Protecting the paint on your own, wondering about a DIY ceramic coating.

Protecting the paint on your own, wondering about a DIY ceramic coating.

I know other people have covered the options around PPF, wraps, clear bras, and other forms of protection for their paint, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using a DIY ceramic coating? I've done some research and it seems Armor Shield IX by Avalon King is a popular choice. They have decent pricing in comparison to the reviews and youtube reviews as well. Just curious if anyone has experience using this or a similar product to protect their model 3 and what the results were like? How easy was it to apply and maintain? Did it really make a difference in your cleaning routine? Seems most body shops will charge a pretty hefty price to do a ceramic coating and most of the cost is prep work, considering my car is only 3 months old I think a good de greasing, wash, and clay bar should be sufficient. Thanks in advance, hope everyone has a great day!

legna_fo_htaed | 15 augustus 2019

Protection for their paint**

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Tesla- "NEVER"

rob | 15 augustus 2019

I went with CarPro Quartz UK 3.0 kit / reload. $84 on Amazon. I picked that one after watching

It's my only experience so I can't compare it to others but I can tell you that the car stays cleaner longer and cleans up easier than any car I've ever had. Even though my car was new I clayed it and I think that helped too.

jebinc | 15 augustus 2019

CarPro cQuartz original formula. Four coats out of a 30ml bottle over two days. I let it cure 24 hours before putting on the last two coats. Overkill, I know. But definitely two coats required.

rob | 15 augustus 2019

I'm impressed! I called a shop re ceramic and they charged $1,400 for 4 coats. (w/ paint correction)

jebinc | 15 augustus 2019

@rob - Thankfully, no paint correction was required on my MSM. Applying the coating was way easier, and quicker than applying and removing wax. The cQuartz was sourced on Amazon for $50. No way I’m paying a shop that kind of money. Each coat took about 30 minutes to apply and remove on average. The first coat took maybe 45 minutes and the last maybe 20 minutes. A week later, I added BeadMaker. Pictures can be seen on TMC forum.

legna_fo_htaed | 15 augustus 2019

Going to look into the CarPro cQuartz next, thank you for the suggestions!

vincelorto | 15 augustus 2019

Carpro cquartz+1 for me. I took around 5 hours to clean prep and apply. The application itself is very easy. Making sure your paint is 100% clean is the hard work. Overall it's not hard work, just tedious. Watch youtube videos.

legna_fo_htaed | 15 augustus 2019

3 suggestions for the car pro quartz and all tesla owners. Seems like a no brainer, my research will commence on this product tonight. Thank you all!

adamwilt | 15 augustus 2019

I went with a 30 ML bottle of Nano Bond (was $15 on Amazon; now $18: "High Gloss 9H Nano Liquid Ceramic Coating Car Care Kit Paint Protection 30ML"). Did a careful wash with Optimum No-Rinse, did some minor polishing in places where scratches were visible, then applied the Nano Bond as per the instructions on the website:

I did two passes on all the painted surfaces, and three on the front of the car and where I touch the trunk when closing it. I still have about 10 ML left. I didn't coat the glass, though I did coat the headlamps.

It was much easier than I had been led to believe, and more forgiving of mistakes. I found a couple of places I had missed buffing out initially: hard to describe, but there was a sort of feathered "tarnish" appearance over a small area. I put on another coat, made sure I buffed it out properly, and it blended in perfectly.

That was four months ago; so far it's holding up fine (its claimed durability is 1–2 years).

The coating was triggered by a 2400 mile road trip in April and the traumatic effort required to de-bug the car afterwards: some of those splats took multiple passes with severe scrubbing using bug-and-tar remover before they cleaned off.

Since coating the car, most of the guck comes off with a single pass of an ONR-wetted cloth, and the worst of it requires only a second pass with light rubbing. Additionally, the ceramic does appear to make the paint rather more scratch-resistant, as I haven't seen any signs of light abrasion around the door handles or other touch points (trunk / frunk lids) the way I did in the first few months with the uncoated car.

Best $15 I've ever spent on a paint sealant/protectant, even if I wind up having to re-apply it in a year or two.

gmr6415 | 15 augustus 2019

This stuff is amazing, as easy to use as any spray wax and only costs $15.

I did clay bar the car before the first use to make sure the car was as clean as it could be. Once you build up a couple coats a good hard rain will wash your car.

M3D | 15 augustus 2019

Cquartz UK gets great reviews and stays hydrophobic for over a year. If you can see swirls then you will benefit from some paint correction. Mine had swirls when i picked it up (fairly typical) so I had professionally done. No regrets... had I done it myself I had settled trying cQuartz UK

chase.chick | 15 augustus 2019

I'm about to do an application of CQuartz 3.0 myself after I get it back from the wrap guy. Doing matte grey with glossy black chrome delete trim.

legna_fo_htaed | 15 augustus 2019

Got some research to do. Appreciate everyone's advice. This is part of what makes the Tesla community great. All input welcome. Want to make this car look amazing everyday.

jebinc | 15 augustus 2019

Glad to see we have a cQuartz/Ceramic coat uprising! ;-)

legna_fo_htaed | 16 augustus 2019

CQuartz appears to be the way to go, but a video I saw to help maintain the finish talks about additional products to help keep the shine and protection longer. For those who have done a CQuartz coating, Is this necessary to do for proper upkeep?

sroh | 16 augustus 2019

I've also applied CQuartz UK 3.0 on wifey's Model 3. Definitely keeps it clean longer and is easier to wash.

@legna, it's recommended to use Reload for ongoing maintenance, but not necessary. We don't use it and the coating has lasted well over a year.

jebinc | 16 augustus 2019

@legna - Not really needed, but I will spray BeadMaker in it after a wash from time to time. Not as added protection but to add slickness and sheen. Takes me two minutes to do so and BeadMaker is inexpensive on Amazon.

legna_fo_htaed | 16 augustus 2019

@sroh appreciate that especially from someone who has had the coat that long. Still appears to be pretty hydrophobic? Did you do 2 coats?

@jebinc I had never heard of bead maker to this point, this appears very interesting. The research continues, thank you for the suggestion!

Syed.Hosain | 16 augustus 2019

@rob "Even though my car was new I clayed it and I think that helped too."

Yes. Using a clay bar on a new car is a perfectly fine thing to do ... removes anything left over on the surface from the factory and makes it easier to apply other coatings.

M3D | 16 augustus 2019

FYI I ended up going with IGL Quartz+ I just refreshed it with IGL Premier which can be used standalone and it was really easy to do. It will need more frequent re-application, but it looks good. Also, some give you hydrophobicity, and others give deeper gloss, so not all nano coatings are the same. This guy has been running some good tests

legna_fo_htaed | 16 augustus 2019

@M3D new product to the research! Awesome, I appreciate it! Ideally a gloss+hydrophobic look would be ideal to avoid having to constantly clean. I'm having a really hard time keeping water spots off the paint it drives me absolutely insane.

Keep the suggestions coming Tesla community!

legna_fo_htaed | 16 augustus 2019

Ha I used ideal twice in the same sentence what a doof

jebinc | 16 augustus 2019

@legna_fo_htaed - You're forgiven... ;-)

M3D | 16 augustus 2019

I find if I drive really fast after washing the car I have no water spots... except the back end where the airflow doesn't blow the water off

legna_fo_htaed | 16 augustus 2019

That's good to know. Up to this point in 3 months of ownership my only pet peeve is how noticeable the car is when it is dirty. My fault for going metallic blue, but it was just so damn pretty... Will begin research on IGL Quartz once I am home. Appreciate the advice and feedback.

jfaubl | 17 augustus 2019

I used Armor Shield IX. It was as easy to apply as wax. I did two coats. It really looks incredible. If you get caught in a downpour it washes the car.

ekestler | 19 augustus 2019

Any recommendations for a low cost/reasonably priced place to apply a ceramic coating (that I supply) to my LR 3? I’m in the Rockville MD area.

I had it done by a college kid back in April; however, I got broadsided in June, and the shop repainted most of the car.... Kis is going back to college and no longer available.

melog | 20 augustus 2019

I use HydroSilex. It's unbelievable. Car feels soft as a baby's bottom and looks clean for weeks. If you want that baby-soft feel again when it eventually gets dusty/dirty, all you have to do is rinse and dry.

Pierogi | 20 augustus 2019

@ekestler - I installed the ceramic coating by Adam's Polishes on my own. It's a very simple process, as long as you do the prep work to clay and IPA the car first. Since you just had your car painted, you should not need to polish. It really is a simple process to apply a ceramic coating to your car. And highly recommended. It's so easy to wash and dry!