Tesla navigation no longer uses Garmin data

Tesla navigation no longer uses Garmin data

I reported a Tesla navigation map error to Garmin, as recommended earlier in these forums, and received the following reply:

Tesla is actually no longer working with Garmin. They used to, but that is no longer the situation. I apologize for the runaround, but the Tesla maps are no longer produced by Garmin. At this point, you would need to contact Tesla.

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Garmin Cartography Administration

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andy.connor.e | 30 augustus 2019

GOOD. Garmin does not keep their stuff updated well. Hopefully they use google maps, you can at least make live edits/corrections there. | 30 augustus 2019

I thought Tesla dropped Garmin 2+ years ago. The main map has always been Google, but the local map may now be sourced from an open-source map. Perhaps someone else knows which map source they are using.

EVRider | 30 augustus 2019

@TeslaTap: Tesla was using Garmin Navigon until June 2017, then switched to Tom Tom. Now they use a proprietary system based on open source Mapbox and Valhalla. Here’s my source: | 30 augustus 2019

@EVRider - Thanks for the details!