Changing lanes question

Changing lanes question

Hi everyone.

When I changed lanes in my old car, I would look in the side view mirror, then the rear mirror and then I would give a glance over my shoulder as well. Now, in my model 3, I use the side mirror, a glance over and then I look at the screen radar thing just to be sure it is safe.

Sometimes though, when my blinker is on and there is another vehicle in the way, that vehicle turns red on my screen... and because I am looking at the screen, I stop making the lane change. My question here is... what if I do not look at the screen in this moment? Is there any kind of alarm, or auto avoiding thing that happens if I commit to changing lanes while another vehicle is in the way? Or would I just hit them?

Thanks for the info!

cquail | 30 september 2019

Try this. Be in the left lane passing a car on the right. Using Auto pilot, put on your right turn signal while you are abreast of the car on your right. I think you will find that your car will not move to the right lane until well clear of the car in the right lane. I have have been in the car when this was done safely.

Moving left is more of a problem because cars in the left lane can be approaching very fast. If the car on the left is creeping by you and you put on you left signal, I feel confident your car would not move left until the left lane is clear. To test this, using Autopilot, put on your left turn signal the instant a car passing you clears your front bumper. Your car will stay in its lane until the car passing you is well beyond you.

I am not suggesting that you do not need to pay attention to traffic when changing lanes, but you do need to understand what your car can do. I feel safer when on Autopilot, but only use it where I know it works. I turn off Autopilot in construction zones or when lane markings are poor.

EVRider | 30 september 2019

If you enable the Blind Spot Warning chime, you’ll get an audible alert if you ignore the red car warning and start to change lanes anyway.