Rear end collision

Rear end collision

My brand new dual motor model 3 was rear ended 2 weeks ago. I had the car for only 3 months! I’m still waiting for the Tesla certified auto body to get the parts in. They want me to bring the car in on Tuesday (my car is still drivable). I don’t want to bring it in without the parts. They can’t give me a date on when the parts will be here. I feel my car could sit at the auto body shop for a long period of time. Has this happened to anyone else? How long did the parts take to come in? I just want my car fixed but also I don’t want it to be sitting around waiting for the parts when I could be driving it. | 2 juli 2019

@Janice - Sorry about the crunch. Smart to keep the car until the parts arrive. Seem the average time is 2-4 weeks, but there have been shorter/longer waits.

This accident guide may help you understand the repair process too:

Note that sometimes, once they start the work, they find more parts are needed, which requires insurance approval, parts order, etc - adding more time to the repair.

greg | 2 juli 2019

The sooner they move to cast mouldings for the rear end of the car [as they have said they are doing for the Y] the quicker these types of repairs will be.

r1200gs4ok | 2 juli 2019

very sorry to hear of your accident...hope they had insurance and glad you are alright

slingshot18 | 2 juli 2019

Sorry to hear about the accident. But I'd highly suggest getting your car in the shop and in the queue. There is a lot of work that can be done even without the new parts. The longer you wait to bring it in, the longer they can ignore you. And once they have your car on the lot, they have an incentive to get it done, off the lot, and paid. You're just going to make the process longer by waiting.

kevin66457 | 2 juli 2019

I picked up my M3 on Dec 29, I was rear ended on Feb 14...was pretty upset. the only Tesla authorized repair facility was a local BMW shop. They recommended I keep my car until the bumper came in, even though I might need other repairs such as the rear sensor. I'm glad I waited, my loaner car was an Infiniti Q50, which is a nice car, it didn't come close to driving a Tesla. Luckily I needed no other repairs and it was done in a week. so I would take the chance of needing no other repairs so you aren't stuck in a car you don't enjoy driving.

vmulla | 2 juli 2019

I've been through this. eBay parts are the fastest way to get your car looking good again IF it's only cosmetic damage.

mcmack15 | 3 juli 2019

We went through this with our S last summer. We kept the car and drove it until the bumpers came in (it was a few months back then). We did not go thru an authorized body shop as none were conveniently located----which the folks at the SC quickly acknowledged as they more than mildly suggested we go to a shop of our choosing if we had one. We went with a local place that is great and had done work for me before when a tree fell on a sports car we owned.

My suggestion, just keep checking on the status of the parts. We needed two bumpers (a nut pulled into the right front bumper while he was switching lanes as I was stopped in my lane of traffic; and when on my way to the insurance adjuster 2 days later, while stopped at a light with a car in front of me, another nut hits the rear bumper----I did not buy any lottery tickets that day). Long story short, one bumper came into the SC within a week or two, but the other took so long that the request got 'timed out' in the Tesla system and was dropped. They only noticed this because I stopped into the SC every week or so to check on the status.

Then car will look like new when it is done, and you will be 100% happy again.

rdh37 | 3 juli 2019

I was rear-ended at a stoplight two months into owning my dual motor LR. Luckily very low speed and solely cosmetic damage. Went to the body shop the SC near me uses. They told me to keep the car until the needed part (rear reflector) came in. Part came in two weeks later. Scheduled service and the work, replace the reflector and repaint part of the bumper, was done in two days. Managed to keep the car for the next 30 days from being hit again and just had it wrapped with ppf. Never had this done on a car before. Looks great but expensive. Best of luck to you. Have a nice day.

legna_fo_htaed | 3 juli 2019

Look up TFL Thrifty 3 on YouTube. They are having a nightmare experience with a repair that should have been fixed within a few weeks and it has been over 3 months. Tesla seems to be so focused on new card and customers, they don't have the resources to fix the owners getting into accidents. Hopefully once demand goes down a bit this will change, but for now seems like most repairs are going to take time. Hope you get your car fixed soon!

legna_fo_htaed | 3 juli 2019

New cars**

apodbdrs | 3 juli 2019

@legna_fo_htaed, the post by TFL Thrifty 3 on YouTube is pure FUD! First if one has a collision, you go to your insurance company, second TESLA does not do body repair, third you find a Tesla certified repair body shop to do the work. TESLA has nothing to do with collisions, other than they manufacture the most of parts that may go in car. Some parts the Body shop buys from Tesla, a supplier or they just be generic. STOP spreading FALSE information.

legna_fo_htaed | 3 juli 2019

@apodbdrs well they went to their insurance. The fact that StateFarm basically forced them to pick one specific body shop instead of a Tesla certified one is not Tesla's issue for sure.
They never mention Tesla doing any of the body work, simply the time it is taking for parts to arrive. I also never mentioned Tesla doing body work.
So STOP putting words in my mouth. The fact is a repair like that would take half the time their specific situation has with other vehicles. I love my Tesla, but don't be such a fanboy.

daddy88 | 3 juli 2019

How much are the front-bumper and rear-bumper replacement cost?
Would you be able to take the money and not do the actual repair if it's cosmetic (small dent)?

apodbdrs | 3 juli 2019

legna_fo_htaed, For your information an Insurance company can not force you to go to specific body repair shop. I would expect Tesla to give priority to Tesla body repair shops for parts vice non certified. Also at issue is warranty, which all auto manufactures have.

TFL Thrifty 3 is FUD, trying to get hits.

legna_fo_htaed | 3 juli 2019

Tell them that not me then. Shit. | 3 juli 2019

@apodbdrs - You may not be aware, but Tesla actually does have a small number of body shops now for basic body repairs (such as bumpers). This is relativily new, something I'm not aware of any other manufacturer doing.

@legna_fo_htaed - For fastest repairs, you need to consider a very high volume car that get into a lot of accidents. Something like a Toyota Yaris or Ford Fusion. They have made millions of these cars, so insurance companies handle them faster, parts are stocked in more places, and there are even third parties that make replacement parts (although not always to OEM standards). Because the cars are cheap to begin with, using sub-standard third party parts is often done to speed repairs (and make more money). I doubt many Tesla owners want to use sub-standard parts.

For low volume cars or cars that don't get in a lot of accidents (Tesla and others), parts will take longer. I know of a BMW owner who had to wait 6 months for a part! No company is perfect. It's the price we pay to have a great car, but one that has a low accident rate.

schralp | 5 juli 2019

Yes, I kept driving mine while waiting for parts which took 6 weeks. Then, it took them 17 days to complete the repair. A definite downside of Tesla ownership. I have heard horror stories of folks who required more extensive repair.

EEPlasty | 6 juli 2019

I had my M3 Dual Motor Long Range rear ended March 1st. Unfortunately, damaged the taillight so it was not driveable without using hand signals. The approved body shop also said they needed to take it apart to find everything that was damaged.
Turned out to take 2 months to replace bumper, rear quarter panel, subwoofer, and repair the rear door then repaint. Turns out Tesla requires them to also change the front windshield which seems weird, but apparently needs to be changed due to sensors and wiring.

gzchn | 8 juli 2019

Not sure what state are you in. In Bay area CA, get an estimate repair cost from your insurance company first, then schedule a service appointment with Tesla service center, drop off your car, they can replace within one date. Don't go to certified body shop, they take forever to get parts, but Tesla service center has 90% parts in stock. Most important is get estimate from insurance company first. I have mine rear bumper replaced in 3 business days

vmulla | 8 juli 2019

My front bumper fix took just under 3 months. This was a year ago, so I don't know how things are now. I would think they're just as bad if not worse, that's simply because they're more Teslas on the road.

The factors that make it bad are simple and not entirely in Tesla's control.

- Only Tesla authorised shops have the parts list and can order them. So owners have little choice in terms of repair locations.
- Even after the car is fixed 100% by the body shop, a Tesla Service Center has to calibrate and check the sensors (for good reason). Unfortunately, this is an additional seperate appointment - scheduling it was a challenge in my case, even with everyone involved trying their best to help.
- If you're trying to source parts on eBay things might move faster. But few owners are ready to take it that far.

Fortunately for me, my car was drivable - I just lost AP, and had a dented front end. It was a relatively easy fix. Even so, it was in the shop for over a month. Not Tesla's fault, just wait times for parts, and scheduling challenges extended the timeline.

vmulla | 8 juli 2019

Just to be clear. It took 3 months for the car to be fixed. I was driving it around without AP and a dented front end. The car was worked on for about a month - by the body shop and Tesla service center.

Resist | 8 juli 2019

It's been 6 weeks week for me, but supposed to be completed at the end of this week. Then I get to rent a car to drive the 2 hours to the body shop. The delay was waiting on the parts from Tesla.

I wish Tesla would do two things quickly...increase parts production for cars already on the road and certify more body shops.

tfolsom | 16 juli 2019

Tesla :

RO#273363 – Spectrum Collision - 20 McLaren, Irvine Ca 92618
Claim#19-2537695 - Progressive Insurance
VIN: 5YJ3E1EB4JF097981 - Repair Status

So, I was involved in a relatively minor wreck on the 5 freeway outside of San Diego.

I did not realize, nor had I researched before the purchase of my Model 3, that your organization apparently was completely unprepared to supply parts to repair vehicles.

Ignoring for the moment the cost of the repair, the fact that there are no parts and no system to advise when there will be parts leaves me as a customer wondering about the wisdom of my purchase.

As much as I do like the car, this is unacceptable and could be the death of Tesla.

My son live in Phoenix and owns an S. He was involved in a minor wreck between Tucson and Phoenix 115 days ago. He is still waiting for his vehicle. My accident was in early June. It is now 45 days later and my repair shop has zero information regarding when parts will be coming. My insurance stopped paying for a rental 15 days ago. So, I am now making a payment to the bank once a month to purchase a car that I cannot use and making a payment to Hertz once a month for a barely acceptable car that I must have.

I have worked in manufacturing in the electrical lighting business for over 3 decades. The parts issue is not rocket science. Henry Ford had this figured out before WW1. The amount of parts you hold in reserve is an easy calculation and frankly, not all that expensive, and allows you to provide good customer service. There is NOTHING Spectrum Collision can do until you give them the parts. You are the only source for the parts. It is your responsibility as a manufacturer to have parts available. You are failing in this relatively simple mission. It is either incompetence or ignorance, and in either case, it should not be rewarded with continued sales of your product.

I will allow you to properly respond to this email.

My expectation at this point is:

At minimum – A loaner vehicle until such time as you have provided ALL parts to Spectrum Collision + 15 additional days.
Weekly updates on the status of the parts.
An apology letter which indicates the steps that are being taken to rectify this unacceptable situation moving forward

I would request a response by the close of business on Monday, July 15, 2019.



Tom Folsom | 16 juli 2019

@Tom - are you posting this same message in every forum? It makes it look like a copy and paste spam bot, that does something similar. This is not a email system and you should contact Tesla directly with your concerns.

Keep in mind your lack of rental insurance coverage is not Tesla's fault, but most insurance companies do have skimpy rental coverage unless you ask (and pay for) more. If someone else caused the damage, that insurance company should be paying for the rental for as long as necessary.

charles.a.braun | 16 juli 2019

@tfolsom - Unless you sent that e-mail to Tesla prior to June 15th, I would not expect a reply from them by July 15th. (Yes, I know that was yesterday).

Just like they can't keep an adequate spare parts supply, they also do not respond to e-mails for several weeks.

Assuming you sent that e-mail middle of last week, I would suggest you MIGHT get a reply in Mid-August. And when you do get a reply, I hope you are not expecting to get anything useful in it.