Now all of the owners with Model 3 HW3 can enjoy your web app too!

Thanks again!

jeffmeacham | 28 mei 2019

@jdeskins Great stuff! Any chance for a slide bar above the videos to allow us to move forward or better yet back in the video file. If you miss something you have to start over and pause it. Would be great to move the video back and forth in time. Thanks again! Will donate.

Mariner711 | 1 juni 2019

I tried it this morning using Chrome on my mac but the videos wouldn't render or play. I switched to Safari and it worked fine.

jdeskins | 8 juni 2019

I pushed out some more features for the TeslaCam Video WebApp Player. Your browser should pick up the changes the next time you visit the website. Thanks for those that have donated and supplied great feedback.

"Jump to Event" button displays if the app thinks the videos came from a Sentry Mode event where 10 minutes of videos were saved. It jumps to about one minute before the end of all videos (seems to be where most events have happened).

A slider bar is also now available to easily move back and forth within a video. All three cameras move in-sync with the slider.

Previous updates included:
* Enlarge any camera video by clicking on it. Return to side-by-side layout by clicking the enlarged video.
* Go directly to a time by clicking on the timestamp from the list.
* Resize the videos automatically when resizing the browser window.

Prames | 9 juni 2019

The slider is helpful, thanks.

Suggestion: It's good that I can select a bunch of the videos, and play them in sequence. But between each pair (once a minute), the screen "jumps" (the web page text below the three video windows moves up and then back down). It would be nice if this was more seamless. Probably you're destroying and recreating the three video windows between each pair of v, perhaps you could avoid this.

ChicagoJay | 9 juni 2019

I'm guessing this doesn't work on AP1 Teslas, like my 2015 SP90DL. Could you please confirm that? Maybe even have a small blurb on your website, listing the requirements, would be cool.

Fantastic-looking app - thanks so much!

rxlawdude | 9 juni 2019

@ChicagoJay, confirmed. You will not have sentry mode.

sean.hickson | 14 juli 2019

Awesome work - makes going through the recordings so much easier.