What insurance do you use?

What insurance do you use?

I've heard Geico is the cheapest for Tesla owners, however, I found this not to be the case. I recently submitted a quote and it was 22% higher than what I'm currently paying per month.
If it helps, I'm a <30 Male and paying $230/mo.

Looking for other (cheaper) alternatives.

jvcesare | 13 december 2019

I went with Costco / Ameriprise. Beat everyone including Geico. It's half of what I paid with AAA.

coleAK | 13 december 2019

What are you currently driving? Any tickets or accidents? At your age (<35) a 22% increase could be reasonable. I have USAA and have for years.

Pg3ibew | 13 december 2019

Insurance is a tough discussion. There are many factors.
1. Location
2. Multiple vehicles or not
3. Your age
4. Spouse age
5 kids
6. Amount of liability you want.
7. Driving recodds of everyone on your policy
8. Miles driven per year
9. I understand some insurance qill charge based on credit scores
10. .....I can go on and on

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 13 december 2019

1000 deductible 50/100 multi car policy, no tickets or accidents. Married, house policy with them, kids, We are over 35yo. Pay in full for 6 month 520 for Tesla and 450 for SUV on the policy. Total 970 for half a year for two cars.

jwferrara | 13 december 2019

I went with Esurance and got a really good rate ($95/month) with good coverage. I'm 36 and live in Chicago with no tickets or accidents so am very pleased. Definitely worth looking into!

donharvey2323 | 13 december 2019

I had Ameriprise through Costco, now I have Tesla; it was cheaper.

FISHEV | 13 december 2019


Policy went 10% for Model 3 vs. Subuar Legacy but Telsa is twice the cost. Just had my first insurance claim on the Tesla for scratched bumper, 4" scratch, $1,800 to fix.

Progressive was all over it. Had a Tesla specific body shop ready to go, Enterprise rental ready to go. I had to push them back to early Jan as too much going on over the holidays. No question on cost. Impressed with Progressive as they insured my boat when massive marina fire turned to ash. Had a $50k check in two weeks. Small increase in car insurance for $52k car that is expensive to repair. Fast and complete response when Tesla needed service.

Pg3ibew | 13 december 2019

Some insurances give you discounts if you have your home owners insurance with them.

jordanrichard | 13 december 2019

Comparing insurance rates even to get a general consensus, is pointless. GEICO may be cheaper in one state and more expensive in another. Each state has it's own requirements for coverage which affects rates. Comparing what one pays vs another is pointless because each person's situation is different.

Lastly, cheaper doesn't mean better. You want to know which company is the best when it comes time to file a claim which is really what it comes down to. To find out go ask your local body shops. Ask them which companies insist on parts made in Vietnam be used instead of OEM. Which companies drag their feet when it comes to approving work, etc.

M3phan | 13 december 2019

“Liberty, Liberty, Liiiiiiberty, Liiiiiiberty.”

Sarah R | 13 december 2019

I was a Geico customer for decades. The quote they gave me for my Tesla was ridiculous. Tesla insurance was less than half the price for triple the limits.

radean84 | 13 december 2019

I have Geico. $97 per month for 2019 SR+ 35 year old male, perfect CA driving record, multi-car discount, parks in garage, etc. We used to have AAA but they were way too expensive, for every car we own, not just Tesla. Saved a lot of money switching and really like the online capabilities. Rarely have to talk to anyone, can do it all yourself. They do call when needed though. My wife's car got hit a while back and Geico was great the whole way through. I personally won't consider switching to Tesla insurance even if they're cheaper until I see people talking about how great their experience was after an accident. Like someone else said, cheaper isn't always better.

bjrosen | 13 december 2019

Allstate. I had Geico for a little while, avoid them like the plague. Had one claim, they forced me to use their body shop which was in another state instead of letting me pick the shop. Don't know how they would handle a Tesla claim because Tesla's require Tesla certified shops.

radean84 | 13 december 2019

@bjrosen Very much depends on the area. In my area the Tesla preferred and certified shop that handles all of their body work in the area is a Geico shop. It was also my favorite shop to use prior to owning a Tesla. I wouldn't use them either if they made me use another shop in another area. Guess I lucked out on that.

surfpearl | 13 december 2019

Tesla. It may not be available in your state, so be patient. Tesla insurance is cheaper than my previous policy with State Farm even though I had multiple vehicles and home insurance through them.

Mpollock84 | 13 december 2019

My Geico is 230 a month which feels WAY too high. 35 Male, perfect driving record, in LA, I used to pay under 200 but recently it shot up.
What are people's policy's like? Liability and all that? I'm in need of switching.

Trekman | 13 december 2019

I have State Farm and I pay $403 every 6 months. I do have a second vehicle (a Suub), maybe that/s why it's not so expensive?

mrtoyman | 13 december 2019

Tesla insurance here too. Cheaper than Mercury.

SolarB | 13 december 2019

There is something wrong going on with insurance quotes.
I was with Boat US (Geico) and they refused to pay full cost of hurricane damaged boat, went to Progressive they have covered full costs. Later started raising my rates 10% every renewal with no accidents or tickets. Few years later I found out that insurance co use big data companies that flag you if you allow them to raise your insurance a few cents and than gradually increase it at higher amounts..
Now after switching and 2 renewals with Geico with no issues, adding Tesla they want $1550 for it while Progressive wants $550 if I go back... something is fishy with all of this..

SolarB | 13 december 2019

@Mpollock84 Same here, try doing quote with Progressive.. let us know what it shows..

jamilworm | 13 december 2019

I was on AAA but after getting my Model 3 I switched to Costco / Ameriprise since it was way cheaper. I got a quote with Tesla insurance but it was more than Costco / Ameriprise.

PinkUnicorn | 13 december 2019

Mercury - Pay $175/month. Female <30 in SoCal.

steveishere | 13 december 2019

Tesla insurance... Cheaper than my previous insurance at Farmers.

SdpLV | 14 december 2019

I pay about $79/mo with Erie.
$250k/$500k/$1k deductibles + gap.
Multi-car, safe-driver disc, garaged, nice area etc.

RayNLA | 14 december 2019

State Farm
Clean record
$118 a month for the model 3
Multi car/Loyalty discount
Orange County CA

globalMan | 16 december 2019

I tried to get a quote online for my Model 3 and another ICE car. However, the online application seems only allow to enter one car.

Does anyone know how to get an online quote from Tesla Insurance for more than one car?

Pete_in_OC | 16 december 2019

I was with GEICO for a number of years, insured the M3 with then from last December. At renewal time, in June, they significantly raised the M3's premium, claiming "too hard to repair., lack of repair parts."

I moved to Amica/Costco for close to the old Geico rates. No claims, so I cannot rate their service, but will say the signup process was a real PIA due to their internal problems - but I persevered.

Pete_in_OC | 16 december 2019

that was Costco/Ameriprise, not Amica.

jamilworm | 16 december 2019

@globalMan - I think you need to call them to get quotes for non-Tesla cars.

Madatgascar | 16 december 2019

Tesla. Saved 30% vs. Mercury, for better coverage.

T L | 17 december 2019

Appreciate all of the input. I completely agree that there are many factors and variables which go into determining your rate but it's helpful to know what else is out there. I didn't even know Tesla insurance was a thing. I'll be looking into Costco and Tesla further..

Madatgascar | 17 december 2019

Right now Tesla is only available in California I believe. Should be coming to other states soon.

ajgianoli | 17 december 2019

Just got the renewal notice from Amica, which we’ve been with for years. $1625/year for the Tesla. Guess we’ll be looking elsewhere soon.

Astondb5 | 17 december 2019

I just got my Model 3 and use State Farm and it is cheaper to insure than my wife's 2016 Ford Fusion