Do you do this too? What else?

Do you do this too? What else?

Drive through strip mall parking lots slowly along the store fronts so people can admire your car?
Wonder if it would be pathetically obvious to turn around and go back so new pedestrians can see it?
Hope you’ll always be at the front of the line at every light?
Wait until there are a few more people walking by before you Smart Summon?
Glance back every time?
Do you do this too?
What else?

Harvan Hunter | 15 november 2019

Of those things, the only one I do is try to be the first one to take off at a light, because I do rather enjoy how quick my 3 is. :)

Not so much to show off as just to get ahead of everyone. Every once in a while, though, I end up showing up some guy with a penis extender -- er, I mean, loud exhaust.

M3phan | 15 november 2019

@ Harvan Hunter, the louder they are, the harder they fall!

jamilworm | 15 november 2019

Haha, I do enjoy being in the front at a traffic light so people can see my car. Also when I pick up my son from after-school care I try to park in a spot where all the other kids can see the car from the playground.

tanya™ | 15 november 2019

Keep it under control. Just being first at the light is enough. "Vanity well fed is benevolent. Vanity hungry is spiteful."

M3phan | 15 november 2019

So that’s what was in my rear view mirror about a quarter mile back, Vanity.
; )

tanya™ | 15 november 2019

Yep, the mirror

Aridala | 16 november 2019

Guilty on all counts.
Oh, and blaring AC/DC to attract additional attention.

M3phan | 16 november 2019

Haha. I’m with ya.

anhlue | 16 november 2019

Guilty here, too. I was just telling my husband what a jerk I must seem at the light. I wait til it’s safe to proceed when the light turns green and I just get to the speed limit as soon as I can. It gives me joy when I’ve out accelerated a Porsche, Camaro, and this kid in a Civic with all the racing car like bells and whistles. I have an SR+ so it’s not like it’s that super fast but it’s so effortless to get to the speed limit and I know I’m not burning a gallon of gas to do so. Being the nerd that I am, I’ve calculated that I have saved an average of 3-5 min per trip by just this habit. Shaved about 15-30 sec at each light.

jebinc | 16 november 2019

Given the list, I would chose to be first at the light - for all the reasons already mentioned above! (Grinning)

Teslanene | 16 november 2019

I guess by the responses you guys live outside California as this was so much last year for us.

kevin_rf | 16 november 2019

Why I never punch it at a light. It's not just the people running the yellow, it's the people who ignore the red all together.

TeslaG | 16 november 2019

I'm sorry @ T3Phan but you seem like a Dork if you are serious about what you wrote. The being in front at the light is a given whether you drive a T3 or any other car, but the rest is a total L. Seems like owning a T3 is the pinnacle of your life. Cringe.

M3phan | 16 november 2019

@ TeslaG, why so serious? Just a fun post. I’d say my 30 year marriage is the pinnacle, followed by some awesome globe trotting, but for the day to day? Driving my 3 is tough to beat. ; )

M3phan | 16 november 2019

And I prefer Tesla Geek over Dork, though it could go either way...

RayNLA | 17 november 2019

Not me...I’m in SoCal.
If we did this there would be a constant parade of Tesla’s circling the local Costco’s.
I recently pulled up to a new nieghbor’s house attempting to say hello after noticing that he had a Model 3 in his garage. The look on his face was of bewilderment and fear. I don’t think he even realized that I was driving a Model 3. (The California Camry)
In his defense, there may have been a language barrier.

Zeus140 | 17 november 2019

kevin_rf +1
But once safely through the intersection...... ;)

howard | 17 november 2019

When I was 16 with my first car a 1967 Purple AMC Javlin I used to cruise the only strip mall in town with friends. So proud of my new ride.

leo33 | 17 november 2019

I'm kind of the opposite, especially with smart summon. I don't want to scare people. So if the lot is not busy and there is only a couple people who might see, I'll summon as I'm walking out to the car and meet it half way. On the other hand, if I'm lined up at the light next to a fast looking car, sometimes I'll give it half throttle when the light turns green, and if the other car is catching up in the first half second, I'll give it the other half until I reach the speed limit.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 november 2019

During my high school years we cruised El Camino Real. If was full on American Graffiti. CB radios were big. Car culture has really died off since I was a kid. Fun to hear stories of driving around having fun in the car.

shadowsabre194 | 17 november 2019

none of the above, the thing I like best is how understated the car is.

M3phan | 17 november 2019

Understated that is until we get the car horn update with goat bleeting and fart sounds.

ST70 | 17 november 2019

@Aridala- +1 !

Pg3ibew | 18 november 2019

When we were kids growing up in Brooklyn, we cruised 86th st. Under the EL. Elevated train tracks. Made famous by Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta from the pizza joint he ate at and the paint store where he worked. It was ALL OUT Saturday Night Fever and DISCO blaring from every 77 coupe de ville. Everyone showing off their cars. From Vettes, to caddies, to mustangs to grand prixs. You name it, it was shined up and cruising 86th st.
Those days are gone. For better or worse. But, those days came rushing back to my memories when I got my Model 3. I love showing it off. And I love when everyone, ages 8 to 80, male and female, OOOH and AAH when they see it. Whether in parking lots or at red lights. It is such a rush getting the thumbs up. Even more of a rush when people stop me and ask questions.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

@ Pg3ibew, love questions! Next best way to convert the masses, next to giving test drives.

Keithdorschner | 18 november 2019

I do sometimes catch people staring at my blue AWD. I give them a smile and a wave and they usually smile and wave right back. Once at a Lidle I used smart summon to bring the car to us at front of the store. One guy saw and smiled as he said That’s the craziest thing I ever saw! Another happy Tesla watcher. I try to provide excellent Tesla experiences for all

M3phan | 18 november 2019

At a restaurant, Smart Summoned to the entry, a family laughing, parents are What is that? The kids, It’s a Tesla!

Pg3ibew | 18 november 2019

@M3phan, It is funny. I will entertain people for as long as they want to stand there and ask questions. Lmao.
Even better, if my wife is with me, she will start talking about the looks of the car and cleaning it. She is not HIP to the technology. She is just glad we dont use gasoline.

charles.a.braun | 18 november 2019

I would consider most of the OPs actions to be pretty creepy.

Looking at it from that perspective I guess my creepy Tesla behavior is that every few months I drive through the neighborhood looking to see if any of my neighbors have Teslas.

3 years and probably 15 trips up and down every street in the neighborhood and so far I have only found 1 other Tesla EVER in my neighborhood and it was somebody from outside visiting.

I see plenty around town every day, but as far as I know I have the only 2 in the neighborhood still.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

Wow, ok.

AWDTesla | 18 november 2019

No, I don't do any of that. Sounds attention seeking.

CharleyBC | 18 november 2019

I've gotten over most of that, especially given the ubiquity of Teslas around here now.

But sometimes when I pull into a J-1772 spot at some out-of-the-way location (like yesterday in the dirt parking lot at a winery), I imagine that people are looking and thinking, "Oh! That must be one of those electric cars."

CharleyBC | 18 november 2019

I also do sort of an opposite thing. I like to count how many Model 3s I see on my bike ride to work, or back home.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

I could see where you might think it’s attention seeking, but it’s actually pride, pride in having one of the most fantastic cars around, and Im still giddy about it after 18 months.
Tesla Nerd/dork/attention-seeker/whatever else ya got

dmastro | 18 november 2019

One of the things I liked about the M3 is that I thought it wouldn't draw a lot of attention.

SamO | 18 november 2019

I drive through parking lots at 70mph. It gets way more attention. ;-)

CST | 18 november 2019

I summoned my car at the local Community College today, and a truck came down the aisle as my car was backing out (they'd end up facing each other). My car pulled out into the truck's side, and while cringing and getting ready to run over, miraculously, the Model 3 drove around the truck and freed the lane! My wife came up behind me and said "Woah"! The car pulled up and the family scurried like mice into it to get out of the way of the next upcoming vehicle. Impressive developments for sure.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

Sam, ha! Touché.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

CST, yes, I’ve notice Smart Summon improvements. Very nice.

SamO | 18 november 2019