Your experience with run-flat tires?

Your experience with run-flat tires?

I'm 20,000 miles into the wear and tear on my original 19" wheeled Michelins on my 85D. There is about 45% tread remaining (better wear than I expected). I have the tire goo kit and a plug-in compressor in the frunk. Even so, I'm not comfortable with the possibility of a flat bringing the Gray Ghost to a stop in the middle of nowhere, or worse yet, the middle of somewhere I really don't want to be. So, I'm considering what I will put on the car next.

For those of you who have real world experience with run flat tires (Note: hearsay is not helpful.):
- Would you do it again? Why/Why not?
- What were the biggest drawbacks (ride quality, noise, etc.)?
- What else would you suggest I consider?

Thank you!

EVRider | 29 maart 2016

I've had run flat tires on my last couple of BMWs, and they're definitely noisier than regular tires. This might be more noticeable in an electric car, but whether the noise is enough to bother you is subjective. For example, some Model S owners are bothered by the acceleration "whine" from the front motor, others are not.

suinn | 29 maart 2016

I have run flat tires on a Toyota Sienna minivan and found out that run flat tires are starting to become "not fixable". The manufactures are worried that the inside hard core may get damaged when you drive on them when they are flat and thus will not allow them to be fixed anymore. If you get a flat and drive on them for any distance, then you are buying a brand new tire. Its even worse if your other tires have moderate wear on them because now you will have to buy all new tires so that you do not have just one new tire. If you do get the run flat tires, buy the tire replacement warranty as you will be buying new tires a lot more often.

bishoppeak | 29 maart 2016

I've had runflats on my ZR1 Corvette for 5 years and 45K miles. Only downside has been that they are very expensive. I had one puncture that didn't fully deflate the tire and was easily repaired(for free!).

Sam_S | 29 maart 2016

I had to stop driving my car for awhile... The tires got dizzy. Steven Wright

If the tires run do you know you got a flat?

PeterPlt | 29 maart 2016

You check to see if the air is full all around the tire. If it's just out at the top (not the bottom) of the tire, you're okay. ;-)

Thanks, folks!

Haggy | 29 maart 2016

It depends on the run flat tire. I have Michelin PAX tires on one car, and I'd prefer standard wheels/tires and a spare. Overall they would weigh the same or less, give a better ride, and the inconvenience of getting a flat on a different tire isn't as bad as the inconvenience of getting to an authorized location to get the tire patched when it got punctured but didn't go flat.

There are other run flat technologies that are easier to fix, and for which it's easier to find a place to fix them. But there will be other factors such as range and handling and ride. If there were a run flat tire that gave a good ride, didn't affect range or handling, Tesla would offer it.

Tesla had a blog entry in 2014 where they discussed considerations for tires and how they are constantly looking at alternatives, and they pretty much say that they picked the best ones for the car and whatever claims you might see from manufacturers, don't expect them to hold true in real life on the Tesla. General claims don't always translate well to specific circumstances.

larry | 29 maart 2016

I had run flares on my Jaguar XK (2009) and they were the worst tires I ever owned. They were noisy, provided a harsh ride and lasted about 18k miles. When I looked at the price to replace the run flats, I decided to buy a good set of standard Michelins and the ride quality and sound level improved dramatically. I'll never go back to run flats!

JPPTM | 29 maart 2016

Been there--done that. I had run flats on a series of Lexus SC400/430 and GS hybrids. Harsh ride. Limited selection. Expensive. Tire guys hate to mount them. What else can I say---I swapped for a better handling quieter tire and took my chances on needing a tow. FWIW, I do have a compressor and tire repair kit in my trunk. You could always get the TM compressor & slime kit.

mark | 29 maart 2016

I appreciate that things may be different in the US, but in Europe wheels designed for run-flats have a different profile of wheel well than standard wheels. If you drive round a corner with a flat standard tire, the tire is likely to come off the wheel. Wheels designed for run-flats have a different well profile to stop this happening, which is why the tire fitters do not like them. So if you fit run-flats on standard wheels, the flat tire is likely to come off the rim at the first corner, resulting in an unexpected claim on your life insurance.