Seat belt chimes when in P

Seat belt chimes when in P

With the latest software, 2019.36.2.1, anyone having the annoying bug that when you just put the car in Park and you take off your seatbelt, it's still chiming as you're were in Drive mode? I get it if the car is in Drive but not in Park. Makes me double take on what the alert is.

RedScooter | 10 november 2019

+1 - I have it as well. It is pretty annoying.

ruhtra48 | 10 november 2019

Yes, me too. I hope they fix that soon.

niduj | 10 november 2019

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luv4amp | 12 november 2019

me too and yes it is very annoying!!!

Todd | 13 november 2019


stefy98 | 13 november 2019

I agree, it's very annoying. I couldn't find anything in the settings to turn it off.

avesraggiana | 15 november 2019

So I’m not the only one? I hope enough of us have squawked for Tesla to start taking notice.

buickguy | 15 november 2019

Add me with my 2018 Model X to the list of those annoyed.

vaduri | 15 november 2019

+1. Quite annoying

robrod11 | 15 november 2019

+1, and I’ve complained to Tesla via e-mail and to a support rep today on the phone.

Even more annoying was the AP hands on steering wheel prompt in the last build, in which the time between mags dropped from 40-45 sec to 14-15 sec at freeway speeds. That got fixed in the current build.

bikeandsail | 16 november 2019

Yes I have it. Tesla needs do a better job on debugging their software releases.

aurorius | 16 november 2019

Yes... I have this too since this update on my Model X 2019... seriously annoying.