Model 3P Gray 20 Deep Curb Rash

Model 3P Gray 20 Deep Curb Rash

Ok so the unthinkable today.
Not 6 months old and have not one but two 20" gray performance rims with rash.
I didn't find a quick fix online so I thought I'd post mine, JB Weld Steelstick. It's almost the same color and it's moldable and sandable when set.
For those who don't know about JB Weld sticks, it's a putty epoxy with one part wrapped around the other.
Kneading the two parts together make a dark gray putty that will harden rock hard.
Looks much better and if I work it and sand on it before painting it would be unnoticeable.
It's not $300 repair and paint quality fix but it was quick and cost $5

fazman | 8 mei 2020


Orthopod | 8 mei 2020

Did you order it on amazon?

My friend road rashed my passenger mag when I let him do a test drive

95dawg | 9 mei 2020

I've been thinking of doing the same.

Youtube video of rash repair using JBWeld:

J-B Weld 8267 SteelStik Steel Reinforced Epoxy

Permatex Multi-Metal Epoxy

Infiniti Pi | 10 mei 2020

+1 Thrillion
I dinged my M3 in a garage a few months ago and couldn’t believe it. Been gnawing at me ever since. I’ll give this a try.

JohnnyUtahraptor | 27 mei 2020

This was the post I hoped I never needed. Sadly, today proved me wrong.

Is there a good paint/sealant for touchups on the grey 20" rims?

Shesmyne2 | 27 mei 2020

Two weeks ? in on our MS I rashed the rims.Literally cried.
About the same amount of time when I got my M3, and I got em good.
We currently have 4 wheels between 2 cars with rash, ill fix it soon because I get the ‘volume discount’
Rite of Passage?

Still Grinning ;-‘