Repeated Camera Failing To Record For Write Speed

Repeated Camera Failing To Record For Write Speed

2 months ago I got this message. I bought a USB that now writes at 300 mb/s ( The car was fine and recording for 2 months, but now is failing again with this message.

Any suggestions? I dont know why this worked and now has stopped working.

bp | 30 november 2019

My M3 blew up a USB stick after a few months as well. I switched to micro SD suitable for a digital video recorder and it’s been faultless since.

gmr6415 | 1 december 2019

Installed a 500GB mobile SSD drive and haven't had a single problem since.

DAlexModel3 | 1 december 2019

Same thing happened to me. Teslatap is now recommending using an SD Card instead of USB. Here is their new website with specific recommendations: .

Passion2Fly | 1 december 2019

I would suggest switching to SD card + adapter. Every single USB drive I’ve used eventually failed... I switched to SD card and everything works great now...

casun | 1 december 2019

i switched to one of the ssd options suggested on and haven’t seen the write speed error since.

thedrisin | 1 december 2019

"I bought a USB that now writes at 300 mb/s"

You can buy a USB that writes at any speed but is limited by the USB 2.0 port protocol. Maximum write speed possibly up to 15 mb/s but is probably less than that. I have a PNY 2.0 USB stick and have occasionally had that error message but does not persist.

mcmorj | 3 december 2019

When I finally got a USB stick the car seemed to like, it now does not like it after about a month. I have also opted for a micro SD camera style with a USB adapter and see how that goes.

jrweiss98020 | 3 december 2019

I just bought & installed a Samsung Bar USB drive ( If it meets its specs & warranty time, should be a good value.