The missing <ahem> link

The missing link

So,what is the thing that EVs don't have, but could really use? How about the ability to share some of the charge from one vehicle with another?

IMO, this would eliminate a lot of the "range anxiety" and "will I make it" anxiety that many of us face.

I don't know the electronic specs of a charging port, and what it would take (if anything) to have a Tesla give some emergency charge to (just as an example) a Leaf? Clearly a cable adapter is needed. I'd also suggest human confirmation(handshake using SSH keys) on both vehicles to enable the transfer. I'm sure that there will be other issues to resolve that I'm just not thinking about.

Point is, having such a Cross-Car-Charging Cable eliminates a big missing link, and will reduce the anxiety of running out of charge in a remote area.


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SteveMost | 7 maart 2020

Cool idea. I believe you are correct, it would certainly reduce range anxiety. | 7 maart 2020

It's been suggested a number of times over the years. The problem is it would add about $2K to the cost of the car. You can't connect one DC battery pack to another without major electronics to convert DC to AC and back. You need a DC to AC inverter in one car, that could go through the AC to DC charger in the other car. To get any meaningful charging speed it would need to be at least 10 KW, and preferably 20 kW.

Then you'd need one fo the cars to include a special adapter and cable for this exceptionally rare use case.

The reality is very few cars run out of power. Tesla provides excellent indications of range and suitable warnings when power is low. Not sure how many owners are willing to stop for someone who is so foolish to run out of power, then waste an hour charging the other car while depleting there own charge and risk not getting to the next destination.

AAA offers charging trucks that can come to the aid of someone that screws up and runs out of power - just like gas cars that run out of fuel. | 7 maart 2020

I face zero range anxiety with my Model S.

Tesla-David | 7 maart 2020

Yep, agree with, same here no range anxiety in either or MS or LR M3. With the Supercharging network and access to any electric outlets that issue went away quickly for us after our early adopter (2014) 8,000 mile crosscountry trip in our MS. Those early charging challenges are gone now. We always carry a 100 ft 12A/120V extension cord in our Frunk for emergencies.