Powerwall cost

Powerwall cost

I am set up to add a couple of powerwalls to my solar system but I am waiting because I expect the cost to come down. Anyone have a thought on when this might happen? Car cost keeps dropping and I suspect some of that is decreased battery cost.

andy.connor.e | 22 oktober 2019

PW1 to PW2 dropped significantly. I dont foresee any price reductions. Only thing i could see is that Tesla stated they found significant cost reductions for the Solar roof, and when those new prices reflect theres a chance that they will reduce PW2 as well. Although, i am one to think the two are not related when it comes to pricing.

Battery installation only does not count towards the federal tax credit, which this year is 30% dropping to 26% next year.

Tesla-David | 22 oktober 2019

@jimglas We got our 2-PW2 installation in June 2018 for $15.5 k. I have been told by my installer (A&R Solar) up in Edmonds, WA that I got a tremendous deal, and that they are getting ~$20k+ for 2 PW2 installation now, so I am not seeing a reduction in cost among the installers I have talked to here. What was your quote ?

jrweiss98020 | 22 oktober 2019

The government no longer has to pay big bux to encourage early adopters. Federal and state subsidies to manufacturers and end users are trending down as the actual cost of manufacture and installation goes down. Rather than reduction of cost, I would expect continuing incremental improvements in the technology (e.g., slightly more PW capacity at the same cost). Given the known phaseouts of subsidies (the REALLY GOOD WA state subsidy is gone, and the federal subsidies sundown after 2021), waiting is probably not a good strategy at this time.

jimglas | 22 oktober 2019

I was quoted $9k each ($18k for 2) + installation cost

rxlawdude | 22 oktober 2019

I can't believe how vague and incomplete the Energy section of the website is regarding specifics of PW2.

andy.connor.e | 22 oktober 2019

You think PW2 is bad? Solar roof makes PW2 look good.

Tesla-David | 22 oktober 2019

I would agree that they need to provide more information. I was frustrated as I was in the que for ~3 years to get mine, and only got them after elevating my frustration to Tesla-Energy management. Once I got their attention things went very fast, and I can honestly say I have been thrilled with the PW2's. They are an excellent product and have performed exceptionally well over past 15 months.

@jimglass, your quote is in line with what I have been hearing up here.