Tesla sales plummeting, the end is near

Tesla sales plummeting, the end is near

Tesla-David | 8 september 2019

Ha ha, great graphic representation on how badlyTesla sales arewsa failing! ;0)

PrescottRichard | 8 september 2019

Huh. Didn’t realize there were so many Leafs out there!

It is safe to say the Model 3 is responsible for that 2017 to current boost, right? CRAZY.

rxlawdude | 8 september 2019

A thing of beauty!

Madatgascar | 8 september 2019

Silly Jim, that only goes up to June 2019. We all know it’s the July and August numbers that are falling off a cliff, what with the competition coming and all.

Actually hacks like Ed McCabe look at US numbers when Tesla focuses on Europe, and compare each month to the quarter-ending month before a tax credit step-down, which always makes it look like sales are falling. It’s getting really predictable.

David N | 8 september 2019

Nicely done

SamO | 9 september 2019

Now do one with the two years it took Model 3 to surpass nine years of worldwide EV leader Nissan Leaf sales.