Not feeling like part of the family

Not feeling like part of the family

I understand that EAP owners get first dibs on all the fun new toys but now the divide between FSD and "the rest of us" really? Im sorry I can't afford a 60k car. Im just a lowly working class Army veteran that is trying to do well. Saved for ten years and drove my old Ford Focus into the ground in order to buy a TESLA. Hopefully I'll be able to buy EAP/FSD before it to becomes financially out of reach for me.

No Premium Connectivity

Bottom of the barrel update access

Features of the car that are installed but are disabled by software (and cannot be unlocked through purchase)

Not feeling like part of the "family"

More like adopted cousin Kenny that smells funny.

If I'm off base feel free to roast me but I just don't understand... where's the love?

You know, besides giving me the best vehicle money can buy xD

Resist | 30 september 2019

Anyone can save $60k over a 10 year period. Depending on how bad you want something, it's all about needs and wants. We can free up more funds to save when take a closer look at our needs, often many really are just wants and they can wait. And that savings, get it out of mattress, the cookie jar or that savings account, it needs to go into at the very least a laddering structured CD portfolio.

surfpearl | 30 september 2019

Rest assured, we love you! Yes, you ARE part of the family! Enjoy your amazing car as is and don't worry about the latest toy craze. Nothing beats what you have already.

mcmorj | 30 september 2019

HI there, I assume EAP is Early Adoption Program? and FSD is Full Self Driving? I was told (unless I got it wrong) that FSD can be paid for and added to my Model 3 standard Plus after purchase should I wish to. The only early adoption I am aware of is an option to load "beta" updates rather than "official" rollouts.

I think there is a degree of "catchup" with the existing driver community because TESLA are still producing and fulfilling orders by they thousand (each week). When I collected my vehicle (UK), it was chaos. Cars on low loaders, in every car park space, constant shuffling about and administrative challenges. People running about and a month later when I returned on another matter, it was just the same. The person I spoke to said they were delivery 100 cars a day, 7 days a week, at least, since the start of July and that was just from one delivery centre. Once they get spooled up to deal with the existing customer base, I hope you will not feel so left out.

I think that software locked options will eventually be offered (especially if it is basically monetising already sold hardware). I also know that things like FSD which has been sold cannot be recognised in the until ALL the features are enabled. So there is every reason for TESLA to eventually go down the purchase additional features route, as soon as they are able to draw breath.

My car is the cheapest one you can get in the UK with the base colour and no other extras but when I am driving it, I really do feel special! If you still feel unloved then imagine what every German Car Executive feels like!!!

Bighorn | 30 september 2019

I’d say most people haven’t sprung for FSD. And if you have EAP, it’s a $3k bump to avoid FOMO. What you’re suggesting is socialism, am I right? It was painful, but I added FSD in fear of the price being beyond my level of acceptance I.e. $6k, again.

gmr6415 | 30 september 2019

As far as updates, I prefer to be toward the end of the pack. If you notice the V10 rollout seems to have already resulted in patches, so people who got 32.10x are already getting an update just days later to 32.11x.

I'm very happy to let them get the bugs out of it before I get it. I know it will come at some point and what I get will be better/more stable/less buggy than what early access people or those with FSD initially got.

jjgunn | 30 september 2019

The last 15-16 years I owned 2 cars.....
1)1985 Honda Accord
2) 2008 Toyota Yaris
I now own (2) Tesla's & I assure you I'm not rich. 1 of my Tesla's does not have FSD.

Onto the new Software....

Just because you're not first, doesn't mean you won't get it.

Elon said "Next week" for people without FSD that means this week at some point you will get V10 provided your car is on WiFi.

If your current version is reasonably up to date, you'll see a yellow down arrow when the update is ready to download. Get the car on WiFi & it turns Green then begins the download. After DL has completed I always stop my TeslaCam & pull out the USB before installing.the update. May not be necessary but I'm safe.

Look for your update at some point this week or next

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

I don't want anything for free, I'd be more than happy to pay for any/ all upgrades (the premium audio will be mine) hopefully with next year's bonus I'll have both AP and FSD assuming it hasn't skyrocketed due to the additional features being added.

What I had initially hoped for was an AWD SR+ w/ AP/FSD but between that version probably never happening and my eyes being bigger than my piggy bank I went with the SR+.

I just don't understand why they released a trim package on a vehicle without any clear upgrade path (especially when most of what im asking for is already part of the vehicle it's just disabled! )

steevsteevsteev | 30 september 2019


EAP can either mean early access program or enhanced autopilot. The former is what it sounds like, the latter is a now-unpurchasable combination of autopilot plus some of the FSD features.

As for the OP, sorry that Tesla isn't giving you the warm and fuzzies. They're a company that is known for changing at a very quick pace. You don't have premium connectivity because you didn't pay for it. You don't have the software disabled features of the car because you didn't pay for them (although according to what I've read, you can indeed unlock these things by paying for them later, with the exception of maybe the battery range). Being a veteran may get you special treatment in a lot of places, but not with Tesla. Hell, they don't even give employee discounts.

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

@Bighorn I know TeslaFi stats don't reflect the whole fleet but from from what i can tell the V10 rollout has passed the half way point. If most haven't sprung for FSD do you think it's rolling out to non-FSD vehicles yet?

jamilworm | 30 september 2019

I'm not trying to be a jerk or troll or anything, but really you are surprised that people who paid for more features got more features? And you are mad that some people get new software updates a week or two before you? And talk of an "upgrade path"... why would you expect such a thing to exist? Does any other auto maker have an upgrade path to add features after you've bought the car? It sounds like you have unrealistic expectations of Tesla.

calvin940 | 30 september 2019


Elon had said the non FSD folks would be staggered about a week or so after the initial rollout. I wouldn't worry about that anyhow. There have already been patches so sit back for a bit and let it smooth out.

I don't think you should consider yourself a second class citizen at all. You didn't opt for all the features the car offers, but you also didn't have to pay for them and neither did a lot of folks. The car is great at the lower end vs the upper end. It's just a different great (cost vs features) and that's really no different than anything else really.

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

@jamilworm I invited roasting, I'm not asking for anything for free either. I didn't need the extra 80 miles/cost of batteries. The only difference between full premium and partial premium is a couple speakers, an amp, and a couple 1's and 0's. Had they offered full premium interior as an option I probably would have sprung for that as everything else is software.

Again, I'm not asking for anything for free. I don't know where this is coming from.

You also really can't compare Tesla to any other car company, they're just better.

Im just over here like please take my money and turn on ambient lighting

M3phan | 30 september 2019

without FSD you won’t get some of the new toys.

steevsteevsteev | 30 september 2019

"Similar to other software-limited vehicles produced in the past, Standard customers will have the option to upgrade to a Standard Plus at any time. Similarly, anyone who has already bought Standard Plus and wants to convert to Standard is welcome to do so, and we will provide a refund for the difference in cost."


lilbean | 30 september 2019

Thank you for your service.

steevsteevsteev | 30 september 2019

Also, offering software-disabled features in cars is standard practice. The Ford Focus (what a coincidence) that I owned before my Model 3 had the option for in-car navigation, but it was disabled in my car because I didn't pay for it. It had 100% of the hardware and software necessary to run it, but not only was it not activated, I was not offered a way to activate it later (I activated it myself later, but that's another story). I'm not trying to make the argument that standard practice = the right thing to do, but it's something that should not surprise you when buying a modern car.

Magic 8 Ball | 30 september 2019

Sorry you don't like being a second class citizen but we ( the more accomplished) will test out the features for you and make sure they are ready for those not as capable. /s

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

@M3phan I'll get there, just got her back in March!

@lilbean it's always been my greatest honor to serve

@steevsteevsteev you're probably right but a boy can dream! I just hoped that if they can upgrade/ downgrade things with software which they are already doing (albeit in limited quantities) then they could do the same for things that are already in there. Ford probably didn't do it because they didn't have OTA updates either ;)

Bighorn | 30 september 2019

I could afford FSD because I avoid subscription services like the plague;) I’d guess that the TeslaFi cohort is skewed toward FSD. At one point, I read that the take rate for FSD was around 10%. I think that likely went up with the AP press event and pricing shenanigans.

peldor427 | 30 september 2019

Welcome to the family!

Also consider that Tesla is selling some of these cars for a loss and is still expected to post a loss for this quarter last I heard. They can't do that indefinitely, but fortunately Elon is long sighted and willing to accept losses to enable long term change. They are trying to make the car more appealable to the masses by offering it at a lower price and disabling some features that can be enabled later rather than having excessive build types that would cost more to structure the manufacturing. It seems weird that your car 'has a feature' available but is just disabled, but if you think about i, their only other options would be to: 1) Complicate manufacturing by trying to build a version with these abilities removed, 2) Give it to everyone, but that would raise the cost for the lowest model car (or Tesla would have to accept bigger losses because no one would be paying the higher prices for the extra features). It's nice that you can buy a lower cost car and later 'add things to it' without physically hacking it as your budget allows.

steevsteevsteev | 30 september 2019

Ford may not have had OTA updates, but they did have software updates that you installed using a USB stick. Also, any dealership could easily upgrade your software for you if you didn't feel like dealing with the process yourself. If I could hack it into existence using an exploit and a cheap USB to OBDII interface, they definitely could have turned it on for me for a price if they wanted to.

terminator9 | 30 september 2019

I don't have FSD and don't plan to get it unless something drastically changes. I got the V10 this morning, later than FSD buyers who got it a few days earlier but I was fine with that.. whats the big deal?

For Premium Connectivity, you know that when you purchased the car and the cost of that was included in the higher tier model. So, why complain about something you didn't pay for?

It is business 101 to produce something in the same assembly line but charge different prices for different features that the market will allow (locking out some features). Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional?

PECo CT | 30 september 2019


You sound smart and prudent to me.

Stop beating up on yourself for choosing to do the right thing for yourself. Too many people don’t.

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019


pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

Not beating myself up, just thinking out loud and getting far more of a response than expected!

I may have higher expectations for Tesla but I believe we all do. The mission is in full swing and we're all part of that!

I just feel like they're missing out on a good bit of revenue from current owners that would like to upgrade. Hell I'd even pay a hassle tax for upgrading after the fact (just like AP/FSD)

Magic 8 Ball | 30 september 2019

"I just feel like they're missing out on a good bit of revenue from current owners that would like to upgrade."

Perhaps they are making more by encouraging folks to buy a more expensive package if they want some features? (very common in many industries). It is a revenue tap they can turn on at anytime but if it cannibalizes other, more profitable, revenue streams it does not make sense.

Tesla seems to have a good handle on maximizing revenue.

Bighorn | 30 september 2019

I’ve not heard of any models with a negative margin.

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

You all bring up some very valid points and I really appreciate all the input!

Im really sorry if I came across as whiney or what have you.

Im sure I'll have V10 within the next couple days and either way 12,345 (I kid you not) miles into it I still feel like I'm riding a unicorn! Being from Michigan you don't see tons of Teslas around. I've totally caught people taking pictures of me and I get interrogated at stop lights weekly.

Looking forward to what Tesla has in store for us in the future!

bjrosen | 30 september 2019

It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't offer upgrades for anything that can be done with software, it's basically free money for them. There is nothing wrong with charging more for a feature post purchase just as so long as they don't charge so much that nobody takes them up on it.

As for FSD, I bought it because I was interested in it as a science project, I just wanted to be able to watch it's progress. But the reality is that it's not something that you need or is even all that desirable. I try it for a few minutes to see how it's doing, and especially aftger a major update like V10, but then I don't use it. The major flaw in the idea of a self driving car is that it takes the fun out of driving. Why own a car like a Tesla and not drive it?

andy.connor.e | 30 september 2019


Do you have any idea what i would give to be able to be driving a Tesla at all right now? Wheres the love? Yes i should be asking YOU where the love is because you're acting like you bought garbage because a bunch of software features that you didnt pay for are disabled. So yes, where is the love OP? If you want, ill trade you my Camry.

raqball | 30 september 2019

It's not a 'family' - it's a car!

Updates come when they come. Nothing to stress over. Enjoy the car and don't stress on when updates come....

Kathy Applebaum | 30 september 2019

Not roasting, but I'm really unclear on what you want here.

You paid quite a bit less for your car. Which means you gave up certain features. But you still have a freaking amazing car that does WAY more than a similarly priced (accounting for gas costs) ICE would. Why is this a problem?

lbowroom | 30 september 2019

I did pay 60 for my car. Doesn't make me get the updates any sooner. Sometimes I get them early, sometimes late. When you get the update doesn't make any more less important or more or less loved.

pjwheeler83 | 30 september 2019

@andy you'll get there! I never said I didn't love the car (I do, probably more than I should) they'll see more love when I pay this one off and upgrade to a P3D+ in about 50 months

@raqball then why did the delivery specialist say that to me! I'm so sad now! (Really I'm just making conversation with other owners)

@Kathy paid the same as everyone else for an amazing car (actually a tad less due to getting it in the tiny gap between the price drop and the AP bundle but that's another gripe) I didn't need/want the extra battery but would be more than happy to pay a premium for the premium interior. I just wish the option had been available when my time came. At the time, even the mid range was outside my budget.

Bighorn | 30 september 2019

It kind of has been a family, but all bets are off if your experience is limited to the FISH, unless you were wanting the uncle your mom wouldn’t leave you alone with. I’ve stayed at houses all over the country and shared innumerable beers, coffees, and meals. Hosted visitors as well.

Atoms | 30 september 2019

I have FSD and have not tried summon to prevent personal disappointment. I don’t feel like I’m not part of the family. These cars are awesome without the in development features. Find a local group to go do trips and events with.

geedub1023 | 30 september 2019

No FSD for me....I WANT to drive the car, what a thrill!!

No EAP for worries, I'll get it when I get it.

No disrespect intended...I just prefer to be a little more appreciative of what I'm already blessed with.

gballant4570 | 30 september 2019

"It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't offer upgrades for anything that can be done with software, it's basically free money for them."

I'm right with you on this one, bjrosen. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

CharleyBC | 30 september 2019

@pjwheeler83, Tesla may just think of you as a customer, but to us you're family, and we're glad you're with us!

lilbean | 30 september 2019

@pjwheeler It is always a great honor to honor those who served.