My SR Model X has been built but stuck at Fremont for over 2 weeks...

My SR Model X has been built but stuck at Fremont for over 2 weeks...

My SR Model X has been built but stuck at Fremont for over 2 weeks...due to apparent "homologation" procedures, where CA has to provide its regulatory approval for the new "standard range" Model X. I was initially told that my ETA was 5/25/19, and they told me I could not take delivery of the car until they received a copy of the check and tracking number from my credit union. Tesla received the check on 5/24/19 and immediately cashed it. After cashing the check, Tesla told me on 5/25/19 that the car could not be released until CA regulatory approvals had been obtained. Now I am incurring interest on my loan without a car, have paid Tesla a 20% down payment, am incurring unnecessary rental car expenses, and running the risk that the car now will not be delivered until after July 1, 2019 (at which point the federal tax credit gets even further reduced).

Is anyone else in the same boat?

Any suggestions on what I can/should do?

Thanks much!

pmitra | 11 juni 2019

Yes am in the same boat as you but I didn’t make any payment

Raffim | 11 juni 2019

Hopefully it will get resolved soon.

nintendomas | 12 juni 2019

i have a LR MX stuck in Fremont for at least 1 month. they keep telling me it's waiting for the homologation sticker too. so they are basically lying because it really only impacts SR models? so frustrated!

jimglas | 12 juni 2019

whats a "homologation"?

george.birdsong | 12 juni 2019

Yes, mine is stuck too. It’s pretty frustrating, almost to the point of canceling the order. I’m going to test drive the Audi e tron today.. Tesla is so whack... it’s sad.

jimglas | 12 juni 2019

buy the e-tron

Raffim | 12 juni 2019

@george... Don't buy the e tron. Stick with Tesla it's worth the wait.... you won't regret it.

@Jim... "homologation" technically means "approval"... so they are waiting for California approval of the Standard Range Model X since it is considered a new model/offering.

Sribash | 12 juni 2019

I ordered on 4/30 , MX, LR, 5 seat conf, no VIN allocated so far ( 6/12) . Delivery adviser told me that my config is not
matched with their factory inventory but said that i should get my delivery before 6/30.
Is Homologation only for CA? how are they making deliveries to others in other states?

pmitra | 12 juni 2019

Yeah I was told that I will getvthe delivery before the end of the month as well. If not We will lose out on the federal rebate as well

Raffim | 12 juni 2019

@sribash Yes, it's only for California deliveries

pmitra | 12 juni 2019

Any idea why there’s minimal (close to none) info available in the internet regarding this “issue”. Eveb the Tesla website does not talk about it.

Raffim | 12 juni 2019

I'm wondering the same thing... I wish I knew!

nintendomas | 13 juni 2019

i could of swore seeing people taking deliveries in marina del ray/san Diego and other parts of California. i don't think it's isolated to the SR only because my LR is having the same delays.

Raffim | 13 juni 2019

Nintendomas, that is incorrect. The approval delay is strictly only affecting the Standard Range models. You may have a delay, but your delay is attributable to another cause.

nintendomas | 13 juni 2019

i called the so called mothership this morning and they still are no help. i tell them my car has been completed for over 1 month now and they still come back with the car is confined waiting for the homologation sticker.

Raffim | 13 juni 2019


Faybert | 13 juni 2019

In the same boat, the lack of communication on this is what bugs me the most. I didn't get told it was waiting until less than 24 hours before I was supposed to take delivery. Luckily we were able to delay the signing of the loan so we aren't in the same boat of paying interest on a loan for a vehicle we don't have yet, but it's still quite annoying.

pmitra | 13 juni 2019

I was told today that the approval might come in on 6/17.

Raffim | 14 juni 2019

I sure hope so

pmitra | 14 juni 2019

The approval is done and I am taking my delivery today!

Raffim | 14 juni 2019

YES!!! Congrats! What city are you in? I should be able to take delivery on Sunday!

pmitra | 14 juni 2019

Thanks, I am in Foster City. All the best to you!

Raffim | 14 juni 2019

You too! Good luck and have fun!

Raffim | 15 juni 2019

@pmitra did you take delivery?

Faybert | 17 juni 2019

@raffim did you get yours finally?

Raffim | 17 juni 2019

Not yet... but I think the car is going to arrive at my delivery center today!

pmitra | 17 juni 2019

Yes, I took my delivery last Friday

balatn2005 | 18 juni 2019

In most parts of the world, an automobile must be road legal to be fit for sale. In the business, this is referred to as “homologation” sticker.