Winter range optimization

Winter range optimization

Is there a way to turn the heater off completely? I did a couple of road trips the last two weekends, 200 miles to Maine and 300 miles to the Berkshires. I used a voice command to disable the heater which the car recognized and claimed it was doing it but car remained warm and my Wh/Mile was horrendous. The Maine trip was 295Wn/mile and the Berkshire trip was 325Wh/mile, last summer I did both of these trips at 225W/mile. The car has to heat the battery, is it really using 100Wh/mile to do that?

derotam | 10 februari 2020

Define "the car recognized". What was shown on the screen after you said it?

You are also possibly combining two different things in your post. Cabin Heating, and Battery Heating are two completely different things.

Very simply...cabin heating can be turned off by setting your cabin temperature to LO. This will keep the cabin heater from coming on.

Battery heating, while driving, is generally ONLY active when you have routed to a super charger. Your screen will have a message about preconditioning. Here is my reference of information specific to battery heating,

derotam | 10 februari 2020

Ohh sorry...the cabin heater can draw up to ~7kW at initial start up to get the cabin up to temperature. Once cabin is at equilibrium it is usually 1-3kW constant, depending on outside temperature and cabin temp set point.

Bighorn | 10 februari 2020

Climate is still on in LO. Just hold the temp figure with your finger to turn it off. The cabin will quickly get cold if the climate is off.
You didn’t mention the temperature, but cold air is denser which obviously raises drag.

bjrosen | 10 februari 2020

The temp was 19F for the Berkshire trip. When I said it recognized the command, it typed out Disabling Heater. I'll try holding down the temp number until it turns off. I've been looking for an on/off icon and there is nothing obvious.

NateC | 10 februari 2020

Press the fan icon to bring up the climate options, there's an on/off icon there. I use it all the time.

Bighorn | 10 februari 2020

It might actually be holding down the fan icon rather than the number. It’s so automatic for me I’d have to check which it is, but 2-3 seconds should suffice.

I’ll let a physicist talk about the density penalty of 19F, but it’s significant. This shows a 12% efficiency hit with a similar comparison.

gballant4570 | 10 februari 2020

NateC, exactly. I use that routinely to limit the amount of time the heater is running.

Perhaps as important as the outside temp is solar heating (sun on glass) along with wind. Wind chill is a thing when the wind steals your car's heat. A cloudy damp 35F day can draw more power than an 18F sunny day. Of course that sunny day occurs mostly while under high atmospheric pressure, little to no wind. And of course wind steals your efficiency as you drive against it as well.

howard | 10 februari 2020

I assume there are no charging options along the route so you can drive in comfort.

Joseb | 10 februari 2020

I've found that setting it up to Manual is much more efficient.
I set it to 65F, with fan set to 1 (outside is mid 40s) and is comfortable.

The auto tends to be more aggressive with the fans, so even feels like is turning heater/AC on/off all the time.

Or really, confirm, you turn off the HVAC altogether. Can't seriously trust the car recognized the command, you still feel warm, and didn't bother to check the HVAC if in fact it was turned off.

However, at 19F temperature I'm not surprised of your mileage, seems about right. Also, keep in mind load, tire pressure, etc.

bjrosen | 10 februari 2020

howard@ There is only one Supercharger available on that trip, at Lee MA. I charged to 90%, only had 15% when I got home. Western MA is badly covered, Lee is the only SC, nothing along Route 2 until you get back to Eastern MA. In the summer it's not a problem but in the winter there isn't enough margin. Cabin heat is only necessary on the windshield to prevent fogging, you don't need it for personal comfort if you are dressed appropriately. I wear a ushanka, a warm sweater and a good parka, I'm schvitzing if the cabin is too warm.