Is there a support email address anymore?

Is there a support email address anymore?

There used to be a support e-mail address at Tesla that someone read. I want to submit a "feature request" - not necessarily a bug report because I'm sure the screen is operating as designed. For example, when a driver uses the steering wheel buttons to change between radio presets, the indicator for "this is the active station" disappears off the screen. The station bar used to move to keep the active station in the middle. That's not a "bug report" but I want to send it in somehow. Is or or some other address still monitored?

mbp11 | 20 november 2019


sometimes I get responses from them

Mike P

rob | 20 november 2019

I've had good responses from chat. Try going to:

select your topic and comment and it will open up a chat box. At least it did for me a while back.

niduj | 21 november 2019

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