Navigate on Autopilot button

Navigate on Autopilot button

I just got SW version 2019.16.3.2 downloaded to my 3/17 S90D and the NOA button on the nav screen seems to have vanished ;-( Has anybody else noticed this? Really a step backward since that makes NOA an all or nothing affair unless you go into settings and change it? How can we get Tesla to restore this useful feature?

EVRider | 8 juni 2019

If the update disabled NoA, you can just turn it on again in settings and the button will reappear. Once enabled, there’s a separate setting to specify if you want NoA to always be active.

Note that the NoA button does not appear if the route doesn’t include any segments where NoA can be used.

steveg1701 | 8 juni 2019

NOA is turned on but I don't get the button! If I select "start on every trip" on the NOA settings then it works but I can't (easily) turn it off. If I disable "start on every trip" then I get no way at all to turn it on without canceling nav, selecting "start on every trip", and restarting nav.

chris.wanja | 8 juni 2019

Does your route have highway drivable miles that NoA can navigate on? It is only supposed to work on highway miles (at the moment).

steveg1701 | 8 juni 2019

Yes, it does. It came as a bit of a surprise because when I entered my route the button didn't appear and I thought that it was disabled but then when I got on the on ramp I got the chimes of NOA engaging and the blue line on my dash!

mizunosan | 8 juni 2019

hmmmm... I haven't downloaded that update yet, but if that's what you're seeing, it's not good for me. NOA still doesn't recognize Toll Lanes in our Seattle area, so I have to turn it off until I get into the toll lane and then I turn it on once I get close to where I need to exit. NOA also doesn't recognize certain Express Toll Lane exits (more of a Google Maps data lacking, I believe), so I can't use NOA in those instances too...

steveg1701 | 11 juni 2019

Does anybody have 2019.16.3.2 and NOT have the issue I described?

SteveZzz | 16 juni 2019

@steveg1701: I have had 2019.16.3 for some time now, and have several thousand km using NOA. I have never had the problem you describe except when I try to NOA on a road that does not support it. Then the button disappears. Otherwise, it is there all the time. Just yesterday I updated to 2019.20.1 so I can o longer check this out.

steveg1701 | 16 juni 2019

Thanks Steve! I don't know what was going on with mine but it started working properly after a reboot