Apple Maps and SIRI Support for Model 3

Apple Maps and SIRI Support for Model 3

Do Tesla will provide Support for Apple Maps and SIRI integration instead of Google Maps !!!

EVRider | 2 juli 2019

Why would Tesla support Apple Maps instead of Google Maps? I don't think most people would want that.

Although Tesla doesn't directly support Siri, you can use Siri with your phone while driving, and that seems to work well enough for most people.

CharleyBC | 2 juli 2019

Your title vs your question place opposite responsibility for who needs to support whom. The question is the right one--it's not up to Apple to support Tesla. And the answer is: doubtful. Lots of people want it, but I've never heard even a whisper that Tesla is working on supporting Apple Carplay.

lbowroom | 2 juli 2019

No !!!

kishan.psd | 16 juli 2019

Thanks for your input guys,
@EVRider I don’t know man what maps you are using, but I bet people who know and use Apple Maps they definitely want apple maps with their Tesla.
I open this discussion here to connect more people who wants this feature in their Tesla. And hopefully Musk will take a step forward to make it happen.
I also tagged @elonmusk on Twitter from @9decimal for this issue and hoping to get answers.
If anybody knows where to open Developer issues else where other than this forum, Do share.

eplaskett | 16 juli 2019


I don't know anyone who uses Apple Maps with any regularity, and I am a big Apple user. The only time I use Apple Maps is when I am traveling in an unfamiliar place on foot, because then Apple Maps on my phone sends directions to my Apple Watch, which Google Maps will not do. Otherwise, I use Tesla's own maps/navigation when driving, with Waze or Google Maps sometimes running in parallel on my phone as a cross reference.

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

Try to max zoom google map on highway, google map shows all lanes as one hard lane so you won’t know which lane you are on, on the other hand Apple map in mobile shows clear all lanes separate shows which lane you are on.
Plus google map lack behind on voice commands like when and where to turn. Obviously it’s Tesla’s software which isn’t incorporated very well with Google Maps. And until they figure out those bugs Tesla should include Apple CarPlay at least.

eplaskett | 17 juli 2019


I tried Apple Maps this morning. It does no such lane identification or recognition in my area, if its does it at all, and I drive on the widest section of interstate in the country, with 8+ lanes in each direction. It actually kept getting confused as to where I was. I won't be using it again.

EVRider | 17 juli 2019

@kishan.psd: I use both Apple Maps and Google Maps on my Apple devices, but I still prefer Google Maps, and I think most people would agree with me, even if you don’t. Maybe someday Tesla will support Apple CarPlay (but don’t hold your breath), but there’s no chance Tesla would replace Google Maps on the touchscreen with Apple Maps.

I’m not aware of any map implementations that use Apple Maps except on Apple platforms (including CarPlay).

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

All I want is freedom to either Apple or Google Map with all my iPhone functions running with Tesla which can only happen if Tesla give access to Apple CarPlay.
I love Tesla that’s why I bought it but We all know Tesla doesn’t do good job with recognizing voice commands like SIRI does.
Every user who is Paying $74000 or more/less like me for a Tesla, I think they deserves decent phone integration within Tesla.

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

what you think doesn't matter

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

what you think doesn't matter

Joshan | 17 juli 2019

Was actually discussing with this wife just last night how the car always understand our voice commands but Siri never does. To each their own I guess...

I can say things like "Navigate to Cannon Crossing Fields" and it gets the name right and goes there. on the first try I tried that 10x with Siri and it failed all 10.

gballant4570 | 17 juli 2019

Before I bought my Tesla I did not like the fact that there was no Android Auto support. After 10 months of ownership, I don't like Android Auto when I drive my ICE pickup - I prefer the Tesla interface.
Elon Musk and Tesla have a great many more important and pressing things to do - I certainly hope they pay more attention to developing the Tesla PIckup for example - and not fooling around with Apple of Google apps that don't really matter.

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

@jimglas Stay in preschool boy, Adults talking here.

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

ouch, you hurt my feelings with your witty barb

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

My god, I’m pretty sure this forum is fabricated, I don’t know but this is marketing talk it feels like bunch of hired marketing people discussing here. Thanks a lot guys.

Joshan | 17 juli 2019

you asked for something, people explained you are in the minority on that request, which means it is not likely. And we are a marketing team? ok than...

M3D | 17 juli 2019

You can wait for the Apple car then.

rdavis | 17 juli 2019

kishan.psd | July 17, 2019

Every user who is Paying $74000 or more/less like me for a Tesla, I think they deserves decent phone integration within Tesla.

Your phone connects bluetooth and you have a nice viewing spot where your phone even charges... You can use what ever app you want to use...

As for the integrated APPLE/Android car play... I wouldn't hold your breath for that. I've had apple car play in prior car and I don't miss it at all with the tesla. I do from time to time run Waze in conjunction with Tesla integrated maps; however, I've never felt that I needed Apple maps nor Google maps running in lieu of or in conjunction with Tesla maps.

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

@M3D You won't believe but before I got Tesla, I did research about Apple Car for 2 months and find out Apple isn't ready yet to come out with their TITAN, All the rumors are just rumors.
After 2 months I get that Tesla is the most successful car in a technological perspective to date, So I bought it and I'm happy with my decision, but obviously Tesla needs lots of improvements of course and they are working on it.
Its on Elon Musk and Tim Cook to work out together to give best of the best to us. I'm just a guy to point out a few things which can be helpful in building something innovative.

Joshan | 17 juli 2019

I don't think Tim Cook really cares what Tesla is doing...

MichaelB00012 | 17 juli 2019

Apple Maps is garbage, and it's lightyears behind Google Maps. Don't waste your time, or your breath, requesting it be put in a Tesla.

Techy James | 17 juli 2019

I have many times used the Share function on my iPhone to send address to my Tesla Model 3 in prep for a trip. Then when I got in the car, the navigation was already set to my destination. Oddly enough this seems to work better on my iPhone than when I use the Apple Navigation to look up address, for some odd reason when I use Google maps from iPhone there is some extra details, that breaks the address search on the Tesla.

Techy James | 17 juli 2019

"Every user who is Paying $74000 or more/less like me for a Tesla, I think they deserves decent phone integration within Tesla."

You list US dollars, but when I checked the configurator a Model 3 tops out at $63,990 with all the most expensive options selected. You must have got your car when they first released the Performance Model and had extra upgrade option to add the spoiler to it. Problem with that theory your listing it like it's a current purchase, but presents price that is a good $10,000 over the max current selling price.

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

@Techy James
Its CAD btw, with tax and interest, bought in JUNE 2019.

carlk | 17 juli 2019

Apple map is way inferior to Google map. Siri is way inferior to Alexa or Google assistant. Whatever Apple is doing in cars is also way way behind Tesla. Not to mention it could only be a copycat in recent years, iWatch from FitBit, Apple Music from Spotify and newly announced streaming from Netflix. Just that you know these. If I sounded like an Apple hater I've had very first of iPod, iPhone and iPad and still am using an iPhone X. And if you happen to work for Apple I apologize I said those things.

EVRider | 17 juli 2019

@kishan.psd: Please read this article to understand why Apple CarPlay isn't offered:

Many people (including me) would like to see CarPlay, but that doesn't mean we want the touchscreen to use Apple Maps all the time. I guess in your mind, those of us who disagree with you are just spreading "fake news." If CarPlay was that important to you, why did buy a Tesla?

andy | 17 juli 2019

I use apple maps every day with Apple CarPlay. One of the things that made me think long and hard as to whether or not to buy a Tesla was the lack of Apple CarPlay.

In the end my need for range overrode my need for CarPlay, but only just.

Apple Carplay doesn't just give you access to the maps, it adds other very good phone, message, audiobook and audio features too,

sheldon.mike1010 | 17 juli 2019

+1 carlk

EVRider | 17 juli 2019

I've only used CarPlay once, in a rental car a couple of weeks ago when I was out of town. I was impressed with how it worked, except when Apple Maps navigation took me to wrong place for a restaurant because the address was wrong (though its location on the map appeared correct).

To Apple's credit, I reported the issue and it appears to be fixed already, sort of. On Apple Maps on my Mac, the address is correct. On Apple Maps there are two entries for the restaurants, one at the correct location, and one at the incorrect location, but now marked permanently closed.

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

@ carlk
I don't work for apple bud, I just like their products and simplicity. And there is a difference between who comes out first with the product and who is making it better, Apple wins in making it better.

It's not about spreading 'fake news' but Tesla is another iPhone, don't you see UI on tesla touchscreen, the flow and configuration of Tesla's touchscreen is exactly what you see in iOS.

Plug-n-Play | 17 juli 2019

I've been an Apple owner since the late 70's, having owned various Apple computers, printers, assistants, music devices, smartphones, tablets, and watches. I'm about as Apple Fanboy as you can get. That said, I've never really found the Apple Maps product to be better than Google Maps or Waze, aside from its ability to coexist with the rest of the Apple ecosystem (integrates turn by turn directions with my watch, for instance).

That said, I haven't used it in a while so perhaps I just haven't given it enough of a chance after they've had a chance to revise it further. The ability to zoom in to the actual lane instead of just showing the entire road as a line intrigues me. I tried it out here in New York and unfortunately it doesn't work. OK maybe it's just not available here yet, surely it will work for Silicon Valley CA where Apple is based out of. Nope, Cupertino is no better. This is on my iPhone XS and on my iPad Pro - what area has clear lane granularity that I can test out in Apple Maps?

M3D | 17 juli 2019

OK, if you don't want to wait for the mythical unicorn Apple car, then the best suggestion I can make is that you purchase an iPad and rig it so you can hang it over the Tesla screen :) maybe on a hinge so you can flip it back when not in use..... Tesla Maps do show lanes when you are on highways and navigating along with the cars in the lanes around you. Tesla maps also integrates with the superchargers to a. show them b. precondition your battery, etc. etc. You can talk to Siri and have it mis-interpret your commands and using IFTTT make it do stuff... and play back music via bluetooth. Personally I don't want more apple or android integration. The native stuff is better.

lbowroom | 17 juli 2019

Sure it's been said.... Tesla doesn't want to license Carplay. People buying the car need to know this going in and either accept it or not. I guess you can campaign like this to try and influence the feature in, but what's the point?

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

@M3D Good one, haha!
On a serious note ... Google is a third-party provider for Tesla Maps, If Tesla wants than they can use any provider for the integration of Superchargers and every single detail you see on your phone.

The only reason Tesla not letting these two tech giants involved in the car is because of FSD. Since FSD isn't ready, I want to drive Tesla by myself just like I was doing in my previous car and that was the main reason I started this topic at first place, Still I can use my phone and stick it beside Tesla's touchscreen but that's just plain wrong having small screen beside big screen.

In Toronto it works like charm

kishan.psd | 17 juli 2019

The point is if Tesla isn't ready with FSD or AUTOPILOT, till then let me drive on my own.

Joshan | 17 juli 2019

I use AP every day for about 90% of my drive. It's not ready?!?!?

Joshan | 17 juli 2019

on a mopre serious note (I really do use it that often). You are asking for something it seems very few other people actually want. I seriously doubt you will see it anytime soon.

gballant4570 | 17 juli 2019

In other news, there is speculation among theoretical physicists that the universe we live in could be a projection. So this forum might not be the end of all that is fabricated, and not real...... I almost hesitate to add, that begs the question - what is real?

lbowroom | 17 juli 2019

I thought this thread was about Carplay

Devilstower | 17 juli 2019

I would very much like to have CarP;ay, just for the additional flexibility. I have a hard time understanding the hostility expressed toward something that would simply be an option.

-TheJohn- | 17 juli 2019

Not gonna happen.

lbowroom | 17 juli 2019

The hostility is toward the people who insist Carplay must be implemented. I’d love to have it, but the car doesn’t. Good grief

lbowroom | 17 juli 2019

And then the OP pivots to something ridiculous about auto pilot

howard | 17 juli 2019

I like the way CarPlay handles text messaging. This is big for me as it seems most of my communications are text theses days. I also find it easier to move around from app to app.

lbowroom | 17 juli 2019

Carplay handles texts virtually the same way Siri does on the handset using hey Siri

ODWms | 19 juli 2019

I used daily, and still use occasionally in my other cars, Apple Maps on my iPhone. I think it’s a great product. When using the Tesla that day, if I have a need to use navigation, I’ll pull up maps on the iPhone and ’share’ the navigation to the car from the phone. Everything’s set up and ready to rock as soon as I get in the car. Awesome feature, and the maps and navigation in the car are great.

I will say that the in car voice recognition system needs tweaking. It recognizes what I say most of the time. But for some reason can’t perform the function I ask of it. Even something as simple as ’’navigate home’’ is met with befuddlement by the system. It even spells out correctly on the screen what I’m saying, but it’s like it doesn’t seem to understand what that means, I get the ‘replay’ icon, and it asked me to repeat.

When I finally hit navigation on the screen and then ‘home’ (the 1st nav choice that pops up), it immediately spools up the navigation, lays everything out like it should and starts. But it never understands when I ask it verbally.

EVRider | 19 juli 2019

@ODWms: People speak differently, and I’m sure the car does better recognizing some voices than others. I don’t use voice commands in my Model S much, but when I do they work pretty well. I don’t recall if our Model 3 does this, but the Model S shows you what it thinks you’re saying as you speak — sometimes what it shows on the screen isn’t correct initially, but then it seems to figure out what I meant and correct it.

gmoritz | 19 juli 2019

I didn't have carplay in my old car obviously I don't have it in my model 3 SR +. But i do hope that further integration with smart phones for reading texts and streaming is in the pipeline at Tesla. The last thing I need to be doing while driving is reaching for or looking at my phone but it's unrealistic to think that Model 3 SR+ drivers aren't doing that.

carlk | 19 juli 2019

It is illegal in California to operate a mobile devices while driving. You do it at your own risk and go to jail if that caused a serious accident. On the other hand it is allowed to if it's on a fixed screen from the OEM. That's one more reason why those things should not be put on the screen.