Predictions on Negative Press Tomorrow?

Predictions on Negative Press Tomorrow?

As is always the case with any positive Tesla news, the next week or so is flooded with negative press, both associated with the actual positive news and entirely unrelated, but still an attempt to dismantle Tesla for the lay public.

Any guesses on what the focus will be?

kevin_rf | 21 november 2019

Focus is a Dodge

82bert | 21 november 2019

My guess is the pundits will say the truck won’t appeal to “truck people” or “EV people”. Plus a helping of AP is dangerous and FSD will never be here.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 november 2019

Impeachment loses ratings to Cybertruck?

vmulla | 21 november 2019

I saw that 2 other companies announced their trucks today :) Great timing!.

kevin_rf | 21 november 2019

What does he say after the tanning salon?

I'm a peach

.... I will let myself out.

hokiegir1 | 21 november 2019

No one is going to buy it and Tesla will be bankrupt long before it's due for production.

gballant4570 | 21 november 2019

I predict a good day for Tesla stock tomorrow. I finally bought some last month, a little late to the party.....

The other EV pickups will struggle to even approach their projected range. Think Audi and Jaguar - talking up 300 miles, come in at barely over 200.

Ross1 | 21 november 2019

they are even attacking SpaceX.

Mike UpNorth_ | 21 november 2019

I'm bracing for negative initial press.
But very excited for the reveal and details.... finally!

jebinc | 21 november 2019

I read one headline already: “Cybrtrk may leave people cold...”. Amazing.

ADinM3 | 21 november 2019

I suspect a big stock move over next few days. But I wouldn't be surprised if it is up or down. It think there will be a concerted effort to paint a negative spin and coupled with a "sell the news" mentality, I suspect we go down a bit short term but I hope I'm wrong.

Even if the truck is too "out there" for most, it only has to attract a very small percent of the market to be a success for Tesla. As it gets closer to launch, I believe people initially shocked will warm up further. In 3 years it will be viewed as a hut.

The real surprise is if they reveal some revolution concept people haven't even been speculating on yet. That would be a death nail to the other US big 3 that even beyond battery tech/range that they are clearly at least a generation behind.

ADinM3 | 21 november 2019

Hit, not hut... Lol

jamilworm | 21 november 2019

I predict a bunch of comparison articles where they compare the features of a base level cybrtrk to a maxed out ice, and then compare the price for a maxed out cybrtrk to a base ice.

raqball | 21 november 2019

Big oil has a lot too loose and a lot of money to throw at trash talking Tesla... No doubt there will be plenty of it going on...

I am not interested in a truck but if I were I would probably pass on it due to the rumored look of it. I hope they sell a shit ton of them though...

jebinc | 21 november 2019

Negative headlines already popping up all over. Here’s another one.
“ Tesla’s new pickup will struggle to win over the Midwest’s truck die-hards”

And the faux picture they use is hideous.

ADinM3 | 21 november 2019

What I will be interested in learning is efficiency towing a big non-aerodynamic load. The EVs are so aerodynamic today, I have to imagine towing something like a boat at highway speed is akin to dragging a parachute behind it. However, if your not towing, this thing can probably hypermile well over 1000 miles.

Xerogas | 21 november 2019

@82bert: I predict “overpriced toy for rich people who don’t need a truck”, and many variants of “doesn’t look like an F150”

kevin_rf | 21 november 2019

Well, the big negative piece right now is Panasonic saying they will not build a factory in China for Tesla.

JAD | 21 november 2019

Not truck enough and too late as the others will already be on the market. Both wrong, but those are the headlines I foresee.

JAD | 21 november 2019

Not truck enough and too late as the others will already be on the market. Both wrong, but those are the headlines I foresee.

-TheJohn- | 21 november 2019

If it's as wonky and dull as the Y unveiling then yeah.. The stock etc will get shat upon, with luck they learned from that.

dwejr99 | 21 november 2019

It's ugly.

-TheJohn- | 21 november 2019

Whoa is all I have to say. Plus Whoa again.
Well done!

bigroccrek | 21 november 2019

it's not ugly it is FUGLY

coleAK | 21 november 2019

Yes ugly with no bed?

Sarah R | 21 november 2019

It's fugly. Damned cool fugly, but it's still fugly.

That said, I want one!

moabchick | 21 november 2019

I think it's AMAZING! I can't tell you how perfect it will be in Moab!!!!!

douglas_peale | 21 november 2019

I am definitely not the target audience for this truck. It has nice features, and the top end is cheaper than my M3 Performance was, but damn its ugly.

calvin940 | 21 november 2019

I think it's too radical for the current truck market.

Mike UpNorth_ | 21 november 2019


0.0 chance that is seen on a road. Ever.

RES IPSA | 21 november 2019

I do not like the name or the look of the vehicle. I will never buy one.

The design may have been futuristic in the 70's or 80's, but looks old by today's design standards.

Rookie mistake with breaking the glass. Gives the haters something to focus on tomorrow

Passion2Fly | 21 november 2019

It’s more a Hummer than a truck. It’s cool! Much cooler than the Rivian.... will get the plaid power train for $70k... I wish he showed the interior...

Hal Fisher | 21 november 2019

Mad I can’t order now :/

Mike UpNorth_ | 21 november 2019

Agreed more Hummer than truck. Look how history thinks of the Hummer.

The braking glass thing was... embarrassing

JAD | 21 november 2019

Interior is on the website.

Also available in 2021 which is earlier than I expected.

EAPme | 21 november 2019

"It's not for everyone" is right. He wasn't exaggerating.

Polarizing looks for sure.

I now have $100 less than I did an hour ago.

Sarah R | 21 november 2019

Pity the fool who tries to "coal roll" that.

82bert | 21 november 2019

I’m definitely conflicted. The look is growing on me, however. He’s definitely targeting a rugged work truck audience. This thing is meant for Mars. I think that’s all good either way.

Hal Fisher | 21 november 2019

It has a bed, didn’t you watch the whole thing? The bed drops and the gate has a ramp built in

jamilworm | 21 november 2019

You can see the interior here:

I too was shocked by the appearance, but I think it's already starting to grow on me. I am still pretty surprised they seem not to be offering paint options, although that could come later. It's like the DeLorean of trucks. Hey, on that note they should do a Back to the Future sequel where they've converted a Cybertruck into a time machine.

creativeguy | 21 november 2019

At first glance, the Cybertruck is comical. On second thought, it is exactly what any company would need to lure the hardcore Ford customer. The thing is LITERALLY bulletproof! How do you sell an electric vehicle to the coal rolling, supercharger ICING, Tesla-keying crowd? Sell them a fricking post apocalyptic TANK!

Hal Fisher | 21 november 2019

Sarah, or ice a station. You want to play door ding? SMASH!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Big_Ed | 21 november 2019

A million monkeys banging on a million typewriters for a million years could not write press negative enough to be unfair to that thing.

82bert | 21 november 2019

The more I look at it, the more I love it. We could travel the country without ever even checking the weather and know we were solid. Pre ordering now.

Hal Fisher | 21 november 2019

Haywood, I don’t think you give yourself enough credit hahahahaha

kevin_rf | 21 november 2019

He should have gone with a Back to the Future on Steroids theme. I can see the genius in the design, but I don't think any troll can beat the headlines this will generate in the morning.

M3phan | 21 november 2019

Count me on the side of not interested and slightly embarrassed.

landoncube | 21 november 2019

There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.

Steve Ballmer, 2007

coselectric | 21 november 2019

My 11 year old wants one bad, and my 16 year old literally giggled insanely through the whole crazy unveiling event. Not sure if that's a good or bad sign for this vehicle. Neither cares one bit about the window glass fail, and they both think F-150's are for knuckle draggers. I'm not sure I want a cybertruck, but if my kids are already fantasizing about this thing then maybe Elon is into something long term.

Lorenzryanc | 21 november 2019

You KNOW we'll see someone's post here as a headline. They love stealing from this forum. "Even Tesla fans say (pick random post on this thread)"