Supercharger - San Ramon

Supercharger - San Ramon

I am the only car here and am only getting 36kW. What is the deal with this location? I am always seeing poor performance in San Ramon and awesome performance in Dublin. Anyone else seeing this?

mbirnie51 | 17 juli 2019

I have not visited the San Ramon SC yet, thought about it but saw Dublin had enough open spaces. I also choose Dublin cause I know easy off-on to 680 and the amenities, unsure of what's at SR.

Does your vehicle get better input kW at other locations?? My MX-75D (2017 build) has seen a dramatic reduction in kW input rates at all SC locations. Mine is designed to accept 96 kW input maximum, but lately it cannot get over 78-79 kW (from San Louis Opisbo up to Portland). I called mother ship to find out they have an alert on my charging system.

kandrey89 | 15 augustus 2019

Which San Ramon location?
Off Crow Canyon I believe are destination chargers limited to 72kW.
At Target, it's 120kW, but I too have had issues charging there 1 time. Tried 2 stalls and got 30kW, 10kW, then another got me 100kW. It wasn't a sharing situation either.

mbp11 | 15 augustus 2019

I have not tried the Crow Canyon chargers but I keep some emails available on my cell if there are supercharger problems or issues. and, snap a picture of the troublesome supercharger and include the stall number, and send the photos to the above emails and very frequently they will send a thank you back and have the charger fixed or serviced. I think it is our responsibility to report suercharger issues, it will make it better for our fellow travelers

Mike P