Effect of Turning Charging On/Off Frequently

Effect of Turning Charging On/Off Frequently

I'm working on a software program to optimize the use of my solar array when charging my Model S. In a nutshell, the software will only permit charging of the car if it is sufficiently sunny outside. On party cloudy days, the charging might turn on and off several times over the course of the day. Any idea if frequent switching on and off of charging is detrimental to the battery or the car generally? Note that the car charges via a Tesla wall charger and the program turns charging on/off via API calls (not just a hard power on/off).

reed_lewis | 8 augustus 2019

I do not think it would have any negative effect on the car at all. You are adding power, and then stop for a period of time and it just means that the battery stops for a while.

Not an issue.

Uncle Paul | 12 augustus 2019

Lithium Ion batteries have only so many cycles in their lifetime. The more often you charge/discharge them the shorter they will work. Not sure, however, how this will work if you just charge...charge...charge, and never discharge.

andy.connor.e | 12 augustus 2019

Not sure since Tesla recommends keeping it plugged in. I think what you're trying to achieve here is a bit unnecessary though, unless you are trying to squeeze every bit of Wh out of your solar system and not get charged for utility rates.

rxlawdude | 12 augustus 2019

Another consideration if you are charging and the power goes out, charging may not resume upon restoration of power.

santdutt | 13 augustus 2019

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reed_lewis | 13 augustus 2019

@Uncle Paul - It is not an issue because the charging cycles are based on a complete cycle. So if you were to do as the OP wishes, he would charge to 60%, and then it might drop a little to 59.8%, then he might charge to 75%, then drop to 74.6%, etc.

The only thing I could see that could be an issue is that the car would never go to sleep so it might consume a little more power, but that is miniscule compared to when driving, so I would not worry.

DanFoster1 | 13 augustus 2019

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