i-Pace is the Worst (value) EV ever made

i-Pace is the Worst (value) EV ever made

Another thread was locked about the imminent failure of Jaguar. Feel free to compare it to the Model 3 . . .

I'll start:

Terrible range
No charging network
Huge but only 5 seats
Slow compared to the P3D
Poor storage for a supposed CUV
Jaguar electrical systems ;-)
No over-the-air updates
No autopilot or FSD possibilities

Feel free to add your constructive criticism. I'm sure the resident Tesla bashers will have some choice "thoughts"


rsingh05 | 15 augustus 2019

While a lot of these negatives apply, it may still be the second best EV after all the Teslas. Surely better than Leaf, i3, E-tron etc.

Joshan | 15 augustus 2019

Uh oh, Howard won't like to read that.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 augustus 2019

Compliance cars are are intended to turn people away from BEV’s. ICE manufactures are poisoning the well with half hearted efforts. Compliance cars are a rinse and repeat of EV1.

Joshan | 15 augustus 2019

If for some reason I was completely unable to own a Tesla I am not sure what I would buy. I would have to do a lot of test drives :) I honestly have not driven anything but Tesla.

I would probably do a Kona test drive first.

Having said that, thank god I can and do have a Tesla :P

RES IPSA | 15 augustus 2019

Are the British known for the engineering prowess?

RES IPSA | 15 augustus 2019

the = their

Magic 8 Ball | 15 augustus 2019

I do differ on the Leaf. IMO Nissan is hedging with the Leaf and making more, not much more, than a pure compliance effort. I would be more impressed if they come out with a next gen with better BMS.

casun | 15 augustus 2019

slow down, folks. let’s wait for fishev’s ruling.

Shesmyne2 | 15 augustus 2019

3 words
Super. Charger

Shesmyne2 | 15 augustus 2019


Still Grinning ;-)

vmulla | 15 augustus 2019

Jaguar iPace is the worst value EV in the USA.

Mike83 | 15 augustus 2019

If I recall correctly the Jaguar XKe had a 12 cylinder engine which needed constant tuning but the electronics were awful. But I thought it was one of the most beautiful cars ever make. I think some gearheads put a 327 vet engine in it so they could actually drive it.

Tesla is proven for billions of miles; Jag has how many miles on the road?

BuffaloBillsFan | 15 augustus 2019

@Shesmyne2 . . .

2 words or three words?

Atoms | 15 augustus 2019

No reason to say anything bad. People can assess for themselves. People should assess costs, capabilities, and even drive the cars. Competitors are good. I myself will drive Teslas. Maybe family members will drive others. No big issue.

syclone | 15 augustus 2019

Old automotive "trueism" NEVER buy anything British, Italian or French with moving parts.

gballant4570 | 15 augustus 2019

Might be the worst value, but not the worst EV. Takes a closer look to see if its the worst value. There are a number of sorry EV choices available.

kevin_rf | 15 augustus 2019

Clearly you have not drive some of the Chinese Ev's

mrburke | 15 augustus 2019

@RES IPSA - "Are the British known for the engineering prowess?"

Of course they are. They designed the Titanic.

JustSaying | 15 augustus 2019

"Old automotive "trueism" NEVER buy anything British, Italian or French with moving parts." or electrical parts...

ncancilla81 | 15 augustus 2019

“Slow compared to the P3D” ...yeah that’s most vehicles. The iPace is definitely not slow.
The range and glitchy interface are the biggest issues. I feel like Jaguar rushed the iPace to the market. Props to Tesla for changing the auto industry. I think we will eventually see legit EVs hit the market in the next decade.

carlk | 15 augustus 2019

Jaguar did not rush I-Pace to the market. This is just the best they could do.

DirkFirkin | 16 augustus 2019

The iPace, though designed and sold under the Jaguar brand is made in Austria by Magna Steyr.
I test drove one about this time last year. Beautifully made, but far to big for our needs. Jaguar are making a lot of noise about electrifying much of their range in coming years, but they will need to more than simply shove batteries and a couple of electric motors in existing models.
The iPace was supposedly made an EV from the ground up, but Jag were too scared to break their mould and come out with anything revolutionary.
They even try to keep their dealers sweet with a regular servicing schedule...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 augustus 2019

Those who laud over the Jaguar I-Pace typically speak primarily about what I call 'window dressing'. Things like quality of materials, styling, girth, weight, balance, heft, alignment of stitching, etc just as they do for the AUDI eTron Quattro. Always on their way to offering the now trite compliment, "They really know how to build a car!" while sneering that Tesla... doesn't. They become very quiet when attempting to hide that they are purposely attempting to avoid mentioning those points where Tesla is stronger, like acceleration, range, over-the-air updates, charging speed, or the availability of a DC Fast Charging network.

Considering the legendary accounts of how horribly British vehicles of any type operate or fail to operate in the U.S.... While some attribute this to Gremlins, I personally prefer to say their 'electrical' systems are actually magic powered instead. Unfortunately that variety and... flavor of magic is not in great ambient supply within the borders of the U.S. It is apparently unique to the Brirish isles. At least, as far as ICE vehicles are concerned.

bj | 16 augustus 2019

I want to know who locked those other threads and why.

I wonder if Elon said “It does not please me to see threads on our Forum trashing other EVs because that does not help the mission. The market can make its own decision. Lock ‘em down”. In which case this thread is headed for the same outcome.

SamO | 16 augustus 2019

Elon personally intervenes (in which case make sure you put on your tinfoil helmet) OR a bunch of choads flagged the thread because that’s what choads do . . .

I’m thinking choads

syclone | 16 augustus 2019

Hate to keep beating up on British technology: But I can't resist this one. Why do the British drink their beer warm? Because Lucas Electric builds the refrigerators!

calvin940 | 16 augustus 2019

@bj | August 16, 2019
I want to know who locked those other threads and why.
Not sure which deleted threads you are referencing but I think that the ipace rebate thread was actually deleted by the OP (Kary993) because he/she was disgusted with the how polluted it got with FISH et. al. nonsense.

Mr.Tesla | 16 augustus 2019

I won't say anything about the i-Pace, since I've never seen one in person, let alone driven one. So, I can neither condemn nor praise the car.

This post is merely intended to draw a distinction between a car, and the UK in general. The UK is my favorite place to spend time, when I find myself across the Atlantic. The people, cities, countryside, and history are a real treat to behold.

I have even forgiven them for burning down my city a while back (Washington, DC during the War of 1812).

Now, we're best-ies. ;-)

Bighorn | 16 augustus 2019

Don’t forget all that memorable British cuisine.

bjrosen | 16 augustus 2019

Please please, there no percentage in bashing a car that you know nothing about. For those of you who've actually driven an iPace your objective comparisons are welcome, for the rest of us who've never even seen one any comments especially derogatory comments are meaningless. As an EV enthusiast I'm not at all happy that Jaguar's sales of the iPace are so low, I hope it doesn't discourage them from trying again. Jaguar built the most beautiful car ever with the E-Type in the 1960s and I hope that they can be successful with EVs in this century. I want to see the state of the art in EVs advance as quickly as possible and the only way that happens is competition. I'm anxious to see what the legacy car companies come up with in the next few years. It might take them a few iterations to get it right but if they stick to it they should be able to produce some pretty interesting cars. I also think the charging problem for CCS cars will be solved in just a few years, the CCS networks are being built out and eventually they should get the pricing equation figured out as well. Tesla's future success should be predicated on continuing to be the technological leader not on the failures of their competitors.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 augustus 2019

Compliance cars are built to poison the BEV effort, don't be blind to that and think they are a good thing. It is a good thing i fail is dying on the vine. No one wants that to happen but most everyone recognizes that failed efforts hurt the goal of switching folks to BEV. If the other guys put forth more than a giraffe of a BEV viewpoints would be different.

bj | 16 augustus 2019

@calvin940 - “Not sure which deleted threads you are referencing”

I am not referencing deleted threads, I am referencing *locked* threads - ones with the padlock icon next to them. That doesn’t happen by flagging. The content is still there but no-one can post further replies. Flagging deletes the thread entirely.

Locked Threads include:

What’s the common theme? Threads that are bagging non-Tesla BEVs.

Draw your own conclusion.

Joshan | 16 augustus 2019

you sure BJ? They changed how flagging works as we can all see. We cannot poof posts any longer. I think this may be the new functionality of Flag.

Joshan | 16 augustus 2019

I know that I personally flagged many times in those threads as Fish was talking 100% nonsense.

KAM6 | 16 augustus 2019

Trashing other EVs is a good way to turn people away from this community.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 augustus 2019

Locked threads don't make sense if they want to squash the topic, they can simply nuke the threads as has been done with others. It appears they are "experimenting" with changes without much thought beforehand.

bj | 16 augustus 2019

@Joshan - I’m not aware that how flagging works was changed? I’ve recently seen a number of off-topic, abusive or pointless threads deleted completely, presumably by flagging or the OP deleting. So as far as I know, the functionality of flagging is still as it always has been - to delete individual posts or an entire thread.

So, don’t you think it is curious that it is those three threads in particular have become locked?

+1 @kamitchell

bj | 16 augustus 2019

@M8B - if they are being locked by Tesla employees (and that is an *if*), then I think it is obvious - they are sending a message to the members of this community.

If the thread is just deleted, it is totally ambiguous as to what has happened. The OP could have deleted it, or random people could have flagged it out of existence, and because the thread is no longer even listed, any intended “message” would be completely gone.

Joshan | 16 augustus 2019

it changed for sure, its very obvious.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 augustus 2019

@bj Tesla controls what happens here, no one else can lock threads. Yes, they have been doing things to send messages but everyone has a different take home on what the message is. My take home, currently, is they appear to not all be on the same page internally. When they flushed the "sticky" thread of all posts but it still says 541 replies that sends a message of incomplete effort and more bumbling to me. Not effective without some better understanding, IMO.

lbowroom | 16 augustus 2019

Sounds silly, But could it be they locked it because they can’t retrieve a deleted thread?

Joshan | 16 augustus 2019

that was my thoughts also. This software is obviously very limited. I was thinking they want to review threads with a lot of flags for possible suspension or banning. So they now lock them instead of trash them.

lbowroom | 16 augustus 2019

Where are ping and pong anyway?

Magic 8 Ball | 16 augustus 2019

It is completely inconsistent. There is a 360+ post thread about "stinky AC" that contains many posts that should be cause for locking and or removal. No rhyme or reason.

Joshan | 16 augustus 2019

because I think it is people doing it not Tesla. Fish really gets people to hit the flag button and he was not really on that thread.

bjrosen | 16 augustus 2019

Compliance cars aren't built to poison anything, they are built to get CARB credits and nothing more. The mark of a compliance car is it is designed to satisfy CARBs rules rather than customer requirements. An example is the i3 REX. They put a tiny two gallon tank into the i3 because CARB penalizes cars with more gas range than electric. The two gallon tank in the i3 is so small that it defeats the point of having a range extending engine at all but it maximized the CARB credits for BMW. The iPace is certainly not a compliance car, it has very decent range and performance, they clearly designed it to be a real EV. It's not selling because the CCS network is too immature at this point, something that's beyond Jaguar's control, it's priced too high and maybe the key thing is that in the current EV marketplace which is still made up of early adopters, anything that isn't a Tesla doesn't have the cachet of a Tesla. But none of that means that Jaguar wasn't sincere when they designed the iPace it just means that they may have entered the EV market too early.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 augustus 2019

It would still be Tesla who implements the new "flagging" rules. Chaos and confusion is often used to fear people into doing or not doing things, a sad thing to see FUD being used as a management tool here on the forum.

Tronguy | 16 augustus 2019

@lbowroom: At one point in all this stuff I mentioned that if our resident trolls/astroturfers were actually getting _paid_ for what they do by Tesla competitors (and not just in cars, but oil industry types as well), that might actually be illegal. Although any such illegality would be civil, not criminal, but what do I know.
If forum posts get deleted and They Are Gone, really, That's One Thing.
If forum posts are locked and are There For All Time, That's Another. And, in this case, "Another" would be equivalent to "evidence".
Tesla's getting set to make a federal case out of it?

Magic 8 Ball | 16 augustus 2019

@Tronguy I don't think I would read that much into it. If you go back and read through old threads there is much worse stuff still alive on the forum than has taken place here over the last month and a half. If you were here during the dan episode you might have a better perspective on bare minimum effort and trying to plug holes in a bucket.

I have lived and breathed corporate culture that leads to these types of disjointed efforts.

Tronguy | 16 augustus 2019

@M8B: No problem. Just thinking. I mean, the internet is full of trolls; and it's still possible that our local set is just that. But.. lawyers may be getting involved. I mean, at the last quarterly conference (I think) a question was asked about the asymmetry between Tesla Good News and Tesla Bad News, and how it gets delivered. Not that I think that Musk & Co. are unaware of what's going on; but maybe they've decided to take a bit of Official Notice. No idea, we'll see, I was just speculating anyway. (Que XKCD Reference: Somebody's _wrong_ on the Internet!)