Consumer Reports recommends Tesla

Consumer Reports recommends Tesla

jimglas | 15 november 2019

I am so relieved

Magic 8 Ball | 15 november 2019


Lorenzryanc | 15 november 2019

I'm waiting for Tesla to recommend Consumer Reports ;)

WhiteWi | 15 november 2019

Well it's a good news. As Tesla makes more and more cars they raise the quality. Good for the customer and good for Tesla reputation

TabascoGuy | 15 november 2019

There still seem to be a lot of snitty comments directed toward Tesla in that article. Stubborn is a trait doesn't lend itself well to change, facts, or, the mission.

jim | 15 november 2019

I saw the headline yesterday, smiled, and moved on without bothering to read the article. Given that it took 24 hours before it was unenthusiastically shared here, I'm guessing quiet a few of us have moved on past CR as well.

Bighorn | 15 november 2019

If they hadn’t already, they lost all credibility when their author boasted of his impact on the SP when he criticized the Model S.

SamO | 15 november 2019

Bloomberg is better at recommending cars.

Tesla Model 3 customers gave the electric sedan near-unanimous approval in a Bloomberg survey of 5,000 owners.

Ninety-nine percent of respondents said they would recommend the Model 3 to their family or friends, and 98% said they would buy the vehicle again.

Generating positive word-of-mouth is particularly important for Tesla, since the electric-car maker doesn't use traditional advertising to attract new customers.

SamO | 15 november 2019

But but but panel gaps.


jimglas | 15 november 2019

@samo: exploding batteries!

SamO | 15 november 2019

The sky is falling. It hit me in the exploding battery.

PteRoy | 15 november 2019

I surveyed 100 people at a holocaust denier event if they thought the holocaust happened. 99% of those surveyed said that they believed the holocaust did not happen.

This just in, 99% of people believe the holocaust did not happen based on a new survey.

Lulz surveys

M3phan | 15 november 2019

Gapping and paint drips and fires, oh my!

M3phan | 15 november 2019

CR = clueless reviewers contra-reality

FISHEV | 15 november 2019

"Tesla’s ranking improved four spots to No. 23 out of 30 brands in the U.S. market as it worked to resolve production problems with the Model 3, said Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. Both the Model 3 and S raised their reliability ratings to “average.”

coselectric | 15 november 2019

I may get flagged for doxxing Fish, but I discovered this video of him online:

Varricks | 16 november 2019

Consumer Reports lost all credibility with me when they worked so hard to tip over a Suzuki Samurai.

Stick to testing toasters, CR. Oh, and if a slice sticks inside, go after it with a butter knife.

WhiteWi | 16 november 2019

@coselectric +1 haha

Scrannel | 16 november 2019

If memory serves me, shortly after the Porsche 911s came out, Consumer Report refused to recommend it because it didn't have enough luggage space.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 november 2019

"Stick to testing toasters, CR. Oh, and if a slice sticks inside, go after it with a butter knife."

I never see them publish which toasters are least likely to electrocute you, why is that?

M3phan | 16 november 2019

I still haven’t forgotten this mess:

calvin940 | 16 november 2019

CR continues to be irrelevant.

FISHEV | 16 november 2019

"CR continues to be irrelevant."@calvin940

Except to the fanbois who are desperate for CR approval (as we see with this thread) and go full sour grapes mode when the CR tests are not as enthusiastic as the fan's.

The fanbois post about CR all time and anything positive from CR they fluff quite a bit.

It puts them in the same pretzel logic we see on all the CR threads, they beg for the approval but attack the source.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 november 2019

What part of "Not that it matters but" is not understandable to you @Fish? I did not see one post in this thread saying anything positive about CR.

Any excuse to attack Tesla and those enthused by Tesla.

jebinc | 16 november 2019

^^^ Have you ever seen a positive post by this member? I can't say I recall one, but it's a free country (if you live in the US)...

jebinc | 16 november 2019

^^^ Have you ever seen a positive post by this member? I can't say I recall one, but it's a free country (if you live in the US)...

lbowroom | 16 november 2019

From 8B? Sure

RedShift | 16 november 2019

I would never give too much credibility to whatever CR has to say about cars. Good or bad.

calvin940 | 16 november 2019

@RedShift | November 16, 2019

I would never give too much credibility to whatever CR has to say about cars. Good or bad.

Hp.1193 | 16 november 2019

As a reminder to new members, fishev is anti-tesla. Never listen to any posts from that member.

jebinc | 16 november 2019


I was asking M8B if he ever saw a positive post from FishEV, not asking if M8B ever posted something positive. We both know that he does, but less so lately.

spuzzz123 | 17 november 2019

@jeb fish occasionally posts something positive, but it’s usually a crafty way to overemphasize a shortcoming. For example he will get excited about a $500 Chademo adaptor and proclaim that it works great and how it’s a must have for model 3 owners. Then his rhetoric evolves into why it’s needed (due to an insufficient, aging, overcrowded, non working supercharger network). Same with the optional keyfob (to illustrate smartphone app flaws). At times his posts appear perfectly reasonable. Don’t fall for it: It always comes with an agenda.

There are some critics that I do accept at face value.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 november 2019

@jebinc Maybe that is part of the issue, your posts are not clear. It was not clear who you were commenting on or who your were asking. No I have not seen one positive post about Tesla from Fish. As spuzzz123 explained there is an agenda and it involves pointing out negatives about Tesla.

The funny part is fish proclaims himself to be some sort of expert on EVS and rented a 3 before he bought and then after he, allegedly, bought he came here full time to rag on Tesla.

Tronguy | 17 november 2019

So.. Back when CU put the M3 (and others) on it's Not Recommended list many people around here claimed or implied that it was all driven by personal bias, how unreliable CU was, and how they had some axe to grind.
I pointed out on one of the threads that, if anything, CU is data driven, the data being the questionnaires they periodically dump out to their subscribers. Given that CU is periodically sued by sketchy manufacturers hoping to shut up CU's truthful reporting, it would be legal suicide during lawsuit discovery to generate reviews any other way. CU's reviewers do make judgement calls from time to time, but they _say_ _so_ when they do that; in the M3's case, it wasn't about any judgement calls, it was about reports about reliability and repairs, and they said that, too.
My contribution at the time to the usual furor was to point out the above; point out the timing (CU's data collection was in July/August of 2018), and, at that time, there _were_ some serious factory quality issues. By the fall of 2018 most of those had been corrected and I predicted that, once CU's next major questionnaire cycle ran its course, the M3 would come back up.
Lo and Behold, here we are in fall of 2019, the data has been crunched, and Tesla's position in the reliability races has recovered somewhat. Being on a roll here, I'll happily claim that the next go-around will probably show even better numbers in the next half-year cycle. After all, it's not like Tesla's efforts on the quality/reliability front have stopped.
CU does make some judgement calls on how they like the drive on the Tesla M3; when first reviewed, back before the seat/interior refresh, they complained some about the ride and the general differentness of the car's controls and interior; they're not the first to do so, and it's not like they were making stuff up. They do like, still, the MS over the M3, and that's not a surprise for an organization that likes a smooth ride.

FISHEV | 17 november 2019

Amusing how the EV media wrote the story vs. the fanbois

"Tesla Scores Low In CR Reliability Survey: 67% Of Lineup Recommended"

Varricks | 18 november 2019

"I never see them publish which toasters are least likely to electrocute you, why is that?"

Dead men tell no tales, Magic.....