What Tires/RIMS to use on my MX? 19", 20" or 22"?

What Tires/RIMS to use on my MX? 19", 20" or 22"?

After finding out my $5000 Oynx 22" RIMs attributing reduction of 10-15% range and NOT able to easily find a tire store carries the compatible tire, I have been exploring options on an alternative option.

There was a separate MX thread from Model X guy referencing using the 19" Model S Slipstream Wheels on his MX.
as he needs to use a spacer and I questioned the validity of such option from warranty, damage to the car and accurate speedometer/range monitoring. Until I saw EVEN Tesla is selling a 19" RIM solution with Winter Tire!!! WHAT??
what's even more interesting is the fact that Tesla's 19" RIM solution is all the SAME size (front vs back!), which is GREAT and allows the tires to be rotated & extend the longevity of the tires.

Love to hear from the rest of MX owners about this 19" solution and any Pro/con I should be aware of??
In fact, am I able to purchase any 19x8.5 wheels with 260/50/19 tires??

artc1688 | 8 september 2019


sacfan | 28 september 2019

I want to use 19” OEM wheels from a Model S with snow tires on my brand new Model X. Is this a good setup compared to putting the snow tires on 20” OEM wheels?

niduj | 29 september 2019

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artc1688 | 1 oktober 2019

sacfan, Tesla sells a 19" winter tire package... I assume it is acceptable

sacfan | 3 oktober 2019

Thank you, artc1688. I’ll look around and see what’s in that package. I had absolutely no idea such a winter fire package existed.