Suggested maintenance (2014 S)

Suggested maintenance (2014 S)

I will be bring in my S for the final service before it’s off warranty. Suggested maintenance would be brake fluid check, and AC service. Anything else sound important?

Warranty issues: 1 door handle presents but does not open. Rear side window often sticks 1/2 up. Rear taillight condensation. Think it’s prudent to have the 12 V battery replaced? 5 years same battery. I know it’d be on my dime, but it’s bound to go out soon! Also, I think they charge about $300/door handle, and 2 other handles occasionally act up. Could pay to replace those, seems like they will fail soon. Thoughts. Thanks.

jordanrichard | 8 juni 2019

Well, this is tricky and I haven’t seen a straight forward answer. There are no longer any annual services, deciding to go the ala carte method. The problem and what I can’t get a straight answer to is the following. How can they come up with a ala carte list without have a set list to check for things, which is what the previous annual service checks were, but again, they did away with those.

My service center said that they didn’t do away with the annuals services, showing me a list of things for each model. To this I told him that contradicts what Tesla’s website says. I skipped my 5 year, having done the 4 previous annual services.

Tropopause | 8 juni 2019

Agree. The whole thing is confusing now, or super simple. I just bring my car in if it has a problem or needs new tires.

eggbert747 | 9 juni 2019

Thanks, probably over-thinking it. Will go by Tesla suggestions (up to point!)

stevenmaifert | 10 juni 2019

Whether you choose to stay with the annual or go with the a la carte, bring it in periodically to see if there is any Service Bulletin work that needs to be done. My annual last January included the SB to replace the steering wheel bolts.

AERODYNE | 10 juni 2019

I think you may need battery coolant replaced if not done at 50K.

jordanrichard | 11 juni 2019

Battery coolant is no longer required/suggested being replaced.

kerryglittle | 13 juni 2019

I've wondered what exactly is battery coolant? Is it just anti freeze or some special fluid?

txakoli | 13 juni 2019


The battery coolant is propylene glycol.

barrykmd | 13 juni 2019

Get the air filter replaced.

AERODYNE | 13 juni 2019


Battery coolant is suggested to be replaced for certain earlier MS models like before 2015.

I went to SC in Feb and saw the documentation myself.

kerryglittle | 13 juni 2019

Thanks @txaoli.

jordanrichard | 14 juni 2019

AERODYNE, no I understand that, I have a 2014 MS and at my 4 year service, it was replaced. What I am saying is that Tesla did away with the coolant changes. Just look at the maintenance recommendations on Tesla’s site.

There is no longer any mention of annual services.

When I was at my service center here in CT, they too said there was stil a check list of items for each car, but that and I told them this, contradicts what Tesla is saying on their website.

Haggy | 17 juni 2019

The owner's manual now says that battery coolant is good for life under normal circumstances. It would be strange to have a recommendation for older cars but tell owners explicitly that they don't need it.

My battery was still good at my service visit right before the warranty expired. Then I got the warning with less than 100 miles left on the warranty. If you are going to pay for it out of pocket, there's no advantage of doing it ahead of time, unless there's not ranger service in your area and the service center isn't convenient.

Years ago I used to read about how when people brought it in for annual service, it went way beyond what was on the list. Tesla never officially stated that anything was done beyond that, and despite people years ago saying constantly that Tesla always did a few things that would have gone unnoticed, they didn't find anything on my car, and I don't know if they looked for it.

When I went in for the battery shortly after that, they found a few things including a door handle that I hadn't noticed.