Firmware download problem

Firmware download problem

I've had a problem downloading the last 2 firmware upgrades (32.10 and 32.11). The car cannot find or connect to my FIOS modem/router, even though it's only about 6 - 10 feet away from the car. I've been forced to connect thru my iPhone's personal hotspot. The download takes 2 - 3 hours. Also, up to now, the car was happy with downloading firmware over its LTE connection. It doesn't seem to be able to do that anymore. The car is a LR-RWD- EAP, ordered before 7-1-18, so it has a permanent LTE license.

wsuschmitt | 30 september 2019

I've had some download/update issues before too... what works for me is to do the "soft reboot" for the car (I've got a Model 3) and then connect to the WiFi when it is back up and running.

Also, I've had failed downloads... in that case, I log in to my account and hit the "Request Help" button. I tell them about the failed download... and within 12 hours (in 1 case less than 2 hours later), the car tells me it has a software update request and I'm able to finish from there.

For 32.11, it downloaded and got "stuck", so I soft-rebooted and it said it was available for update... then disappeared a couple of minutes later, telling me that the software is up to date on 32.1. I wrote in, and the software update notice for 32.11 was there this morning... did a soft reboot, just in case, and made sure WiFi was strong... and it all worked out. On 32.11 as of 2 hours ago.

gballant4570 | 30 september 2019

I also have lifetime LTE - but if there is something wrong with your wlfl or its connection/strength at the car, the car will stay on the wifi and not switch to LTE. My wifi signal is weak out in the barn, but works well enough for software updates. When I get in the car and start moving I have to wait until I'm completely out of wifi range and hooked up to LTE to stat using navigation, or it tells me I am offline. Try turning off or forgetting your wifi connection in the car if you see this problem again, and see if it downloads over LTE.

lbowroom | 30 september 2019

All cars have lifetime LTE. Whether or not they have lifetime premium access is a different question.