Which wireless charger for Fast QI?

Which wireless charger for Fast QI?

I want a wireless charger with either a battery pack or a dual port that can fast charge my Samsung Note 9. The built in charger only slow charges it. The chargers that can do fast that I have seen need a fan.


mknewman | 18 november 2019

Not a single answer?

whazupman | 18 november 2019

I don't think the USB ports have enough power to fast charge?

alisse | 18 november 2019

I was hung up on fast charging for a while. I ended up with the Tesla wireless charger solution and I've been happy. It tops me off even if the phone screen stays on the whole time. And it usually does since I use Android Auto in the car.

mknewman | 18 november 2019

Thanks Alisse. That's what I was tending toward, even though some are less than 1/2 the price. Without a fan I don't know if it'd be possible to do a fast charger.

thedrisin | 18 november 2019

The wireless chargers generally don't need a fan for fast charging. However, to get actual fast charging best to plug into the 12v outlet. In my tests, I have found actual difference is about 20% faster charging using 12v input over USB. I have Taptes charger and have been very happy with it. Taptes cost 1/3 price than the Tesla and phone can be positioned horizontally as well. The tech is very similar in many of the wireless charges, only the price is different.