How many model3s would you like to order?

How many model3s would you like to order?

If Tesla Motors allows multiple model 3 orders at their stores on March 31st...How many will you order? For yourself? Coworkers/family/friends?

jbunn | 16 maart 2016

3 or 4. One for myself, and up to three for family and friends. I'm the designated "stand in line guy".

AlMc | 16 maart 2016

I am also the 'line guy'...,Coukd be as many as 5 for me, if TM allows.

I do wonder if they will have a limit....

PhillyGal | 16 maart 2016

Ugh, this makes my head hurt. What it really mean is that the friends of current owners who order 5 could get theirs before other current owners get their 1.

Really, how the heck are they going to prioritize someone's 3, 5, 8! vs. another owner's only 1?

inconel | 16 maart 2016

Maybe only one order is prioritized per owner?

inconel | 16 maart 2016

And if an owner has two Teslas then two orders are prioritized

PhillyGal | 16 maart 2016

That makes the most sense but we shall see. I would hope that priority to owners mean a car they plan to register and own themselves (same household) gets priority, not just deposits they plunk down. What would stop people from plunking down a ton and selling them for profit?

barb@duke | 16 maart 2016

We called the Raleigh SC today and they will only accept 2 orders per customer for in the person event- also they will only accept credit cards for the deposit. Any additional orders will have to be online.

AlMc | 16 maart 2016

@phillygal: I agree that someone, like me, with 5 orders should not get all of them before you.
The other poster who suggested that one priority order per S or X or Roadster in the household makes sense/ fair | 16 maart 2016

2 is the number and the number shall be 2.
And now a reading from the book of armaments.....

Nexxus | 17 maart 2016

How many model3s would you like to order? And, oh by the way, do you want fries with that?

Actually, I want one, real bad.

Red Sage ca us | 17 maart 2016

PhillyGal: Perhaps we should just let Roamer or Pungoteague_Dave put in our deposits for us...?

landude | 17 maart 2016

The wife's birthday is that day, so of coarse I have to order one for her as well.

NKYTA | 17 maart 2016

@Red, now that a was a funny. ;-)

Looks like the model 3 drugged AIMc back. Here's to hoping. :-)

Hi_Tech | 18 maart 2016

The more I'm chatting with the good folks on Tesla forums, the more excited I'm getting... my orders may go from 1 to 2 if this keeps up. hahaha....
After all, my current Model S 85 is about 2.5 years old, therefore doesn't have the auto-pilot, which I really really want!
.... and my 12.5 year old son will get to a driving age soon as well.... it would be a crime to not have him in a safe vehicle when he starts to drive...... hahahaha....

I'm going to be doing slave labor 20 hours a day to pay for my wants! :-(

Gayatrikr | 18 maart 2016

2 one each for my 2 daughters | 18 maart 2016

As these are only reservations as differentiated from orders, I plan to reserve as many as I can. But I may only order one when that option is presented. But the buzz over a jillion (very large number) reservations is doing wonders for my TSLA.:-))

Red Sage ca us | 18 maart 2016

It is nice to have seen TSLA rebound as well as it has from the February 11, 2016 doldrums, isn't it? Now, imagine the gains if there are about a dozen prototypes of Model ≡ on hand on March 31, 2016 for test drives...

JeffreyR | 19 maart 2016

I hope this guy shorted the stock in February:
[SINKING ANCHOR] Tesla Is A Sucker's Bet by Boris Marjanovic from Mar. 18, 2016.