@TeslaRoadTrip 2016 - The Future Meets the Past - May 13-15th

@TeslaRoadTrip 2016 - The Future Meets the Past - May 13-15th

@TeslaRoadTrip 2016 - "The Future Meets the Past" - May 13-15th - Kingsmill Resort - Williamsburg, VA

@TeslaRoadTrip 2016, our third annual East Coast Tesla gathering is well into the planning stages! Last year, over 60 Teslas came to Salisbury & Ocean City, MD from as far away as California, Oklahoma, Canada, Florida and Massachusetts for "Reach the Beach". This year we are turning things up a notch by hosting the event at the beautiful Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, VA. The event will be especially family friendly with on-site amenities such as Indoor/Outdoor pools, a Gym, a Private Beach and Busch Gardens a short shuttle ride away. Golfing and a Spa are also located on the Resort and available to guests at an additional cost.

Model S, X and Roadster owners will get together, talk about all things Tesla, take a scenic drive down Colonial Parkway and have some fun in Williamsburg and Yorktown. We plan to have a casual on-site get-together Friday night the 13th for people that decide to arrive early and a Reception/Dinner Saturday night - also on the property. Plenty of charging will be available on-site to ensure worry-free driving for all attendees.

The same team that put together last year’s event (along with a few new members) are currently hard at work hashing out the details to make this event both fun and memorable. We plan to have more details, registration for the event as well as a link to reserve your rooms at the resort within the next week.

We look forward to seeing you May 13-15th in Williamsburg, VA for @TeslaRoadTrip 2016 - "The Future Meets the Past”


aaron.s | 20 februari 2016


Registration is now OPEN! Please use the link below to visit our registration page.
Hope to see you all there!


aaron.s | 5 maart 2016

All -

I'm pleased to announce that Chelsea Sexton, one of our favorite EV Advocates will be our special guest at our event this year!


Redmiata98 | 5 maart 2016

Aaron, can you add some details on the charging as the nearest Supercharger I could locate is close To Richmond?

aaron.s | 6 maart 2016

We have worked with Kingsmill to have them install additional charging for the event.

We will have 9-10 Nema 14-50's - 6 Nema 5-20 110v 20amp outlets (and adapters), 2 Tesla HPWC's (and possibly a 3rd) and there is also 1 J1772 30 amp charger there.

The Glen Allen Supercharger is 50 miles away from Kingsmill and the Norfolk Supercharger is 40 miles away. We will be asking everyone to charge at these 2 Superchargers on their way in to the event. We probably won't be driving more than 50-60 miles during the event, so charging times at Kingsmill won't be long.

Of course, as we do every year, we have a Charging Ambassador (Peter Soukup) managing everyones charging so there won't be any issues....


Redmiata98 | 6 maart 2016

Wow! You seem to have all the bases covered. I'll make sure I top off in Richmond on my way down, see ya soon.

aaron.s | 7 maart 2016

Looking forward to seeing you!


Redmiata98 | 13 maart 2016


jc | 11 april 2016

Sadly I find I must cancel my reservations. How do I do that? I don't expect refunds but I'd like to clear space for others if needed.