How long is Powerwall waiting list?

How long is Powerwall waiting list?

I am thinking to install the powerwall. How long is the waiting list? In order to take advantage of the tax credit this year, do I need to get it installed by the end of this month? Thanks

Passion2Fly | 3 december 2019

Don't worry too much about the tax credit. It only drops from 30% to 26%... there is no waiting list that I know off, just find an installer who has availability...

jrweiss98020 | 4 december 2019

I had to wait about 3 months May-Aug 2019) for my install. Backlog may be the installer or the equipment. Installer told me up front the Powerwalls may be delivered later, but they showed up on time.

charlesdfort | 4 december 2019

I ordered mine in June and just got it commissioned. I’m told there is quite a wait in California.