Policies you would like to have opportunity to recommemnd to Government. Visionaries , come forth.

Policies you would like to have opportunity to recommemnd to Government. Visionaries , come forth.

Plenty of ideas out there, but we dont have a platform to expound them.

You would like to see:

Ross1 | 18 maart 2020

Cuts to wages in exchange for job guarantees

Massive cuts to credit card rates

Print newspaper on toilet tissue, we would have onroll version

24 hour shopping (reduces exposure to crowds

Guarantee businesses producing staples will be propped to keep them open

FISHEV | 18 maart 2020

You rang?

1. Everybody who loses their job get unemployment benefits which are extended to 52 weeks. That gives everyone some financial security. It also spreads the cost out over a year.

2. Everybody who loses health care gets Medicaid. That gives everyone some health security so they wont' get bankrupted by medical needs which don't wait for the pandemic to end.

Those two basic give people some long term financial and health security.

3. Cancel all recent tax cuts to those making over $200k

4. Cut military spending by 50% (it would still be as much as Russia and China combined) and divert the money, $600B to unemployment and health care. Get all the troops home and bring back tents, generators, beds, hospital equipment to set up isolation areas and temp housing as needed.

jimglas | 18 maart 2020

Immediate nationwide lock down for 1 month

SCCRENDO | 18 maart 2020

Listen to Bernie

jimglas | 18 maart 2020

bernie is history
Biden wasnt my choice, but he is the nominee.

FISHEV | 18 maart 2020

"Immediate nationwide lock down for 1 month"

Ain't so simple.

1. Food supply chain has to stay open from farmers, importers to processors to distribution to Supermarket staff.
2. Same for energy industry, gas for cars and trucks etc, power for our Teslas
3. Roof leaks need to be fixed, drains freed up.
4. Means to get food to people if they cannot get out, there is no such system so off to the market for eveyone.
5. Health care of course which needs to be bolstered which means asking retired health care workers to come back.
6. Re-purposing industry to start producing needed products in health care that are currently imported.

Following the Wuhan model, screen and testing and tracing is always the key to prevent the spread. US is not doing that at all so US infection rate will start exploding out of reach.

Frankly, a triage system for getting into the hospital if infected. People who are most at risk due to underlying conditions may not be the best candidates for care.

And how to handle bodies, have to require cremation immediately after death, there's no place for the dead.

SCCRENDO | 18 maart 2020

@Fishev. Overall ideas pretty good
@jimglas. Too late to vote for Bernie but I would still listen to him. Otherwise listen to Biden.

jimglas | 18 maart 2020

by lockdown, I meant with those things you mentioned. Like what is going on in NYC now.
ANd I presume in places like NYC, the may soon be training ventilators to those with the best hope of survival

FISHEV | 18 maart 2020

"he may soon be training ventilators to those with the best hope of survival"

Who gets the vent is the system that needs to be setup now, almost like transplant system. Overcrowding the hospitals will not help just impair hospitals from doing what they can. So who gets into the hospital to who gets limited vents.

Since this is a medical crisis, the medical staff who get it and need vents come first they survive they can get back to giving the needed medical care. If they die, they can't be quickly replaced. Two 70 year olds show up, one with no underlying conditions and healthy with good chance of recovery and likely 15 years to live or the one with COPD, diabetes and likely 5 years to live? We report, you decide.

jimglas | 18 maart 2020

training = triaging after spell checker

Tesla2018 | 19 maart 2020

The one who donated a wing to the hospital survives!

Orthopod | 20 maart 2020

Mandatory quanrantine at home for every American for 14 days

Jail time for anyone going outside