GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!

GOT My Model 3 Saturday, the 19th of October!!!!

I do not think I have been this excited for ANYTHING in a LONG LONG LONG TIME!!!

At 11 am Saturday, the 19th, my wife and I will be official Model 3 owners.
Standard Range plus.
White Paint
White Interior
19" Rims

Mats, ordered.
Wireless phone charger, ordered
128gb memory card for Sentry, ordered
Dyson cordless vac, ordered
Purell, Dawn and baby wipes to clean seats, ordered

My 3 sons are gonna be at the house with us, waiting for the car to be delivered. They will probably jump in it and drive it before I do.

vmulla | 29 oktober 2019

Pg3ibew | October 29, 2019
I took my J1772 charger from home and connected it at work. I may never have to charge at home again!!!!!!

Next step, list the J1772 work charger on Plugshare
It's something to consider if you're into giving back to the EV community and if the location is suitable for strangers to come by and charge their cars.

Pg3ibew | 29 oktober 2019

@sroh, I just ordered the full rolls of vinyl tape. I am gonna WING IT. LOL. and see where that goes. I tried to save a few bucks. We will see where this leads. LOL. I will probably end up wasting time and money and buying the prefab stuff you speak of.

@vmulla, my work set up is not accessible to the public. Unfortunately. I was thinking about giving my house charger to plug share. But I am a bit leery about that LMAO

sroh | 29 oktober 2019

Like I said, power to you! I'll continue to monitor this thread as I am very curious (in a multi-car pileup looky-loo kind of way) to see how you manage. Please come back and let us know how you do.

Pg3ibew | 29 oktober 2019

@sroh, as long as I can type, I will be here spewing my enthusiasm!!!!!!!

noleaf4me | 29 oktober 2019

@Pg3ibew - how the Tesla Grin doing?

Pg3ibew | 29 oktober 2019

@noleaf, you couldn't beat that grin off my face with a bat. LMAO.

I am home Friday and Wifey is planning a LONG day trip for us. She wants to opportunity to stop a a super charger. I am not really sure WHY. But who am I to argue.

Xerogas | 29 oktober 2019

@Pg3ibew: boy are you gonna love supercharging! Pull in with a fairly low state of charge, perhaps 10% or 20%, and you’ll likely see 500 to 600 mph adding, until it starts tapering off at around 80%. It’s unreal how much energy transfers during DC charging.

...and no need for a credit card or anything...just plug in and the car negotiates pricing with the network, based on your Tesla account.

Pg3ibew | 30 oktober 2019

@xerogas, I am sure I will be impressed. Every single thing about Tesla impresses me. I am an impressionable kind of guy!!! Lol.

Pg3ibew | 30 oktober 2019

I started my chrome delete. I didn't finish and don't have any pics because it got dark. Tomorrow is supposed to be TORRENTIAL rains. Plus it is Halloween. Friday, I am home, and the BOSS(wife) has a road trip planned for us to Philly. So, I will have to finish it Saturday or Sunday. I am psyched.
What we did so far looks pretty decent for someone who has NEVER done this stuff. I say we, because the BOSS was helping. She held the hair dryer for the heat.

Pg3ibew | 30 oktober 2019

How many of you have SmartCharge by Fleetcarma? In the NYC Con Edison area, Smartcharge gives a .10 Cent rebate per Kwh for charging between midnight and 8 am. Plus 5 sucks a month. And they offer additional money(20 bucks) if you do NOT charge during peek hours(2pm-6pm) during the summer months(June-sept).
The rebates are offered n the form of gift cards. I prefer Amazon cards. But they offer countless different gift cards.
I had it for my Ford Fusion Energy. I am waiting for the adaptor for my model 3.

I am sure other cities and states offer similar programs.

wasp | 31 oktober 2019

Hi guys,
does anyone had a TEsla Model 3 performance delivered in October in Switzerland ?

Just asking because I'm waiting mine since August.... and have still no visibility on a delivery date.

Thank you,

Pg3ibew | 31 oktober 2019

@wasp, you may have posted in here in error. I will answer you. I am in NYC. I ordered in late August and asked for Oct 19 delivery. I received my model 3 on oct 19

Pg3ibew | 31 oktober 2019


I did some chrome delete. I did NOT do the mirrors yet. I didnt do a half bad job. It is not perfect. But not bad for someone who has never done this stuff before

spuzzz123 | 31 oktober 2019

Chrome delete looks good from the pics. Do the doors too...they are the easiest part imo. I bought my own tape and trimmed. But next time I will buy kenriko kit...only costs a little more, and the trimming hassle is gone

Pg3ibew | 31 oktober 2019

@spuzz, I did all the chrome except the mirrors. I uploaded the pics above. I will do the mirrors this weekend.

Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019

The beautiful bride and I are leaving on a semi decent day trip from NYC to Philly. GPS is saying I could make the round trip without a SC stop. I think we will stop anyway. I am all GEEKED out. I have the tripometer set. I want to see how the car reacts with KWH. It is windy as all heck. And temps will range from mid 30s to mid 50s. I will let all of you know how it works out.

Effopec | 1 november 2019

Pg3 - one comment from a few days ago on releasing the J1772 adapter - if you press the rear door handle just slightly (not enough to open the latch) the T emblem next to the charging port will light up. Once that turns white you can remove the cable. Of course what that does for me is puts a thumb print on the rear door handle to go along with the front one, but with your chrome delete you won't have that issue.

Enjoy your car. You'll have a blast on your road trip, though if your wife is like mine she will complain about AP. Sometimes it drives like a timid teenager.

Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019

@effopec, LMAO about the AP. My wife did complain! LOL. As far as the J1772 adapter and opening doors and all that jazz goes, I eliminated all of that. I went for the Tesla Charger!!!

Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019


My bride and I super charging for the first time ever. It was INSANE. It took 25 minutes to charge from 60 miles to 189 miles of battery. At one point, my app was showing 458 miles of charge per hour @100 kw. It was frigging awesome.

We were a bit confused because the car didnt automatically start charging when we plugged it in. It was flashing blue for a minute. I got nervous and unplugged it. Then a nice gentleman parked next to us in a model S, named HERB, got out to help us and assured us that everything was OK. And the blue light would turn to blinking green. And sure enough, it did. Herb was on his 2nd model S. He owned his original for 3 years and this one for 2 years.

We went to the Tesla SC on the NJ turnpike, the East Brunswick rest stop. Just south of Staten Island. We plugged in, went to the bathroom. Got some Starbucks coffee. Went out to the car. There was 5 minutes remaining to charge. We sipped our coffee. We watched as two other Teslas, an S and a 3, pulled in. The SC told us we were ready. We disconnected and went on our way.

There were two regular EV charging stations next to us. I didnt bother to look at them.

Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019

I have a question. When we arrived in Philly, we didn't need to charge, BUT, there was a SC on our GPS about 3 blocks from where we were headed. We decided to go and see if we could charge there. The SC was in a PAY parking lot. We would have had to pay 5 bucks for an hour of parking, in order to charge our car. Is this a common thing?
I am including a photo of the SC in question.


Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019


Here is our entire round trip. 169 miles. 38 Kwh used. 226 Wh per mile.

Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019

We did encounter one small issue. Let me set up the scenario. It was rainy and warm and very humid last night. This morning, we woke up to clear, crisp, sunny, zero humidity skies. We started our journey at 930 am and about 5 minutes in, we got a message that LANE DEPARTURE AVOIDANCE was limited. AP and Cruise control were disabled. It was telling me to contact Tesla if the problem persisted. It was coming and going. it became quite annoying. We travelled direct South on the NJ turnpike for about 40 minutes. This was happening the entire time south. The Sun was low in the sky and directly to my left. In the East. As soon as we turned WEST onto the Turnpike extension toward PA, the warning went away. And AP and Cruise was back to normal and all was good the rest of the day.

I am attributing the problem to the possibility that between the warm, wet, humid night, and the cool crisp morning, I may have had some dew, fog built up on the cameras. And the direct Sunlight on the left side of my car.

Any Thoughts.

Bighorn | 1 november 2019

Philly has some pay garages that you do pay for. I think I paid $12 at one, but the other had a grace period I beat.

Pg3ibew | 1 november 2019

@bighorn, I figured some may have a grace period. This garage did not have an attendant. I didnt need a charge that badly. So, didnt bother to ask about a grace period.

Pg3ibew | 2 november 2019

Greatest car Ever!!!!! BUMP!!

HighlandPony | 2 november 2019


h2omen | 2 november 2019

Pg3ibew, how long did you have to wait and are you in the United States? I ordered my on October 19th. I can’t wait until for it to arise.

Pg3ibew | 2 november 2019

@h2omen, I ordered in mid August and asked for a specific date of OCT 19. The reason I went so for ahead was because I was vacationing from Sept 1 thru Oct 1. And I wanted to make sure I received our car when I wanted it.

Pg3ibew | 2 november 2019

@h2omen, Yes. I am in NYC

Pg3ibew | 10 november 2019

Could some one explain what the TESLAFI website is? Thanks

Tronguy | 10 november 2019

@Pg3ibew: I've heard mention of it 'round these parts and found the web site with a quick Google search.
Short answer: they get to scrape your account at and, from that, get the version of software running on the car and, probably, other things. Those that can log on can find out goodie stuff like how many cars are on what release.
The down side: It ain't free. 14 days for free, than $5 a month.

Bighorn | 10 november 2019

It keeps track of a lot of data--it's been very helpful for folks who have been tracking their travels. They can look back and see how long they supercharged 3 years ago at Buttonwillow and how many kWhs they took on amongst a lot of other things. Two things prevented me from signing up--it costs money and you are giving someone access to your account. Plenty of folks who know more about security don't seem worried about the latter.

Shesmyne2 | 10 november 2019

I’m with you BH. I’m a bit leery about giving out access to my Tesla account.
Good news is with my 3 info storage would tell me I hit Buttonwillow on what date, time, kWHs,
And how much it cost me. Works super well to keep track of what I can’t remember.
Like you Leader peeps remember all that shit. Like Golfers. Crazy, love it.
(sorry, OP, off topic..)

Still Grinning ;-)

Bighorn | 10 november 2019

I don't remember my last trip a few weeks ago. It's all on TMC. If that goes, I have no record.

Pg3ibew | 11 november 2019

Thanks kids. I will look into it.

Pg3ibew | 13 november 2019

I sat in my car while I uploaded the Software update. It was sooo cool. Listening to all the clicks and clanks.
I have not driven it yet. I am sure I will like the new regen braking all the way to a full stop and hold.
I also like the new feature to have the car charged by a certain time and conditioning the cabin for the time you want.
I am not so impressed with the extra 5 percent power. Simply because I am not a speed demon any longer. I am a cruise guy now, in my old age. But I am sure I will slam the accelorator to see how it feels.

Basically, I am more than excited.

Pg3ibew | 13 november 2019

It took 23 minutes to update.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 november 2019

"Plenty of folks who know more about security don't seem worried about the latter."

Maybe dan can pipe in and tell us if it poses a major security breach?

Taggart | 13 november 2019

Congrats Pg3ibew I know the thrill of picking up my M3 and I got mine in May 2019. The Tesla grin is firmly in place still. I waited 985 days for mine so believe you me I was over the moon when I picked mine up! I am never going back to an ICE car again!

Pg3ibew | 13 november 2019

@taggart. Thanks, I waited a long time for ours as well. Because we were in a lease with a Ford Fusion Energi. Good car. But not a Tesla!!!!

Pg3ibew | 14 november 2019


Got my Title in the mail today!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 14 november 2019

Pg3ibew: Congratulations on becoming a REAL PEOPLE! Complete with legal documentation, a valid green card, and long form birth certificate for your car.

Pg3ibew | 15 november 2019

@Red, lmao. Thnks

Pg3ibew | 16 november 2019

We took our Model 3 through a car wash today. I asked the guy if his workers knew how to drive a Tesla Model 3. At this car wash, normally, you leave the car, and the guys vaccuum it and drive it into the car wash. I even brought the KEY card with me.
He said that Tesla owners had to sit in their cars and drive them through the car wash, the whole way.
While I was excited to sit in the car as it went through the car wash, I asked him why ONLY Tesla owners had to stay in the car through the car wash.
His response was, My company does not want responsibility for Teslas.
I was like, OK by me. I love riding through the car wash.

Fuzzball | 16 november 2019

@Pg3ibew. I am sure you are aware that Tesla has to be taken to particular washes and cant just use any wash...hadnwash places are more expensive but what is needed

Pg3ibew | 16 november 2019

@full, it was a brushless wash.

Pg3ibew | 16 november 2019

Sorry @fuzz

dave | 17 november 2019

Looks great @Pg3ibew, nice job on the pole design.

Pg3ibew | 17 november 2019

@dave, thanks. It was my Beautiful Bride's idea.