M 3 windows opening on their own.

M 3 windows opening on their own.

jimglas | 28 november 2019

many threads on this
Most likely you touched the window button without noticing

Magic 8 Ball | 28 november 2019

Another strange: firstname.lastname

Only this time starting a thread, not finishing, and poof gone.

bjrosen | 28 november 2019

Not happening to me nearly as often as it was. It has nothing to do with touching a button, it's a bug but it has gotten better. | 28 november 2019

Some combination of body size and resting your knee on the door side panel is known to push one of the window buttons down. It's a known issue from a small number of owners. Perhaps it is something else in the cases above, but I suspect not.

bjrosen | 28 november 2019

Opening the front passenger side door can cause the rear passenger window to go down. The passenger doors don't have any buttons that can control other windows, it's a bug it has nothing to do with accidentally touching a button.

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

It would be amazing if someone could actually catch this on video

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

Like on a nest, or ring, or Arlo

geo.teepe | 29 november 2019

I used summon to push the car backwards out of the garage.
When I came back 15 minutes later both front windows where down. The car was full of water.
No one else was around to have caused that.
Just found out from spouse, that it happened to her as well,on a dry day, so no consequences, hence no report from her

Magic 8 Ball | 29 november 2019

Have you filed a bug report or contacted Tesla?

Mike UpNorth_ | 29 november 2019

Vent mode. | 29 november 2019

@geo - That's bad. Were the windows totally down or just down a 1/2" or so? If a door is not completely closed, it will leave the top of the window slightly open. It doesn't sound like the case you had.

bjrosen | 29 november 2019

I had a mobile service call from about the problem, the service guy said it was a software problem.

geo.teepe | 29 november 2019

Both windows were all the way down.
Doors were closed, summons would not work with open doors or windows

lbowroom | 29 november 2019

Clearly I’m a skeptic. Mostly because of my own experience. I don’t rule it out 100%, but with all these claims and the easily accessible surveillance footage from home security systems, why has not a single video been presented showing this happen?

Sarah R | 29 november 2019

@geo.teepe Have you tried to recreate this problem? As best as you can remember, recreate the procedure that resulted in the error. If you can recreate the issue, do a "bug report" immediately.

ldf8 | 29 november 2019

Happened to me fairly frequently after I first got the car in late 2018, maybe once a week. Now it almost never happens, but about a month ago it happened for the first time in probably 6 months. It is 100% not from us touching any buttons in error. Happens exclusively in our car to the front passenger window.

geo.teepe | 30 november 2019

I have tried to recreate several times. windows stayed up.
I expect the problem will just go away, on my MS I had several issues that just disappeared after a while.
I of course reported to Tesla, mobile service in 2 weeks.
Mobile service wants to see whats wrong, more than likely the car will not cooperate.
This has happened with MS several times.

geo.teepe | 7 december 2019

While I appreciate all the advice, I was really looking for someone who had the same issue.
How that persons problem was resolved, would help me.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 december 2019

Once you stop accidentally hitting the window switches the problem will go away.

Jones | 7 december 2019

Had the same problem - specifically with right rear window. Happened randomly while driving and when parked and locked. Service analyzed and determined it to be calibration issue. Fix was simply to run window all the way down and all the way up several times (by service - probably in a special service mode). Problem is now fully resolved and has not recurred in more than a year.

geo.teepe | 7 december 2019

I thank you.
Real help | 7 december 2019

I forgot about the calibration. There is a bit more to it but sorry I don't remember what it is. Something like holding the window button up for 10 seconds when the door and window are closed (don't try this, as I may be wrong on the sequence). Perhaps someone else remembers the exact method.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 december 2019

Calibration is a placebo, IMO. Calibration should just set limits and not have anything to do with sending a random signal to roll a window down. I have done the accidental window roll down and others reported same. There is not one video of phantom window roll down caught in the act AFAIK.

Jones | 7 december 2019

Standing in a coffee shop and watching your (unoccupied car) window roll down while it is raining is pretty painful. It's not an inadvertent arm on the button at that point. It was always the same window. During the same service call where they CALIBRATED the window, they replaced a defective turn signal switch. Tesla service guys spent an impressive amount of time describing the CALIBRATION issue. My VIN is under 70,000 and it was manufactured during their push to get cars delivered prior to Sept 1 of last year. It was a problem they were aware of...basic quality control check that was not being performed prior to factory release. Based on their very clear description, having the occasional window uncalibrated is both rational and possible as a cause. And - it is now FIXED.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 december 2019

After all this time, no one has set a video camera up in the garage and caught the "event"???