Door locked

Door locked

Has anyone experienced "door locked"?
My 2016 MS presented its handle as I approached the car, but I was not able to open the door. I have to enter the car from the passenger side. It seems to be a mechanical problem. | 29 januari 2020

Sounds like the microswitch connection has failed. There are DIY videos to fixing the handle, but it does take some work. If your car is in warranty, Tesla will fix it for free. If not, they can repair it.

GoldAK47 | 29 januari 2020

broken wire going to micro switch.

steveb | 29 januari 2020

I experienced this issue with my model 2015 S. It was the driver's side door, and yes it's a pain getting into the vehicle. Ranger came out and fixed the problem, and thankfully it was still under warranty.

adamslighting | 30 januari 2020

Thank you all.

tomasz.bochenek | 28 februari 2020

I have the same issue with a brand new car 2020. Really pathetic to enter 100K car via passenger's side door. On top of it I experienced door opening by itself - I couldn't close it, it kept opening. What helped was starting to drive and closing the door. I thought, that if it is possible by a car to open the door in a malfunction, there should be a way to make an "emergency" door opener in the App.
@Tesla: please, add this option in your App. We, those having issues accessing the car from the driver's side would appreciate this function very much until we get to SC.

Bill_75D | 28 februari 2020

...or the app could roll down the driver's window.

akikiki | 28 februari 2020

Maybe he would think it less pathetic if it was happening to a $ 14,000 Cooper?