Creaking rear suspension over bump only when wheels are not straight

Creaking rear suspension over bump only when wheels are not straight

Rear suspension creaking noise I can reproduce backing out or pulling into my drive over a cut curb, but only if the wheels are not turned. If I pull in or back straight out the noise does not manifest. To reproduce the noise I can back over the curb with the wheels turned left or right.

Searching other threads I haven't come across any posts where the noise is conditional on the angle of the tires.

LR RWD 4/19 build with about 6k miles. SC appointment on 12/16. Thanks for any ideas.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 23 november 2019

Lol Elon better fix this asap

lilbean | 23 november 2019

Pt: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Don’t do that.

Magic 8 Ball | 23 november 2019

I would say the vertical video, and content, is not good. If you have an appointment then keep it. If nothing is wrong the worse that can happen is they charge your for their time to look at a nothingburger.

jim0266 | 23 november 2019

The video is a a placehold to make Youtube happy. I recorded the audio with an iPad in the trunk and and iPhone on the back seat and combined them into one audio file to see if the sound was more audible in the very back. I assure this not a "nothingburger" and not a normal sound a car should be making.

Magic 8 Ball | 23 november 2019

Post a picture of your car and I will pull out my witching stick to see if I can find it.

I cannot pick out anything unusual from the background noise.

Pg3ibew | 23 november 2019

OHHHH NOES!!!! THE sky is falling. Trash the car. Sell it for scrap!!!! This shit Never happened in my ICE Car.

Pg3ibew | 23 november 2019

I just tweeted with Elon in a PM. He is gonna send outa OTA update, Version Z7.045nc.+_)),IDS3342.c21, Update Hologram 6. It should be available 3 days after the 5th. The 5th of NEVUARY!!!!!

jim0266 | 23 november 2019

@ Pg3ibew I'm simply asking if anyone has experienced this problem and found a solution to help Tesla diagnose the issue for when I take it in. Sorry if I'm ruining your Tesla forum experience.

Pg3ibew | 23 november 2019

You hit a fucking bump.

jim0266 | 23 november 2019

"I cannot pick out anything unusual from the background noise."

Two good creaks at these timestamps. The sound in person is loud and distinctive in a way the audio is not.

Pg3ibew | 23 november 2019

A BUMP. A freaking bump!! You hit a fucking bump!!

Tronguy | 23 november 2019

Pg3ibew: Calm, calm. Most cars these days when they hit a bump it's a "whomp", not a "whomp+creak". The creak part can be rubbing wires, bad shocks, funny stuff with constant velocity joints (had that one, myself), and who knows what other suspension stuff. At this stage, it's all about the warranty. Might be something, might be nothing, and not crazy to ask if anybody else is experiencing same, which is what he did.

Magic 8 Ball | 23 november 2019

I personally have not experienced what I think I hear in the "video". There is just no way for me (or anyone I suspect) to try and duplicate without specifically seeing what is happening when the sound happens. A better video would be from someone standing a few yards back while you drive the car through the situation you are trying to describe. You are talking and I think I am hearing your foot pedal actions in the video. At least try to point the camera so there is some better visual reference.

jim0266 | 23 november 2019

Thanks @ Tronguy. @Pg3ibew at one point in my video I went straight back out and in several times to show I get the expect "whomp" as Tronguy says and not the creak+whomp.

Oh, btw @Pg3ibew Elon did sound out an OTA update that fixed my misinstalled aero shield bracket:

jim0266 | 23 november 2019

Better version of the best creaks

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 23 november 2019

Jim, 0 fcks given about your anal creaks

Magic 8 Ball | 23 november 2019

Keep us posted with what service finds.

Pg3ibew | 23 november 2019

After you bring it to the service center and Tesla charges you for wasting their time, because it turns up nothing, be sure to come back here and complain about that as well.

jim0266 | 6 december 2019

Tesla fixed the creak in the back under warranty. Still hearing one in front right. Tech also heard it and will look at this one Monday. Below are the service notes and an image of the invoice. Tires are holding up well. At 6k miles all 8's across the front and all 7's in the rear.

Concern: Customer states Creak in suspension.

Test drove vehicle and verified a creak type noise coming from the left rear wheel well area.
checked suspension found all components tight. Lubricated sway bar as well as adjusted rear
bumper from contact with the body as well as the rear left seat backrest mount.

Adjusted the body under the seat to prevent contact from each other.
At this time test drove several times over a slight inclined which was initially heard the best.
Could no longer duplicate noise at this time.

Correction: Seat Back - 2nd Row - LH (Remove & Install)

Correction: Fascia Assembly - Rear (Remove & Install)

Correction: Stabilizer Bar - Rear (Remove & Replace)


rehutton777 | 6 december 2019

Jim: I am glad that the SC was able to assess the issue and make at least some corrective efforts. Per PIG3's comment, was there a charge for their evaluation? I honestly don't know why some individuals always want to sling mud (and obscenities) on individuals who come to the forum asking legitimate questions. They are disgusting.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 december 2019

@jim Thanks for coming back with an update. Looks like they took care of you and are taking care of you. Good to hear.

jim0266 | 6 december 2019

@Magic 8 Ball I have to give a lot of props to the service tech who has worked with me on this and other issues. One good person makes the difference.

@rehutton777 no charge. I feeling I would have had to fight them after the "rattle" warranty period. Where's the line of what's a rattle versus a defect? The tech I mentioned appreciates the work I put into troubleshooting issues.

This is a good read: The Psychology of Social Media Trolls

chikako.masuda | 7 december 2019

Thanks for posting this. I hear the same creaking sound when backing out of the garage at a slight angled wheels. I guess I’ll put in a call with Tesla service as well!

Magic 8 Ball | 7 december 2019

@jim0266 Clunks, clangs, bangs, and such are often impossible to nail down. I am happy you persevered and got 'er done. Well done!

Haggy | 12 december 2019

I can't judge degree of severity from the video, but mine has a creak in the front but not rear, only on speed bumps, that didn't used to be there. When I brought the car in for something else, tech said that it was normal.

jim0266 | 12 december 2019

One update to this case I wanted to resolve before posting.

Upon picking up the car I went for a test drive before going into service. I confirmed the back creak was gone. But I was now hearing a creak in front-right. Telling this to the service manager I got a snide question asking if I ever listened to the radio while driving.

The tech went for another ride with me. He confirmed the creak and they kept the car. He was able to fix the creak:

Concern: Customer states when backing out of a driveway and turning right there is a clunk in the right front suspension

Test drove, heard noise from the right front. Lifted and inspected. Performed inspection of the front suspension, no issues found. Found the right front fender liner was out of place where it meets the mid aero shield so it was not secured in that area. Re-assembled the trim correctly. Test drove, noise is gone.


I didn't have a chance to talk with the tech, but the service manager further explained there was metal on metal contact causing the creak. He was nicer this time.

I can appreciate what the service folks are going through. They probably haven't ramped up the the number of people needed to service all the Model 3's they are selling. All my issues stem from poor fit and finish, poor QA and incorrect installation. For those of us with issues we find ourselves pitted against a strained SC leading to responses like Haggy above received.

ModernTriDad | 12 december 2019

Despite all the users who made negative/nasty comments on your post, I’m glad you posted this. I have a creak in the driver’s front wheel area. It is mostly over speed bumps or uneven roads, but in some areas it is really irritating. It maybe an issue with all car makes, but with EVs being so much quieter, it’s even more annoying. I mentioned it to a mobile tech once who said it’s normal in the cold weather. Based on your service visit, I’ll bring it in to get evaluated and maybe it can be fixed. I worry that if something is loose or misaligned that’s causing it, it could become a bigger issue a couple years from now. So-thank you for sharing... as this forum is meant for.

jim0266 | 13 december 2019

@ModernTriDad thanks for your post and support.

Your concern about the noise is valid. It's probably not going to magically get better over time. The service manager, after making the radio comment, also pointed out after 12 months they would no longer address noises. I replied that's why I'm taking care of them now. It's obvious when a noise is not normal. Don't fall for gaslighting. I'm lucky to have come across a great technician who cares and is good at his job.

Tesla trolls as witnessed by this post are hurting Tesla by driving people away from what could be a helpful service and community. I want to see Tesla succeed. The Model 3 is the best car I've owned. I own TSLA stock. We can help push Tesla to make them better.

Knowing the psychology of trolls, who are sad, troubled people, makes it easier to ignore them.

Good luck on your issue. Hope they can fix it and you can share the findings.